Saturday, July 28, 2012

The art of studying

Despite having being though how to learn, how to study way back before primary school, or even kindergarten, not until adolescence that people started to learn, how their study style is.

As for me, i still didn't find the most suitable study method. Sort of. I discovered that for myself to memorize things faster, i need a comfy area with minimum sound. So that i can hear what i read. And that really improves my memorizing capacity. 

Different for problem solving/ calculation. I need some music to keep the energy going. So it's normal for me to be unaware of the surrounding when im doing math problem. Especially one's which i don't understand at all.

Actually im on my way studying but because i was too bored, or maybe too lazy, i haven't been doing anything for the past 2 hours. hahaha. Silly me.

Alright, better get back to 'studying'. if you know what i mean.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

"The Plan"

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslim and may all our good deeds be received by Allah S.W.T and we are protected from our own desire.

So, how's the life after robocon?

Well, for me, unlike last year, this year, surprisingly i recovered from lazy-to-go-class symptom faster. Maybe its due to the replacement test that i have on last Friday, or maybe because i realized the responsibility as a scholar holder. (PETRONAS should be proud of me :>  )

Despite the test being very much difficult(many calculation and theory), i think i did average. Nahhhh, i don't know how i did. Many of he question i randomly pick the answer. But we all have tried our best, just hope that hardship will convert into an A on the paper.

What's up with the plan?

What plan?

The plan?


Ever since i get back to my hometown to experience first Ramadhan together with my family, a lot have been going on at the back of my mind. Particularly on the direction of my life after this. As a start, now i need to focus on my studies as i have been away from the lecture for almost a week now. So a lot is to be catching up. 2 more replacement test to be done. Plenty of assignment awaits. And without realizing it, Final exam will come. And badly enough that is after Raya Break.

Then there's the Backpacking trip around Malaysia during the 4 month holiday. The last holiday for me :/ The backpacking trip, honestly speaking is still like a rough sketch on a piece of white canvas. Not ready to be presented, nor be ready to be published.

So that plan is, until the end of the trip. Haven't really though of what to do during the 4 month break. Working is an optional, but will depend on the situation. Wait for an update later on.

Again, Happy Ramadhan to all, now is just half past eight. It's still a long way till breaking fast. hehe


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Robocon 2012

It has been a while since this blog received a visit from me, let alone for me to type any new entry. But because of the most time consuming competition that i've joined over the year has ended, now it seems to be a good time to revive back this once upon a time an awesome blog.

So my 7 month of hardship, sleepless night and hectic has ended. And today i officially ends my days as the senior as well. Not that i will stop coming to the lab, but the job as the senior is already over(as 2012 is the last year for me to go to Robocon competition)

From Jul 19, 2012

Up close of the Poster in UNISZA(Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Gong Badak)

The journey began back in January, just after i'm done with Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition. Although i should be starting with the rest of the 2 teams by September, i have my excuse of getting some money and needed the 4 month break to work.

From July 19, 2012

Team Syntium Autonomous robot. build by me, second version.

Long story short, we form a new team, called Team C that time, with only few seniors and plenty of juniors. As time comes by, many juniors and even senior get off the bandwagon due to commitment issue. Its a tough decision to make, but its for the betterment of the team.

From July 19, 2012

Up close of all the robots of Team Syntium. (From left, Manual, Autonomous, Collector)

The last one month before the competition, we struggle a lot with the robots. Many changes needed to be done. Many parts need to be re-fabricated. Many new programme and many unforeseen problems with the design. Even one week before the competition we still struggle. Not like previous year where 2 weeks before competition is the time for relax and some tiny maintenance only.

But Alhamdulillah, We managed to solve the problem before arriving to Kuala Terengganu.

Despite our poor result on all three UTP teams which goes by the names of Mach5, Sprinta and Syntium(All oil product from PETRONAS) we managed to score a jackpot in the Best Design and that gave UTP, RM 3000 as the reward. Atleast we didn't go back empty handed. hehe.

From July 19, 2012

The programmer with a broken arm.

From July 19, 2012

Super senior, Abam Jep that come all the way from Subang.

Of course, even for myself i felt a little regret and disappointed of this year competition. And the blame is all mine to begin with. If given the chance that i can skip Internship next year and do Robocon instead, i'll be glad to do so. But i think my time ends here in Petrobots club. I think its time to go and do something even more focused on my field of interest which is Automotive Engineering. and for that i hope to enters probably next year or maybe final year in Shell Eco Marathon or Perodua Eco Challenge. If God willing.

From July 19, 2012

Hakim little brother. Too tired on the last day.

From July 19, 2012

The one that help in giving food, arrange the lorries and transportation. Management Team.

From July 19, 2012

Trip to Masjid Kristal, Kuala Terengganu.

From July 19, 2012

Masjid Kristal.

From July 19, 2012

 At the Entrance.

From July 19, 2012

With the 3000 ringgit mock cheque.

From July 19, 2012

The decorator of the winning design. Sipook.




and to conclude, i wish the junior all the best. Make yourself proud by winning Robocon again for UTP, make us proud for all the knowledge that we've poured on you guys. Khairul Hanif, signing out.