Thursday, April 30, 2009


*give me a hugg*


You know what my Wu-name is erratic ninja.What Wu name u say?gforumer will know well,anyway ill explain it.

first go to this site(click),then type your name in the box given.and walla,you get yourself a wu-name.

dont ask me what is wu-name,i dont know it either.but im guessing its your ninja title or maybe your real name if your parents happen to be ninja.give it a try and do post your wu-name on the comment ;D

this is mine

khairul hanif > erratic ninja

hanif > Gentleman Mastermind

Khairul > Recless Dragon. GAR!

anyway,i had a really great laugh today.what can i say,Paul Blart : Mall Cop really cheer me up today.i really recommend this movie.not just its hillarious,its packed with good feeling too.

anyway,UPU result will be out tomorrow.yer i been dying waiting for the result.duhh.

until then~

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life is funyy.

Life is funny.funny as watching spongebob,or even better,elmo's world.

anyway,really, i just thought that life is funny.funny or humour is the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusment .that sound nerd huh?well its from wikichan anyway(what do you expect?)

6 month ago, i suppose to read books a lot,not to mention consume a lot of caffiene.but now,look at me,well you cant really see me now, but im blogging right now.ha ha.thats not something i be willing to do in my free time last year ,even if im being payed with.

im really is becoming what people called a fat(nahh)couch potato, for the past 4 month.really.except im not a potato,and fat.but i like to be a carrot.normal size carrot please~

i hardly going out,socializing with friends,waste my time doing stupid thigs like i used to before.i just missed those time really.when friends are all around you.everyday.but now,nahh you have to find friends yourself.and i felt like i have lost a lot of friends already.(social people would probably not related to this.)i blame myself for this,but still what do you expect from me huh?a quiet boy.

i really dont mind hanging out at night at mamak stall,but i cannot stand the fact that they are taking shisha or other stupid stuff .and its crap if you hangout with them without taking shisha(because that what they will be doing everytime they hangout!!).shisha does smells nice ,yes i have to agree,but still it is much dangerous than about that,smoking is i hate the smells of smoke.

anyway,back to the topic.i had it.yup.i want a new life.and the opportunity will come soon enouh(hopefully).fyi , i screw up most of the basically i really need this.dont worry, i wont do stupid things by cutting my finger and let the blood flows until myself dries out or even watching boring movie until i die of boredem.

I just want a new a new enviroment.thats please god,make time faster so that i can continue life in a new level.

Its funny how this comes out from my mouth.well basically from my mind to my fingers.but is funny.and its funny for myself to wrote this up.its funny for you people to read,funny for myslef to post ;D

Until then~

and btw , sorry if i offended anyone.i meant to=D

Playlist of the month(April)

sky chord ~otona ni naru kun he~ by Shion Tsuji
Seventeens VOW by °C-ute
Hi Hi by Puffy Ami Yumi

I do It by Stereo Pony
BYE BYE by Ai Otsuka
Speed of the flow by The Rodeo Carburettor
Caramelldansen by Hatsune Miku
Bacchikoi by Dev Parade
Rainy Days Never Stays by The brilliant Green


You Say Aku by Cinta Laura

lol.hope you guys enjoyed the song lol.want those there to help you =D
(click the song list to listen to the song)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Is SIZE relly matter?i mean really? hah!

i ve been eagerly to write this since einstein discover anything that he discover.i just dont have time to put this up,well not really.i just hate writing!! thats it.

anyway,does size really matter?i know im super skinny,well people love to be skinny especially girls(i think) but seriously? a guy? you know what, i think there is no guy(me) in the world that think skinny is a good thing to say to them,well at least not to gay people(happy people).you know,like when a girl are called by another girl as 'fattie' or 'fatts' and even 'patties'.hah.

screw the last one, i just made that up from spongebob.

btw,do you ever had enough of people saying

"hey!youre skinny,eat more!"

"eat a look like zombie"

"you look handsome today."

yerr.enough.i had it.especially the last one.ha ha.
granpa,granma,mom,dad,sister,friends,and you ,please dont ask me to eat more.i know well and im trying okay. heard that right.

im fatting myself up with peanut butter and milk and chicken breast.thats heaven for protien there people.gosh! dont ask me how it feels might throw out if u are happen to drink some milk right now.and if you are lucky enough.

haha.i did make CRAP entry at time like this.
anyway,watch the UNINVITED today.hah!
never though ill watch any scaryyy movie in the was fun really,until my drink was finished by the 'uninvited' one.haha. today was odd(not gonna tell you why) and its a new experience i think(never watch scary movie before in the theater.i dont like suspense much btw)

~oh my friends~

anyway,thats all the crap i can make today.going sleep now
.and yea got milk?hahaha.oh crap~
(thez imagez haz nothingz toz doz withz whatsz inz yourz mindz.)

until then~

Friday, April 24, 2009


Transform people.its coming soon!

