Saturday, October 31, 2009

Telok Batik=))


Last weekend, me and my buddy went to Telok Batik, around 50km from my beloved university. First on Friday evening, and again in Sunday evening. Haha. Seriously hanif, you have your 1 test the upcoming week and you haven't done any revision. Damn.

Above: Candid.

Above: Controversial photo on Facebook ;)

We went with two car, one fazli's wira and another one is pero's kancil. The journey took about an hour approximately. Arrived there at 5.00 pm, have our Asar prayer and set to have our long awaited vacation to Telok batik. Oh. That was my first time playing 'banana boat', you know where you would have to ride a 'banana'-like shape boat and being thrown away by the crazy maneuver of the driver of the engine-powered boat.


Above: We all have been 'titanic'. Only the cameraman still alive.

Oh yeah! Ajieb was bitten(bitten?) by a crab when playing in the water. Honestly I think he faked it out, but nahh. We have our laugh..until now ;))

Above: Camera fail.

Above: All of us.

Back to banana boat, honestly it freak me out. Not knowing to swim properly, yet alone floating, being thrown away from the boat on the middle of the sea( exaggerating ;p). It was fun, tiring and scary too. Later at night we have our lunch at Manjung, Mcd, then straight away to UTP.
Our friday was fun.

Above: Mcd. mirror freak.


Have my Gamelan class on the noon. Seriously people, why did no one play it on such important event instead of having concert with idiotic singer that does not follow the religion rules???? Stupid.

Ah. That evening AGAIN, I went to Telok Batik. Hahaha. Crazy. This time with room 28 geng and another happy-go-lucky group. Going to Telok batik isn't much fun as my last trip but still, we have our time at the Go-cart at Manjung.

It's actually my second time there and it was fun and tiring. Have some scratch on my back because of the seat that is not fully in-contact with my back during the racing period. Maybe it's because of the drifts I've done on go cart. huhuhu. It was definitely a tiring day, seriously the most tiring day in the week. Luckily the class on the next day is at 10.00 am which mean absolute sleep after the subuh prayer ;)
Oh. sorry guys, there is no photo to share on the second journey, my camera was stolen by the camwhore of room 28 and I don't have any picture of me looking nice. gagagaga.

p/s: Sorry cause I didn't make it to the gathering guys. Gomen!
p/s: Got some Photography event going on at Ipoh next weekend. Carpool anyone??

p/s: Birthday boy, Ajieb and Birthday girl, pija. SELAMAT HARI LAHIR!

Until then people ~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Chiisana Koi no Uta

One of many in this wide universe
In the great world of this blue earth
This tiny feeling of love will reach
You on the little island
Time have passed since I first met you
The letters with my feelings grow in numbers
Without us realizing, it is already echoing between us
Sometimes intense, sometimes sad
It echoes distantly
This gentle song changes the world

*Look, the person who is important to you
Is right beside you
I just want to reach only you
This echoing love song
Listen, Listen, Listen to this echoing love song

You noticed that even the dark street
We walk on is lit up by the moon every night
Not letting go of the hand I grasped
The feelings are strong, I promise forever
In the depths of forever, I'll surely say
These same words with my feeling unchanged
But it's still not enough and turns into tears
It turns into joy, I can't put into words
Just embracing, just embracing

If it's a dream, don't wake up
If it's a dream, don't wake up
The time I spent with you
Will turn into everlasting stars

Go carting :)

Hello, this post is the laziest post among the laziest I have been writing. Enjoy.

almost fatal accident by cabi. *clap hands*

overly excited face.

idk-kind of face :))

The Sepang track where our race was held and was viewed by thousands of spectator around the world :P

End of the tiring journey.zzzz

Friday, October 23, 2009


You. Me. Farewell.

Now you just realize it don't you? You. Everything I wrote here until now was meant for you. I know. I am a coward. Yes. I know the fact long time ago. You can hate me for that, for not telling the truth, but just because I don't want to ruin our friendship. But now I have to take this decision, to forget you(not as a friend) but the one whom I have crushed since I was in form 4. I don't blame you for it, seriously you just treat me the way a friend suppose to. It's just me, who is TOO stupid. Bodoh-How can I be soo stupid. Bodo bodo bodo!!! for placing TOOO much of a hope on something... Damn, stupid idiot feeling!

