Sunday, January 29, 2012


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Since i was awake and energize this morning, after some light breakfast of banana and cereal, i head down to my jogging track together with my faithful Adi Mana and my rather new companion, the Sansa Clip.

Today when i jogged, it felt like the air is a little to thick, or heavy. I've been always noticing this whenever i did my jogging in the morning but new once i look up in the internet to see what is it actually. So i did a little research.

But sadly i can find much about the fact that there is more oxygen in air in the morning compared to at any other time. But i do stumble across some people saying that it is indeed heavy with oxygen and there is less pollution in the air. That might be the answer to my question, but i think i'll look further into it.

and while i did the research i did found some interesting fact about the how-to of jogging. Let me list some of it.

#breathe in using your nose, and breathe out with your mouth.
#instead of moving your rib cage, use your stomach to breathe. It get more oxygen.

and among many more interesting things you should be aware of while jogging. and the link is HERE. Hope it helps you in becoming a better joggers ;)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today after 4 month of no lecture, no assignment and no books, finally today i'm back doing all those regular student stuff.

Class started as early as 9 am but i'm already on my feet by 6.30. and the best part is, i though today class started at 8, because i though today is Wednesday. Silly me. So because of that, i was a little sleepy in Fluid Mechanics II class, but still managed to focus on important parts.

Surprise surprise to see all of them people back. Some have changed, some still the same old. and it's a little odd to see many Chinese present even though they suppose to be in their Chinese New Year holiday still. Even some of the Malay guys still haven't come back. pfft.

And today i did track check for my soon to be jogging routine. Sadly i my phone required internet connection to upload the recorded activity straight to the Website. This time it's about 4.4km of jogging path covering from v5 all the way passing the mosque, one round of the Grand Lake and back again in v5. Just perfect for a daily workout.

From Save the Internet , Save the world

my route from the satellite view.

and so far the semester have been nice to me ;)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

new room for the semester

Since yesterday, i've been putting all of my effort in cleaning my new room as well as my new 'house'. And it took a full morning to clean everything with some help of the housemate.

So here's some preview on how it's look like being in my room and house.(if you bother to find out lah kn how the place i lived look like.)

From Save the Internet , Save the world

My side of the room

From Save the Internet , Save the world

Notice the details on the glass panel ;p

From Save the Internet , Save the world

better view on my side

From Save the Internet , Save the world

where the magic happen. What i meant by magic is just sleeping btw. haha

From Save the Internet , Save the world

make up ;p

From Save the Internet , Save the world

Kitchen. Nice and all tidy. Wait till we started cooking.

From Save the Internet , Save the world

Notice the Cadbury shelf. Nice touch eyh?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


After a long journey, i finally get my hands on the "best" mp3 player out there.

jeng jeng jeng.

Meet the Sandisk Sansa Clip+ 2GB.

Just received the item this afternoon, open the pack right away. Review have to wait. Still didn't get into my room due to some people. grr..

Monday, January 23, 2012

Langkawi without the bots

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It has been a while since my trip with fellow Robocon members to Langkawi Island, but time is jealous of me and since i'm a little busy with settling my new room and going back home, this post about the trip have to be post-poned a little. And at the night before going back to UTP again, i found the eagerness to post this.(because anymore soon and i'm not going to do it! ;p)

Since photo were to mainstream, this post will only have gif instead of normal photo. And because there are tonnes of photos to be uploaded.












It has been by far the best outing i had with them fellow robocon member, even with Doc Naufal, we really feel bonded with him this time around. The karaoke session that last for 4 hours with Doc is really a great time. There were no differences in age, there were no lecturer student here, just group of people of Petrobots, having a good time. Hope this will last. Even when the seniors are gone, hope is still with them to guide Petrobots in becoming one of the best technical teams in UTP.

p/s: first time attacked by monkeys? huehuehue

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Short while

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In about 7 hours or so I'll be on my way to Langkawi so i decided why not i take a short time to write something before I'm off.

Well, this going to be my second time in Langkawi Island, The first time was during LIMA2011. Despite having the luxury time of about a month in this beautiful island, the jewellery of Kedah, sadly i still didn't have much time to enjoy the places. Oh and yeah, this time it's holiday time. It's a prize for our hardwork for getting second runner up in Robocon 2011 competition that was held in Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Nilai, early July last year. Well, more like we use half of the money prize. hehe

So for this time around i really wanted to go to the cable car. Like seriously. Last time me, Haswan and ajieb went there but sadly it was already 7 p.m. and the good scenery was all gone and it will be a waste to get up at that time. But we still have picture :p

Underwater world. I can't remember the last time I went to see a big Aquarium. Maybe in my early days but i can't seem to remember any of it.

