Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today i'm a little bit pissed of because of people around me.

and that have something to do with dynamic in life. Dynamic in simple English means changes. Changes in our life. Sometimes i can't why would someone wanted a static life. Doing repetitive things over and over again for million of times. We ain't robot. Sometimes we have to be dare. Take the challenge. Waste money for fun. Wake up early in the morning. Get on a bicycle and travel just anywhere without a particular direction. Live a different life than you did yesterday. That's what i'll call as Dynamic. Constantly changing.

Sometimes i understand, we can't be doing changes due to problems such as financial and priorities, but once in a while, let it go. Let the money flow out a little more than usual(in a good way), do something you never done before, explore, travel. Make lots of friends. Gain countless experiences.

Maybe i'm being self centered. Maybe because my financial status is quite balance as it now. Maybe i have more time to spend compared to anybody else. Maybe. Just maybe. But that doesn't change the fact that once in a little while, be Dynamic.

Life's short. Go out have fun. Explore the world. Met all sort of people. Experience. Because you only live one life.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


This morning is a clear example of how strong the mind of a runner need to be. and the story goes like this.

I was waking up like usual, just before 7 in the morning. After done with all the usual routine, had my breakfast while bragging about a loud neighbor, one block away which i guess have too much to drink. As i was eating my lovely oat sugar raisin meal, they still kept going with the aweful singing. Maybe it's the song. I don't know. But that aint the real story.

So after done with breakfast and some minor assignment, here i am sitting infront of the laptop. Wondering what could i do today that will make today productive. and after a while i decided to get down on the track. Despite it's already half past 8. and mind you, at this time, the sun is blazing hot and not really a good time to run if you wanted to ruin your skin fairness.

but i didn't think much. Straight away i get my jogging shoes, take my mp3 player and my phone, do some warm up and head down. and this is the part when i say you need a strong mind. Just few minutes after starting my jog, after passing v4 cafe, suddenly i felt tired. I felt lazy. and this just not any kind of lazy. Like really lazy. Usually if i managed to get down on the road, i won't look back and just run. But this time it's different. Maybe because i felt a little pain on my knee. Probably a bad warm up.

So i decided to get back. With just less than 5 minutes, i get back to my room, clocking just about 0.5km in distance.

and that's how the story goes. But atleast now after that short exercise, i felt fresher and after done with shower im gonna finish up my assignment and play pokemon all day. haha

Monday, February 6, 2012


Converse Jack Purcell mid top Boat shoes all leather

lovely ain't it? Im posting this photo here so that i'll remember what my next shoes would look like. at myr300 i guess i should start putting coins on those piggybank.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Just now a friend of mine impose a rather interesting science question. How would it feel like being in Hypersonic speed?

and since i kinda have eargasm listening to these kind of word such as "hypersonic" or "speed", i decided to look it up in the net. And surprise surprise, i discovered just how much of a human body can sustain before breaking. And that's ladies and gentlemen, worth of 16g. Sixteen the times of earth acceleration. Even an acceleration in a Honda Accord 91 felt superb, now can you imagine a face tearing, blood-vessel-exploding, blood-boiling acceleration the 16 times of the earth gravity.

and here i am talking about acceleration. To be honest, i think the feeling of accelerating from say 1o km/h to about 50 km/h is purely sensational. Yes, i might be only driving in an old sedan but there is something indescribable about acceleration that makes you go mad for it. You know excessive acceleration consume more fuel, you have to change gear, but that satisfaction you get when that body of yours were slammed at the back of the seat, that push you felt when the gear changes. Mental.

Oh, and back to the question again. How would it feel? at hypersonic speed, definitely you'll feel fast. But it's not the speed that is important, it's the acceleration. Because human didn't get killed by speed, the acceleration or the impact is the real murderer. Fact. and because that kind of speed you can't find it anywhere on the road for obvious reason(no tarmac would be long enough) you won't be feeling it quite. Unless you're an astronaut which you are not.

and that all i got to say. and in case you are bored with all this nonsense science here a picture of a kitten so that you time is worth spent here. Thanks :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

trust me, im an engineer.

If i ask this one question, can you answer it? What is an engineer really?


according to Wikipedia, engineer is a professional practitioner of engineering, concerned with applying scientific knowledge, mathematics and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical problems. Engineers design materials, structures, machines and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, safety and cost.

and yesterday i slightly felt like an engineer. Here's the story.

I owns a 200 buck headphone(Razer Orca) which i bought last year on March. But unfortunately, it has some wiring problem back in October. Ever since, i no longer use it anymore. The wiring caused the headphone to only emit sound on the right side of the headphone while there's nothing on the left. Only by twisting the cable at the right place the headphone turn back normal. But that is not a solution i wanted, i mean who would want to twist their cable each time they wanted to listen to something, right?

So, i decided to open up the headphone courtesy of the newly bought screwdriver from the local supermarket. When i finally open the headphone, everything look just the way it is, no snapped cable what so ever to the connection(from the wire to the driver of the speaker) so it must be the cable problem.

Since i have the luxury of using Petrobots lab for anything i want, so i decided to go there to fix my headphone. pull out everything, cut the selected broken cable, take out the wire, get hold of the hot gun(i think that what it's called) and a bundle of solder, i rewired the cable of the audio jack to the driver. At first i failed miserably because of the fact i haven't do wiring ever for a atleast a thousand years. But after some trial and error i finished it. and Thank God it work out perfectly. Both the side work out well like new.

and that's when i say to myself, "Trust me, im an engineer". True story.