Thursday, April 16, 2009

'happy' time of the day

ha ha ha.i just got back from MARA interview for journey was tiring because im going there with my father motocycle.ah~

Have to wake up early today,since i have to go to my father office first before going to the MARA buildings.Just skip the boring part eyh ;p

So i arrive at MARA building at 11.30, half and hour before the interview start.get my tag number,walk around go toilet and few moment later,I were called in to 3rd floor.

Waiting time is quite short(better that way la,im very nervous at that time lol)walk in the interview,and it suprisingly took only over 10 minutes.OMG!OMG!OMG!

Stab! stab! stab!

kil! kill! kill!

die! die! die! was frustating.the interviewer is a girl,both of not sure why ,but i really doesnt feel good about this interview session..its like what i say to them is wrong.WTF?ha ha ha,screw you people.oh.sorry bout just feeling to happy about the interview lol. in a bad way.

I think the one i had at UTP is better than this one.well,just hope that ill make it through lol.

hey,just wait for my post for EDUcamp later on.need my sleepzz nowzz.

until then~

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