Monday, December 31, 2012

Two Thousand Twelve

Although in a midst of finishing my entry on Bangkok2012, i don't think im able to finish it by new year. So instead of the continuation of my Bangkok story, ill share my 2012 moment, right here in this blog i made, about the same time i'm typing this off, 4 years back(2008).

First and foremost, i'm grateful to Allah the Almighty for giving me chance, day by day, to live past this year, 2012. In a sense, 2012 is the year of growth for me. Growing for an inner child to a mere adult, an adolescent. It is the year that i carried the most responsibilities. The year, i accept my weakness and tried to overcome it. and Alhamdulillah, i've succeed in some of it. This is the year that i become honest with my feeling,( and that need no further explanation. hehe). This is the year that i open my mind to other people work, not only focusing on engineering related, but to other aspect as well. This is the year that i overcame the fear of growing up, the fear of doing something i've never done before. This is the year that i learn the meaning of failure. Failure in my work as a robocon member, failure in finding a fixed part time job, failure to be competitive with others. and i accept all of that. 2012 is the year that i've learn, friends wont be there forever. They'll break apart, move away, although some might stay. This is the year im thankful for whom i've became, and the path that i have chosen as a student of UTP. This is the year i've learn, the world is a scary place to live in.

Although this year came with ups and down, i thank you Lord for helping me along the way, guiding me at the time i need the most, reminding me of who i am when i lost myself. Thank you to my parent and family for the love and care, and all the help you guys provide me all this time.Thank you to all my friends, old ones or the new ones for being there at every moment.

There's nothing to write here as for what i expected for 2013. I'll make a new one since i've got a lot planned for next year.

Until then 2012.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bangkok 2012 : Episode 3. SORRY SORRY SORRY (bukan lagu kepop)

Woke up early the next morning. 

Saturday morning. 

Ajieb still in his deep sleep. Well after all, we are traveling 1000km just to sleep in a nice comfy hotel on a Saturday morning. Since the hotel have a swimming pool, i decided that we should go down swimming before our breakfast. Breakfast is normal buffet style with lots of food option, but since we are in a foreign country, we try our best to be vegetarian.(unless its says Halal on the menu.)

Right after breakfast, we're off for a session of sight seeing around the city of Bangkok. Ajieb wanted to find some fried grasshopper, while i wanted to take photo of interesting places around here. So we walked around, from one shopping mall to another. Being in a city, there aren't many exotic place to visit. and being in Thailand, the majority of tourist attraction were temple, which i think isn't an appropriate place for us to go. So we went to where all the girls go when oversea, shopping malls! We get into IOI Mall, Central Mall and Siam Paragon. There wasn't much inside IOI, but Siam Paragon. It's quite an amazing mall i tell you. They have section for stuff on each floor. On level 3 or was it level 4, the whole level is filled with tech and gadget shop. The Cinema was amazing with an ambient, candle light dinner atmosphere. But being a traveler with no money to spend on shopping, we just went there, look around, touch some gadget, and went back. Window shopping, as some people might referred as to.

The night before we planned together with few other winner from the same competition to depart together to the stadium at 3 p.m Saturday. and so we did. But after a disappointing 30 min waiting for them to come by, we decided to just give ourself a head start. It took about 20 min walking distance from our hotel to the nearest, aerotrain station, the Ratchaprarop station. Then we took the train to Ramkhamheng station. From there, it's about 2 km from Rajamangla stadium, where the Race of Champion event are held. Since we have plenty time to killed until 6 p.m which is the opening time of the stadium, we decided to walk our way, 2km to the stadium with a help of a map. For me it's a normal thing since i usually walked about the same distance each time i want to go to KLCC from Lowyat, taking the route to Pavillion and then through some hotel and finally KLCC. But for ajieb, hahaha. That needs no further explaination.

A very rare Mitsuoka Galue s50 Limo

Policemen here are very dedicated. thumbs up for that.
aliens wording. but we can guess what it means.

After walking for about 30 minutes, plus lost inside the campus, we arrived at the stadium. There was not so many booth there, but each of them are quite spacious nonetheless. Big shot like Redbull, Yamaha, Toyota, Lamborghini are present, with Yamaha having the largest booth and a race track for a scooter racing event as well as for stunts performances.

"Yes! Finally"

While waiting to get in the stadium we look around for some food and Alhamdulillah there is a stall with muslim, selling chicken wings(small ones) for only rm1 each. There was only 2 stall that have muslim food, one being the fried meat/chicken stall, and the other one is murtabak stall.

 Jorge Lorenzo live at Yamaha humongous booth.

