Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2013 Brooks 10k race


My 2nd race of the year has been completed successfully with me creating my personal best for 10km race. Although i finished the last 10k race, the Melawati10k in just 48min, the route was only for a good 8k. (so its kinda cheated to say its 10k) But this time, with a help of gps sports app software, the distance was about right. This time i managed to finished in 56 min and 41 seconds. My personal best ever. Because i did not run with my phone, so i can't really tell my fastest pace through out the race. but for avg pace, it is 5.40 min/km. An average of 20 seconds faster than my normal 6 min pace for training. It's probably because of the adrenaline and the 'motivation' that are there during the race. hehe. But considering the fact that i do sprint my way in my first 2km, i believe that i did faster, im thinking like 3min/km pace for the first 2km. and that covers back my slow pace at the end of the race(about 7min/km).

Overall, i was satisfied with my result. Sooo happy with it ^^ Although i did not train properly prior to the race, i managed to did well with the timing. I guess now i have a benchmark, something to beat for the next races. Probably trying to do less than 50min? with enough training, insyaallah.

So whats next? To be frank, I'm not even sure it myself. If my internship period was non-hectic and i can have all the time in the weekends and weekday evening, i guess i could do a couple more 10k. probably a 21km in the end of the year? Its possible.hehehe

post-race. felt so sexy running in vest for the first time. but what the hell. just go with it!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Whats up bugs bunny?

Hello, Assalamualaikum the people of the internet. How are you?

I've been super! Although this past week been a very busy week for me.  Ever since my last update (which is about 1 month ago), thing have been moving rather quickly all around me. Event. assignment, projects, test, more test. and in between those, are the training for my races.

first thing first,

Brooks HM 10K race.

Being the second race of my 2013 racing list, to be frank, i did not have much time to train for this race. I do train regularly, but the weather in UTP is a little unpredicted. The morning is all hot and sunny, the evening is all moody, cold and rainy. And being a student, the only time i have to train is at the evening. So the constantly raining weather do affect my training. Just look at the data from my Endomondo. last month i did 30km less than on January. Just how much time i wasted. and oh yea, i forgot to tell the race is tomorrow.

Motorcycle License.

Alhamdulillah. After my second try on the B-full license, i've finally managed to hit it. Last week, i've been transporting to and fro UTP-KL a few times(4 times to be exact) for the sake of attending my 2nd time JPJ test. I've fail my first test(the bridge test) which i suppose to go over 8s but i did it in 7s. This time, i managed to do it in 9.87s after some nerve wrecking  moment. I mean really, getting on a big bike after a month of non- motorcycle riding can be very intimidating. Especially to a skinny guy like me. But after i finally cleared all the courses, all those tiring moment seems weightless, seems like nothing compare to the feeling of achieving something like this.


Yes. This time im stuck again in the same event that i've joined 2 years back. Although this time i'm not being a part of the staff, but rather this time i have the chance to work under 'volunteer' department, but while sticking with my previous job. This year event will be bigger, hopefully more merrier with more new volunteer that i can't wait to get know of. (I like to make contact from events like this btw.) And this year addition will be more entertaining event overall with more exhibition and airshows. Definitely will be this year highlighted events.

So Whats Next??

Well, my semester will ends anytime soon, in about 3 more month.(its already mid semester now) What awaits me is employment! ERK! kidding. Employment will be another one year, after i graduate on Sept 2014. After this semester ends, internship or industrial training will follows. and like the rest of my friends with pointer less than number 3, we still haven't receive any offer letter from any company :( But from the senior experience, its about after mid semester break that they all started to receive offers from company. So, finger crossed!

But time will tells. Let's just hope for the best. InsyaAllah.

Until then.