Kuah Town. Well, I've been there several time before but that was for only a casual walk. a timed casual walk. Didn't have the luxury to walk around, taking our time, enjoying the view, the town, the people. Ah.

And that's about it. I'll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning. Unlike before, we only have enough budget to get on ferry(instead of the Airplane ;p) Just hope that i woke up early so i won't miss the bus eyy??

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Ever since i was a child, i love National Geographic magazine. My dad used to subscribe to the magazine because of the content and i guess, the awesome photograph. At that time we don't have the NatGeo Channel like nowadays, it was all magazine. Luckily enough it is a very child friendly magazine with a lot of awesome photographs of wonderful things that are there, outside. The real world.

And that is all i've heard ever since from National Geographic. Didn't got the chance to read any new write up but i do sometimes watch the Nat Geo Channel each time i get back to my hometown back in Besut, Terengganu. Honestly, i did not really have that much passion on wild life, so Nat Geo is not my favourite channel(p/s: my fav is Discovery, Mythbuster ;p)

So as i was saying, not until recent time i discovered a new programmed made by National Geographic entitle Megafactories. If the title cannot explain it any more clearly, it's about big factories making out stuff, interesting stuff. And most importantly car stuff!

Suprisingly now it's already series 6, or season 6. I missed a lot! Better be prepared UniFi, when i got home i'll make sure i'll make use of all the remaining bandwidth to download all the season. hehe

more info visit here

over 4000!!!

*manly tears*

thanks for the 4k views friends, people, anonymous, troll, spammers. Everyone. Thanks.

Draft of the future

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This evening i stumble across a blog of a new friend of mine and he wrote a post regarding what he wanted for the next 30 years or so. 30 years! Everything from wedding, children, houses, cars, works, life, up until pension.


To be honest i'm amazed. Amazed on how well he can plan for his future. It might not be a detailed plan but atleast there is an outline. If you ask me, i did not have any sort of plan like that. I even not plan what my ETP or FYP project will be. Internship? What company and where? The answer is still not there for me. Future is some scare sh*t! like seriously!

So because of him, im touched to write something, something like an outline for my future. So that future me will read this and it will be easier for future me to plan things.

What future holds in me(lame...)

I would like to have my internship in some fancy automobile company. I prefer if it's a labor work, work that get your hands all dirty rather than sit in the office kind of work. As a automotive engineer to be, of course getting into a motorsport company is a dream to high to reach but who knew? I hope i can get an internship in formula 1 despite being nearly impossible and ridiculously difficult, always put some hope and effort on it. But even so, being in a Proton research team or what not is good enough as a start.

My future work must be a mixed of both in the office and out on the field. It will be very difficult finding a job in F1 technician with just a degree, so i'm not hoping much to get into f1 at the moment but, maybe being in a certain racing team, smaller race event maybe? I heard Petronas have some people oversea that help in F1 research, that might be a target? Maybe, but imagine the effort need to get in the research team? If not, having a work in Proton is good enough but make sure enough $ laa. hehe

Married before 30. *cross finger*

Maybe pursuing my Master degree oversea if i have the luxury of time and money, and bring my wifey and kids oversea (like my parent did. haha) The talks of whether to continue our studies after degree is always a hot topic for us. Some had enough of studying, some just can't get enough of it. Maybe i do. Maybe i don't. Time will tell. But i do hope i can get a Master degree and pursuing my dream of being an f1 engineer.

and if i happen to get my master already, it is time to sign in to some big ass Motorsport company. be an f1 engineer for couple of years, then retire and get into some local Motorsport technical team. Maybe open up a workshop for exotics car in Malaysia, an exclusive workshop for the likes of Porches, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

By that time i should have atleast one sports car, anything will do. Maybe a classic. Yeah. A classic will do just fine. But atleast an Audi TT in a my garage. A sport car, a sedan, maybe an equivalent of Audi A4? and a MPV for the family.

A normal house that would fits my family. Talk about family, i don't really care how many children i've got, the more the merrier right? So the house should be comfortable for the family, i'm not sure where will it be but it should be not in KL, but somewhere close enough. I love KL despite it's traffic and people, but maybe that will change?

When we talk about future, it will always be about money and belongings. Never about our deeds and responsibilities to God. I really hope to be a good Muslim, a better one than i am today, never leaves my prayer, always go to the mosque, be a contributor the the religion, to Islam. And hopefully, my family will be too.

