Thursday, April 30, 2009


*give me a hugg*


You know what my Wu-name is erratic ninja.What Wu name u say?gforumer will know well,anyway ill explain it.

first go to this site(click),then type your name in the box given.and walla,you get yourself a wu-name.

dont ask me what is wu-name,i dont know it either.but im guessing its your ninja title or maybe your real name if your parents happen to be ninja.give it a try and do post your wu-name on the comment ;D

this is mine

khairul hanif > erratic ninja

hanif > Gentleman Mastermind

Khairul > Recless Dragon. GAR!

anyway,i had a really great laugh today.what can i say,Paul Blart : Mall Cop really cheer me up today.i really recommend this movie.not just its hillarious,its packed with good feeling too.

anyway,UPU result will be out tomorrow.yer i been dying waiting for the result.duhh.

until then~

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