Yay i started my 8 hour driving class today,and it was AWSOME!really!

now i think i can drive a little bit but still need some guidance from MASTER or in other word experienced people.


and i have new fav indon TV sound lame but the show is called Upik Abu n

Boring life is boring.i have totally nothing to do in the evening besides watching wonderpets,El Tigre and other crap cartoon which have been repeatedly played over and over and over again! better watch something new la~

tv3, mon-thu 3p.m

The story was okay IMO,but the actor were good.especially pfft.and irwanshah.

16 years old laura.

Movies Marathon

Anyway,this month is movie month hell yeah.well,more like next month la.with terminator salvation,transformer:revenge of the fallen,x-men origin:wolveriene and17 again going to be on theater on may,im seroisly have to go on a movie marathon,well before going to uni/college of course.

grrr. this not for girl okayy

for girls and fangirls are not allowed please!

who want to join me please text me that i will not be called as sombong or what ever .(thats got nothing to do with 10 A's okayy!!)

well,thats all for to go.

until then~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

EDUcamp 2009 !!!


been there 13 n 14 april.well my first impression of the offer is like this

"OMG!its the freakin UTP,and its at Perak!!how the hell im going to get there OMG?!!izzit in a jungle near a waterfall???"

enuff said.i made it up lol.

0 Day

so because the registration is at 8 am,so i have 2 choice ,whether to go there at early morning or stay there one night before the me and my father took the 2nd choice lol.

We stayed at Ipoh in a hotel called Rega Lodge.never heard of it? too.but still the place was nice, i would say.have 1 night there , and the enviroment is good.fully air-conditioned with LCD Tv.*weeee*

Teh TV was awsome!

my bad,i mean bed.

Lets just cut the boring part eyh.

1st Day

arrive there (UTP) like 8.30 am , register and then we were sent to our hostel at APBM(akademi pemuda belia malasia i think.)It is 5km ride to our hostel from the university.

So we settled up for about half an hour.check in the hostel.The place was quite nice,but it have a

my bed

4 people in a room.meh

After finish settled down with our stuff,ten we went to the campus back to hear some breifing about the camp and the opening ceremony.

The main hall was awsomely built and the design is superb in my opinion.

looks like a stadium right?

deeper inside

on the right sideof the main hall.guess what is this place?

Then we went into the main hall or the auditorium to hear he opening ceremony by the PETRONAS people.yeah, it was boring as i expected.but still, i have to pretend i enjoy the speech as im in a group of top A's students lol.

the known for its boring speech.

Then register again,eat ,pray and after all that stuff we wnt back to the campus.Then we are grouped into 5 group consist of another smaller 5 group.yeah.Then we have a look inside the campus.

I would say,i am impressed by the facilities there.after finished touring the campus,we have alittle bit of a discussion and an ice breaking session

mr.Ridhwan ( i think) explaining something.

Its the freakin Library!those are stacked of books !

Just before 6 o'clock we went back to our hostel.Later at night,we have to take some test.We have a personality test and a math/science test.OMG!why people never tell me there is a test like this?i think ive done really really bad in the math/science test lol.

yar la,who want to study during this break season lol?

Heading to the test centre.

We finished the test at 11 o'clock.ride a bus back to our hostel.Arrived at the hostel and we are about to be suprised.

Suprise! its a BLACKOUT!

yay!i mean oh noes!we have our interview session tomorrow dammit!we have to have a good night sleep.hahaha.

no choice then,we have to sleep in a darkness with mosquitoes and the heat! i cant sleep well that night lol.its really hot there!

3 o'clock and the power is back on.ah relieves!switch off the light and continue my sleep silently.

what i manage to took with my phone camera.

2nd Day

Morning came and i still cant get enough of it or not,have to go to do our test.(i got the interview in the evening,test at the morning).

so we have to do critical reasoning,IQ and english test that morning and interview later in the evening.It was tiring like hell!

but luckily my interview session turn out well(my first interview yay!).eventhough the disscussion part was totally rubbish,but i think i did well enough.

Where the interview take place!

With relieve we went back to our , the camp was was a fun ride,but like always,fun time is usually short.suck time is always looong.hahaha.

i can only describe the camp by one word.NERD!

hahahaha.its full of nerd people.not that i say it is bad thing or something,it just nerd.but still,they are top A student right?hahahaha.maybe they should called this NERDcamp.just kidding!but hey that doesnt mean im a nerd okay!im just happy that all!

