Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today i'm a little bit pissed of because of people around me.

and that have something to do with dynamic in life. Dynamic in simple English means changes. Changes in our life. Sometimes i can't why would someone wanted a static life. Doing repetitive things over and over again for million of times. We ain't robot. Sometimes we have to be dare. Take the challenge. Waste money for fun. Wake up early in the morning. Get on a bicycle and travel just anywhere without a particular direction. Live a different life than you did yesterday. That's what i'll call as Dynamic. Constantly changing.

Sometimes i understand, we can't be doing changes due to problems such as financial and priorities, but once in a while, let it go. Let the money flow out a little more than usual(in a good way), do something you never done before, explore, travel. Make lots of friends. Gain countless experiences.

Maybe i'm being self centered. Maybe because my financial status is quite balance as it now. Maybe i have more time to spend compared to anybody else. Maybe. Just maybe. But that doesn't change the fact that once in a little while, be Dynamic.

Life's short. Go out have fun. Explore the world. Met all sort of people. Experience. Because you only live one life.

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