I hope we can still be friend, sharing some of the secrets together, text-ing like usuall, but for now, SORRY, I need some time to fix myself.

p/s: blame me for not telling everything to you directly, I ....I...I am sorry. I am a big LOSER after all. I would understand if you don't want to talk to me after this. I would understand even if it hurts. I'm just tired. Thats all.

thanks =(

GOODBYE YOU. Its been a great time knowing you, but now, Sorry. You does not aboard the same train as mine. It shows. I am just a friends to you.


You just don't realize it is you. That hurts even much. Even though it's hard but i will tried. Farewell you. And good luck for your result.

retiring for a while now. need some time to collect back all the pieces and put it together again.


Down. Something I felt after reflecting myself. To be honest, I blame myself for this problem.


You. I really miss you, really! I don't know how long this feeling going to stay, not seeing her for a long time is okay, but not talking to her? I don't think I have that kind of strength. Not in the near future. To be honest, I do, really like her. But I don't know whether she have same feeling as I am. The way she communicate with me its like, er I don't know, she think that I am annoying? Blame myself for being a coward for not telling her the real truth. Its for the best.

I know, from the physical appearance people can tell that, I am certainly not a person whom is really outgoing, in which means people person. I am definitely shy. A loser to be exact. I know that she is someone who does not want it for now, me either, but to know that my feeling is known to the other half is somewhat a relief, a medicine for the heart. I don't know how much is her feeling to me, maybe I'm just a friend whom, Uh, Never mind, I don't want to elaborate more. Perhaps she will understand.

But for now, I'll be waiting for you. I know to others this is stupid, but No, i'm not going to let it go. Period. Just stick with me on this long journey.

I felt like crying now =)

p/s: REAL sorry if I made you felt bad. Never mean to do so. I just hope you understand. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry
p/s: Vertical Horizon - Best I ever Had.

until then~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

People and their problems. Mine?

Uh. Look at the bright side people, problems are created so that it can be solve. Maybe sometimes it require more time and courage than usually it consume. Seriously man, There is a way to solve your problem. Patient. Patient.

Anyway, uh I began to play Tennis. Yah. It's like playing Squash but you have more tendency to make the tennis ball flew into the swimming pool. Hahaha. Anyway, I found that the sport is something enjoying, minus all the ball-picking time.(That where all my stamina went to.)

Above: Notice the seriousness in the eyes. Grr.

Back to the topic again. Hey! People have their own problem okay. Everyone have one. Be it relationship problem, studies and such. Even me myself have my own problem, which I will never tell to anyone except to those who close to me. (Teenage problem. erk.)

Wish me luck for my Thinking skills Quiz tomorrow. Remember, intelligence people does not necessary be a good thinker. Hahaha =)

Until Then ~

Sunday, October 18, 2009


"Owl City - Fireflies"


Just a video I would like to share you all. Oh I'm in love with the band now. Their song were mostly good.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

1st Impression

- Good looking. Not so talkative. Intelligent. Happy.

- Big! Happy. Havoc with kids. Precious. Important!

-Exciting. Unpredictable. Enjoying. Limit. Fun.

- Enormous. First class infrastructure. Fast internet. Skema People =p

My Best Friends
- Caring. Annoying. Fun. Cheerful. Loving. Funny. Understanding.

- Happy. Lived. Fun. Funny.

- Caring. My no.1 FAN. bored. Friend of mine. Lurkers.


help me. I'm bored. Have to finish up all the assignment before going back tomorrow =( until then.

p/s: Selamat hari Raya. After this no more raya-raya. huhuhu

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh It's Love

Above: in Korean, it means "I LOVE _______ !"

Oh im soo in LOVE with Korean music now. Can't seems to erase it from my head though. I blame you Boys over flower for making me soo into Korean music which i previously hate. But It's a good move too. Now I can ask for more song from my hardcore, fanatic korean guys lover friends which happen to lurvee those kind of song. But I still have hard time to learn the fact that, the Korean boys group is great. (they just have preety face =<)

Haish. After coming back from found da team, ive heard this kinda rumour. Wtf? Korang citer apa ni?

p/s: Today talk by the famous Royal Prof. Ungku Aziz was indeed, fascinating. He is someone that i can learn a lot from. Great stuf. Respect him.

until then~

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Babeng (Oh Sh*t)


Darn. Why does everyone talking about it. Am I the only one who's left? Everyone have it already. Not me. It is frustrating you know to not have it. Jealous? Indeed! Who does not want it in life??? I want it too, but not for now. Not that I am a sick nerd whom just have eyes on books and computer, but I find out that it does not important for me now. Okay. I lied. It is important to me. BUT! There is a but. I want to take things slowly. One step at a time. Just like the song by Jordin Sparks. But surely not during my foundation year.