When finally waiting in line to get into the stadium, how surprised i was to know that i can't get my camera into the stadium. Even more absurd, i don't know the reason why i can't bring my camera in. In this digital era, it is just insane for not owning a camera. Even mobile phones have camera! and there's the language barrier. How the hell im suppose to let them took care of my dslr even when they can't speak simple English! She kept on saying "Sorry, sorry, sorry" , while crossing her arm like an 'X' shape. emphasizing the no camera rules. So with a raging heart i decided to get back in line and just ignore the warning. There's no way i'm giving my dslr for them to keep while i'm in the stadium. There was a trust issue and secondly im not so comfortable giving something like a dslr to any organizing committee people. Again when im at the entrance, i was again hold off because of my dslr. Luckily there are some chinese people that also brings dslr camera trying to justify the ban of dslr camera and in the midst of the chaos, i took that chance and slip away. Finally. Although still experiencing language barrier even after entering the stadium, we finally find a good spot to sit and after a morning of walking, we finally sat down, chilling until the event starts off.

Finally inside the Rajamangla Stadium :D

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bangkok 2012: episode 2 : Living in a strange world

It was about 8.30 a.m. local time when the plane finally prepared for take off. Although I haven't slept that night, the feeling of a speeding airplane about to take off woke me up for a second, just enough for me to look at the watch and read the dials. An hour later, i woke with an empty and probably singing stomach since it been 9 hours with nothing other than air in my stomach. At about 11 a.m. local time, we arrived safely at Suvarnambhumi Airport.

Mind you, the organizer only gave us our hotel name and our flight details. So when we finally arrive at the airport, passed the immigration, took our luggage, we were very clueless on what to do next. In the back of my mind, usually when we are invited as a winner of some contest on oversea, there will be someone from the organizing commity that going to meet us at the airport, escort us to the hotel and give all the info for the event scheduled to start on that night. So we waited for our shuttle bus to our hotel. and after some disappointing moment, we decided to ask around how to get to our hotel. Well there is a saying that if we are shy to ask, we'll get lost!

Our hotel, the Novotel Platinum Bangkok is located right at the city center of Bangkok. With more than 4 mall surrounding our hotel. So, from the Suvarnambhumi Airport, we took an airport train, similar to our KLIA Express to the nearest stop, Ratchaprarop station. One thing that bothers me is how much the spelling differ from how it should be said. the airport name, Suvarnabhumi, how it should be said sound like suwanabuh. You just don't get it. Even android apps can help me converting words in thai into english. Talk about being a smart phone. pfft.

Upon arrival to our destined station, having finally have our hotel in sight, we hastily look for a way to the hotel. It's quite exciting, walking in a city so foreign, so different yet the atmosphere were relatively close to one place i usually go. Kuala lumpur. It's so congested, vehicle fume everywhere, the hot scorching sun. Almost identical in these aspect. From the train station to the hotel is about 10 to 15 minutes walking distance. When we finally check in our hotel its already noon there. Probably about 1 p.m . So without any waiting, rush to our room, and take some refreshing shower.

 Daylight view from our room.

 some familiar place we got here.

Funny thing is, the shower room are pretty much visible from outside. that time, we just don't know how the hell we are going to shower with only clear glass separating the shower room and the living room. and i mean clear, you can see what the other person is doing in the bathroom even when you are in the living room. Great! Luckily we found a switch for a curtain that can cover the whole glass. But still, it wasn't much of a cover i would say.

see that plain brown like cover for the bathroom. lol

Later that evening, although we both agreed to have a proper deep slumber on the very much likely for me, one of the best hotel bed I've ever layed, we decided to head down to the nearest mall to get ourself local telco provider since Celcom roaming is expensive like a cup of Starbuck and we are pretty much broke people. and after done getting ourself a new number, it's time to head back to our hotel and hit the sack. Woke up later at 6 p.m because the atmosphere is like at 7p.m in Malaysia. Its a little weird, but it's something i can get used to. No big deal :p

 Night view from the room. Taken this about 6.30p.m local time.

That night, we got a called from the hotel lobby of some package for us from the organizer. Nice. Just like one of those Amazing race stuff. haha. In the package that we just receive, there was some info about the event itself and 2 pax passes for the 3 day event. Since it was late to go for the Friday show, we decided to call it a night and watch some movie on the tv until we dozed off.

Up next, Day 2!

Bangkok 2012: episode 1

and since you guys probably wander from previous post about my trip to Thailand, just how did i get my hands on a free, all paid expense(hotel and flight) to Thailand, here is how the story goes.

Initially, we didn't have luck in winning the competition by Toyota 86 Asia(search on facebook). But my friend, Ajieb, after the result was out, sent an instant message to Toyota 86 Asia facebook group saying that just in case any winner back out, we are willing to go in their place instead. And so we did!

I meet up with Ajieb at nearby mamak stall for a football match between Malaysia and Thailand, at the night before our flight is schedule. Jep was there too. and we discuss matter regarding our travel plan for the next few days. The big problem was, it was a really bad timing. We both are quite broke you see. His payday is due this week, another half of my payday from WIEF still haven't be bank in(at that time) and talk about traveling to other country where Malaysian ringgit cannot be use. Just how the hell?