Well, i think thats all i can recall back was fun!

until then~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

'happy' time of the day

ha ha ha.i just got back from MARA interview for journey was tiring because im going there with my father motocycle.ah~

Have to wake up early today,since i have to go to my father office first before going to the MARA buildings.Just skip the boring part eyh ;p

So i arrive at MARA building at 11.30, half and hour before the interview start.get my tag number,walk around go toilet and few moment later,I were called in to 3rd floor.

Waiting time is quite short(better that way la,im very nervous at that time lol)walk in the interview,and it suprisingly took only over 10 minutes.OMG!OMG!OMG!

Stab! stab! stab!

kil! kill! kill!

die! die! die! was frustating.the interviewer is a girl,both of not sure why ,but i really doesnt feel good about this interview session..its like what i say to them is wrong.WTF?ha ha ha,screw you people.oh.sorry bout just feeling to happy about the interview lol. in a bad way.

I think the one i had at UTP is better than this one.well,just hope that ill make it through lol.

hey,just wait for my post for EDUcamp later on.need my sleepzz nowzz.

until then~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



i just got back form EDUcamp at University Teknologi Petronas lol.have some fun there , but still home is the best place still.

will post the experience later since blogger have problem with photo uploading.cheezee.

today is one day rest for me as tomorrow got interview for MARA at Kl.after than,totally freesom again =D

catch up later,updating soon.

until then~

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad hair day


guess what?i did a hair cut today after long streaks of 3 month without not cut what-so-ever.its messy and undoublty tebal(you know what i mean) And the best thing is that i look,really really know like smigull(or whatever you call that small cute alien from LOTR)

You guys get me more hairer(in other word,got more hair on my head) than this unlucky movie prop.

Im really pissed of now.really!!

i mean, i just want my hair to get short or in b.malaysia 'pendek' not like a penkek lol? now im having this feeling of regret for letting that barber cut my 'nice'


hopefully,my hair wont be the reason i didnt get my scholarship lol.
oh about the scholarship,i just finished 70% of my essay for MARA interview..yes!yes!yes!

so im gonna go perak tomorrow,stay there a night before went to the EDUcamp thats all for now.not sure i can blog 'live' there ,but ill try my best to update this blog after these long week


thanks izzatul for the blog post lol.(boleh pulak save converation

until then~

Friday, April 10, 2009


now i just know that my new skin kinda suck comment,no profiles,no site link and no shout out..gonna change the skin tonight.

yeah.just after i watch tonight MEGA movie ont tv3 lol.

sorry bout that people!

until then~

frust is a must

hello everyone.

Its 10 april today .


To be honest,i really dont feeling like updating blog this time around.why you ask?
well,ive been busy lately with stuff,especially when my scholarship intervew is around the corner.

started this morning quite early,just to give my dad a photostate copy of my IC/birth certificate to get 'approval' cop(did i spell zis right?) from his friend..

later on walk to school to 'cop' more of photocopy stuff.yeah.i have to walk there.damn,i should be learning to driving

So i meet ridhwan n muiz a bit.nothing much happen lol.

justJust before heading back,we(me and wan) went to geylang cafe(thats sound really odd.) near the USJ 9 mosque..ha ha ha.met zafrin and hazim there,working as a waiter.(waiter jer korang nih?x de keje laen ker?ha ha ha)



LOL .f.y.i , ill be attending the EDUcamp programme at UTP perak this monday and tuesday(13&14 April).

i found this programme to be a pain the the ass and a good practice since, well i have another interview this thursday for PILN by MARA.....

one tihng that i dont like about scholarship is that,you actually have to work really hard to win the interview.isnt studying not enough???(im dying last year just to get good grades in SPM).

Anyway,here some picture i manage to stole from Flickr.huh.will post actual photo when im at the camp =D

err.i dun know where is this

not this either.

Will updating soon.just when i finish both interview and IF i still have some remnant of pride left.arghhh.


hah.just notice something new?
feel free to comment lol.sadly this new skin cover all those widget stuff.sorry about the shoutbox lol.will fix it later =D

Until Then ~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Smiles =D



just now

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Test , Pass , Sleep , Soccer , Online

Test , Pass , Sleep , Soccer , Online

Thats preety much explain what did i do from the very morning until now.ha ha.

Quite happy hu hu .not sure why?

Anyway,i got new blog skin people,it looks awful,but simple enough than my last skin lol.

P/S : weh nazrin,'she' is not what you say she is..haha.bodow.dah la bagi aku baju koyak