Tuesday, May 31, 2011

31st May 2009.


Looking back prior to this date, i see a young teenage boy, wanting to start a new life, a new life in university. Well, obviously that boy is me. 2 years had come and go, within these 2 years, i have learn a lot, i learn how it feels to be falling for someone and got rejected, i learn how to motivate myself, i learn awfully a lot of engineering related stuff and most importantly, i learn how to be myself.

2 years has ended and another 3 more years to go. O' Allah, give me success and guide me through all these pain, tears and sweats to become a better person. Amin.

Happy anniversary again :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

(Challenges: Running) *New PR*

new PR

4KM i 29 Minutes avg of 2.3 m/s :)

I guess i have broke my target for this month :))

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(Challenges: Running) New PR

I already set my target of atleast 2m/s for my 4km track and it is due this end of this month.

This evening i decided to go with a run and guess what, i managed to get an approximate of 1.9m/s which means i've done my 4km in 35 minutes. *Grin*

2m/s by the end of May :D

p/s: Super happy about it

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

(Challenges: Running) Current PR (i guess)

*PR - Personal Record

So i just get back from a morning jog. Despite still not able to acquired a multipurpose GPS watch yet, today i have made an approximation about my distance, time and also my average jogging speed. I might be including a heart rate or bpm later on( since i forgotten how to.)\

So this morning, approximately i have done 4km in 45 minutes. I'm not sure if that is my personal best since i did injured my left knees a little while working out yesterday. But nevertheless, this is my first recording of my time and distance. Overall, i managed to maintain my speed and only stop jogging for 2 or maybe 3 short stop.

4km in 45 minutes with an average speed of 1.48 m/s. Until i get a better and more precise tools to measure all the stats, i'm gonna do it manually.

One step closer :)

(Challenges: Photography) Sad news

Sadly the promotion for a unit of polaroid one step 600 with a pack of film which cost rm250 are out of stock already. Meaning they don't have this promotion anymore.

Can i has sad?

(Challenges: Life) room for improvement

Hey all, Sorry for being a little lazy to update this blog. I have been quite busy these day with my robocon competition getting nearer with approximately 19 days left to prepare. And 2 day back i just got back from a fishing trip at Kelong in Lumut. Going to talk about that later(haven't retrieve the photo yet.)

So, if you knew i already move on. I'm no longer staying at the hot and dry village 1 but rather cool and environment friendly v5. My room is located in v5c just beside the futsal court at v5.

From Save the Internet , Save the world


very spacious work place.

So how does it feels? Other that it is located at the highest floor, and the room space is a little cramped compared to v1 and more compared to v6. Other than that, everything is fine. The room as you can see from the photo are nicely designed and arranged. The table are very wide, which means i can have my laptop near but at the same time i can do my homework on the same table. without scarifying much space.

From Save the Internet , Save the world

Since it is a house consist of 6 rooms, it also have a 2 bathroom and 2 toilet, and also a kitchen. Damn right. Now i can enjoy my maggi more. hehe.

So there you go, my new room for improvement. Hopefully being a Second year student officially, i can improve my life and more importantly my challenges. Happy studying!

p/s: going to give the full house coverage later on. The first two week of a semester is killing me.

p/s: In memory.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

(Challenges: Photography) Polaroid.

Polaroid 600 OneStep.

I'm soo gonna buy this. Soon. For about rm250. After my next month scholarship money are in. Like seriously. I don't care if i need to starve a little. Okay maybe not.

Monday, May 16, 2011

(Challenges: Running) Old buddy.

Today was his last day, his last day as a company to me, it's not like he will be thrown away, no.(Who would do such cruel thing? :< ) But the last day as my primary runner shoes.

So may i present to you, this tiny little bastard.

From F/2.8

From F/2.8

You have been serving for quite a time now, a year? i think so, although i can't seem to find any early photo of you :(

And how, thanks, thanks for all this morning and evening run, thanks for being there when i run, when i need a peace of mind and a healthy body. Thank you, truly.

One thing to dislike though, the sole of the shoes does wear out fast, well what do you expect from a mere RM50 shoes eh, but that will likely happen to all shoes though, all of it will wear out, what make them different is how long they will last, and this POWER shoes of mine has serve me for quite amount of time. And since now i'm getting a little more serious on running, i think might as well get a new piece of shoes :)

Goodbye buddy.

p/s: Back on campus.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


The moment you step out of the examination hall. That rush of relief came to you freely and it felt great. Really great.

I'm done with exams!!! :D

time for some sweet time and renovation of this blog :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Exam weeks are really tiring. With 3 papers in a row, that's suck.

But during these times, i have think a lot. Think about what i want to do, what i suppose to do, what i can do in this life.

I found this very inspiring jogger(visit) whom make a journey video of her, preparing for marathon and i was soo touch by it. I mean really. I thanks to her, i have think a lot about what i want to do.

So, i will make a BIGGG section up there later on when this exams is all over, to show my challenge and with that i think i can update more about my challenge rather than updating about emotional stuff. But that's the purpose of blogging anyway.

So for now here it goes, My Challenges.

1. Run a full road track inside UTP continously.(and also calculate how many km is that, probably about 7km or so.)

2. play a complete song on a piano and play it infront of audience.

3. make a video-blog-kinda-things about me babbling about life.

To be honest, i'm pretty excited. InsyaAllah, let's make these dreams come true.