So, after the disappointing football match, we get back home with a plan to take a cab in the early Friday morning since our flight is on 8 a.m in the morning and being in an international flight for the first time, i took my father advice of getting there atleast 3 hours before deaprture. And so we did. At about 3 in the morning, we took a cab from my house directly to KLIA. Although ready to pay a large sum of money for taking a cab after midnight(double!) we were thankful enough that the fare is no less than rm80! Alhamdulillah.

Having our taxi ride for no longer than half and hour, we have about an hour to spare till the approximation time for out luggage check in. So we wonder around the sleepless airport of KLIA. There was many people here, probably waiting to transit or just waiting for the earliest flight. It's a rare scene to me as this is my first time taking an international flight and an early morning flight.

When we finish checking in our luggage, look for a nearby surau and had our Subuh prayer. After that straight away into the immigration counter and to the respective terminal where i'm going to aboard Thai Airways to Suvarnabhumi airport. Honestly, the thought of going oversea with less than rm400 really scares me. My mind goes from the normal scene to the worst case scenario where im left with no money and all my luggage went missing. It scares the shit out of me. Nevertheless, i muster my courage and board the plane. So boarding the plane it is, buckled up, put my barely 'new' t-Jays two earphone and the rest of the 1 hour journey was history since i was very much tired from lack of sleep earlier.

Next stop, Thailand!

Monday, December 17, 2012

World Islamic Economic Forum. 8th edition. Johor Bahru

I'm never fond of economic subject. In fact, i've never had a proper subject of economic. Mainly because of my nature of a scientist (pfft.) who like to wonder and understand how things work. But that doesn't mean i'll ignore everything related to the economy.

The World Islamic Economic Forum or WIEF for short, was held at Persada Convention Center, Johor Bahru from the 4th till 6th of December. But, being a volunteer working as a luggage carrier(someone that assist people luggage at the airport) we had to came few days early, since the delegates or the VIP might came few days earlier. So for me, it all began on 1st of December and ends at 9th of December.

p/s: sorry for low-res photo. Quite disappointed with myself for not bringing along my dslr on this trip.

I was allocated for the AM shift, and together with me a total number of 7 people in the AM crew. same goes to PM crew. One thing that really make this 1 week a great journey is how, 7 people from different part of Malaysia, different type of universities, different field of study, came together in a team. and on the second day, it felt like we all have been like old friends. Laughing, making fun of each other, playing UNO cards, teasing, chit chatting. Usually it takes a while for a team to get close to each member. But this time its different. and i have to give a credit to the leader, Salleh for making AM crew a really great crew!

And talking about different people, i truly believe this type of event is a great chance to encounter different type of people. You know like in UTP, you will always stuck with people with engineering mind, or a bussiness/ICT mind. But when you go out, talking to people from other disciplines, it really open your mind to an open discussion. There's Adli, or we all call him as Deli, a physic graduate of USM, just graduate 2 months ago, but currently doing auditing for a Japanese company. There's Salleh from Petaling. A very active volunteer, and working in IT. Then there is Juwe maktab and teqqq, both from Kelantan, both from same high school and same event of MyHarapan. But the earlier study TESL while the later study bussiness. Finally there is the ladies of AM crew, Ayu and Mirah. Both from UTM, taking Civil engineering. Finally someone taking engineering! haha

a.m. crew boys at Kota Tinggi Waterfall.

to me, this one week is really a good experience. and joining an event with no friend that know you, really challenge you to be a little bit more proactive and always be in the social zone. Because admit it, when you have friend with you, you tend to be in your safe zone and be less talkative and passive.But when you are alone, it feels like you have to let that inner you shine so that your voice are heard and acknowledge.

 Lepak-ing & camwhoring on the last day of our work.

Truly, this is one of the enjoyable event i've had this year :)

Dinner supported by a generous Delegates :) Thank You.

p.s: credit photo to Dato Azabul for his long lifespan ipad. when all smartphone dies, all left is a tablet. lol.

Bangkok 2012 : Prologue

It all started on a Monday morning when i received a called from Ajieb. Despite after a day after getting home from Johor Baharu for an Event, (which i haven't got the chance to publish the post. maybe after this.) that morning i woke up early like im about to head out to office for my work although obviously i'm currently unemployed. The conversation sound like this,

ajieb: You want to go to Bangkok or not?
me: What? Seriously?(i didnt really believe his word since he sounded less enthusiastic than normal when talking about a race event)
ajieb: Ya of course seriously! Get ready, we'll head to Putrajaya this evening to make our passport.

Although still being clueless on how the hell he managed to get a pair of ticket to Race of Champions 2012, Bangkok when the result clearly never state our name in one of the winner. Despite being cynical about the whole going to Bangkok thing, straight away I rush into the toilet and groom myself. The passport needed to be done by that particular day since the organizer needed the passport number. So we don't have much choice!

Thankfully the service at Putrajaya Immigration Office went smoothly which overall process from taking the Queue number to paying the money to the counter to actually get my hands on the passport took about 3 hours. Not bad considering its Monday and it's after lunch time.(fyi: its rm100 for 2 years of passport validity.)

Now the passport have been issued, what left is to wait for the Organizer to email the details to us.