Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do we need reason to love a person

It's 2.30 a.m in the morning. Just finish watching Koizora, Sky of Love. I know, i know how "jiwang''ish the title can represent. Same goes with the story. You might not know this but i love sad love story. Weird, but that's me.

Koizora, a story of a girl and a boy like always falling in love with each other, blablablabla, uh, just google em already:) I'm too lazy to do so right now :) Anyhow, if you happen to love 1 litre of tear, like you do Mas Melor, maybe you can check this out. Only 6 episode but halfway and you'll be shedding tear. Trust me. I do.

This is getting more weirder, i guy shed tear and love sad romance story? I you I you ke dia ni? hmm. Absolutely NOT! I just like it. It help me to release some emotional stress due to everything around me. NOT jiwang, but sentimental. Eh betul ke ayat ni? ah tak kesah la. As long i'm happy kn kawan2?


Anyway, you should really check it out. I should get some sleep now. Half day walk around KL do make me tired. Tomorrow can continue with Bloody Monday 2 :)

p/s: Already bought my nissin Di622 speedlite and also Sigma 70-300 APO DG macro :) can't wait to test it under sunlight :)
p/s: on side note, burn a lot of money because of it. 13oo ringgit :(


  1. hm..6 episodes?.i thought tu movie je??

  2. kau tengok movie ke drama? aku suka movie. lama dah. siyes sedih =(

  3. naz: movie with epidose.
    ily: eh? ak tgk drama kot. ntah, tapi org ckp movie. layan suda

  4. weyh, bloody monday 2 dh leh download ek?kasi link jap:)