To all my friends, just don't forget your friend when you already have it. You'll know who will backtalk to you later. Hahaha. Joking.

I don't know whether she is still available or not though, but i was hoping she is. From the text message we share, I knew.


until Then~

Monday, October 12, 2009

la camp de foundateam.


Found da team

Done! No more camp for another 2 month. The review? Oh. GREAT. The camp was superbly great. Just like the camp i've had before just this time, the activities timing were a little bit loose and more relax than the one i had back at school.

To be honest, the camp rocks! I personally have a good time there. No need to think of assignment, revision or whatsoever related to study.


First day

On the first day, we have our flying fox and high element on the evening and blind walk later at night. My first time doing flying fox. GREAT stuff! love the scenery from the above, scared of height? Yess. Only for short time only though. After that everything went smoothly =)

Above: Kami dari Kumpulan Alpha =>

Second day

The day we all were busy doing activities. Whole day playing Spiderweb, crossing the river and the landmine. It was tiring though. But not for me. hehe. The strong strong one have to work extra hard to lift people up, not to mention, those heave log too. Did I mention our group have like 3 of the healthiest(not a harsh word okay) people. Okay. Only 2. Kak Jah does not count, she lost to our farina =p

Anyhow, the game was fun, especially the crossing the river game. It was really fun though. Spiderweb game suck coz i have to be the team leader which i am not so capable of doing so for now.(leading a big group which have tonnes of crazy and out loud people is not something easy you know.)

Later at night we have this like talent competition. Great! We have to do the traditional what you call, dikir barat. Yes. That stuff. First time again.

Above: Akon?



After that, we have other performance from other group. They were all great, but mine was the best of course. hahaha. Then we have the night walk. 5 kilometer walk I suppose, but, the rain in the evening cause the road to be very muddy. So we have no choice but to walk back. Tiring day for me. Those steep hill does make me tired.

Above: Us.

Another day, another story

We come to the end of our journey. Finish up couple of game then clean up for the closing ceremony. The last meal were great! Thanks people!

Ah. Thats how my weekends goes. Pretty tiring week. Luckily no assignment to do. Continue with D.o.t.a hahaha.

Until Then~

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Journey to the Center of ....


Ah. The New semester has just begun. Allrity, only lecture were conducted this weekend and next one. Seriously, this too much of relaxing time does make us a little bit boring. Well, okayy. It's been a boring weekend. So me and my fellow friend took some time to visit Lumut, town near the jetty.

Well, the real plan was to go for Go-cart session at Manjong, Perak, but then it's raining cat and dog outside, resulting the go-cart venue to be closed. So much of a joy-killer. So, since we all have traveled far from the university, it such a waste of time if we were to not to have fun time. So after some so called 'brainstorming' session(?) we decided just walked near the jetty, get some fish crackers and stuff and finally went back home.

Above: Shut Closed.

How shocked to know that, lumut was a nice place to begin with. The area near the jetty, were indeed awsome! The scenery, how do i put this, remarkable. It's been a while since I saw the sea which is much cleaner than in Port Dickson.

Above: Set for sail people!

Luck me, I've manage to get my hands on some camera on the journey. Hell yes.
Some picture for you guys to enjoy :)

Above: GENG: Pengembaraan Bermula

Above: Fell down? hahahahaha ;)

Above: On Top of the World

Above: Not into pink today huh?

Above: That poor dolphin.

Above: Pole Dance? What the eff?

Even though it's raining the moment we arrived at the jetty, yet we have our time. It was seriously a tiring day. Trust me. But then I am sure we have enjoyed our self right?


So far so good. The new semester lecture was okayy despite some classes still does not catch my full attention. Nevertheless, I'll try my best for this semester. Oh btw. Mine result will be announced somewhere before 7th of October. That's when the student whom receive "dean list" will be give some token of appreciation. cross finger people.

Oh! another thing. I'll be having my foundation camp namely Found'a team which to be honest sound frickin weird, the next friday weekends. Hopefully I'll have a blast there, and hopefully some picture to post.

~Until then!~

p/s: Happy holiday to lucky people whom just got their final behind them. Enjoy! :)

p/s: Learning programming. Oh Crap!