So....what else do i miss?

Hmmm. maybe a batch reunion outing with the guys, spending time at mamak, look up what we have now(then) compared to now(past). Ah. Shared, laughed, spending time like it's the good old days. A must for a Mechy May09 Reunion Bowling tournament. Like seriously.

My imagination of my future ends there. I'm not quite sure what i'll do when i'm retired. That's way too far to imagine. Maybe a world tour? I don't know. I mean this is just a plan, we may plan but Allah is the one that will execute it accordingly. So pray hard and work hard Hanif!

p/s: New semester is approaching. Prepared enough?

may i Watch?

A limited edition Casio Edifice Red Bull Racing

  • Case / bezel material: Stainless steel
  • "Double-lock, 1-press, 3-fold Buckle"
  • Stainless Steel Band
  • Solid Band
  • 100-meter water resistance
  • Mineral Glass
  • Screw Lock Crown
  • Screw Lock Back
  • Carbon fiber bezel
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
    Measuring capacity: 59'59.99"
    Measuring mode: Elapsed time
  • Date display
  • Regular timekeeping
    Analog: 3 hands (timekeeping hour, minute, stopwatch 1/100 seconds),
    3 dials (stopwatch minutes, timekeeping 24-hour, timekeeping second / stopwatch seconds)
  • Accuracy: ±20 seconds per month
  • Approx. battery life: 2 years on SR927W
  • Size of case/total weight: 49 X 45.5 X 13.1 mm/177 g

Would be the best present for any occasion. *drolling rainbow*

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Diandra Junaidi - Angkasa

Jika ku tuliskan
sepucuk surat cinta oh bagimu
mungkinkah ia mampu
mengubah fikiranmu
tentang diriku yang sayang
menanti ketibanya hari

ke angkasa
dan kembali
ku tetap berada disisi
cinta kita bagaikan fantasi
kau lah yang ku miliki
kau lah yang ku mencari

walaupun kita dua insan
yang tak pernah memahami
diri kita yang berlainan alam
tapi takdir kita bertemu
dan ku tak akan lepaskan
perasaan ini

dan sayang mungkin kita
tak harus kekal begini
dan sayang kita harus
menempuhi realiti

Because sometimes, we really feel like going to the space, taking some air maybe?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday which about to ends.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As of today, I have less than a month before going back to Universities, continuing my studies as a 2nd year 2nd semester student. We have been having our lengthy 4 month break since last year October and it's about to end real soon.

Im not sure how your holiday goes but i tell you, mine is superb!

The Revival

I use to own a bicycle, a mountain bike, like any other kids during school day. It's the best type of transportation any kids can afford to, and legal! But ever since finishing school, the old bike of mine was sent to the hall of trash where, all the bicycle reside.

But because i'm short of money and i'm going to start working at Petrosains soon, i've decided to revive my old dusty, sticky, broken bicycle.

The broken bicycle, stripping the old paint off.

It was hard work i tell you, stripping the paint off, taking off the part, spraying the body frame, waiting it to dry, spending money of buying stuff. Hard work! But all of that pays off as i have a new bike to get me to my workplace.

Now it doesn't look like this. Some of the paint wear off ;(

This is the transport that helps me to get from Subang Jaya all the way to KLCC Taman Bahagia LRT Station. You can read the travel log post here ;p

Volunteering @ Petrosains

1 and a quarter month i've worked in Petrosains. Frankly, it's the most joyous and easy going job i've ever had. You just have to get to work by 9a.m. and get back at 6p.m. and trust me, the time goes by like nothing if you are in the centre. So many people to entertain, so many activities, you won't even notice it's the end of the day. But my time wasn't long there since Petrosains do have a lot, i mean a LOT of Volunteer, so getting a working day in a week is quite troublesome. Sometimes, I only work once in a week. That ain't a job XD And luckily i've got a chance for something else.

Temp Staff/ Volunteer @ HWLIMA for LIMA'11

At first i'm just an ordinary volunteer until one day Haswan(PIC for volunteer programme) called and after some yada yada moment later, he offer me for a position as a temp staff since they really need some extra manpower. And when i went to the office, hell, they do really need some serious manpower. Imagine, the team that organizing an International event like LIMA only need less than 10 staff. It was crazy i tell you the job. But we managed to pull it off, and this LIMA has proven to be a success, we even gained profit unlike LIMA'07.

From LIMA 2011

With them Staffs.

From LIMA 2011

With them Volunteers

It was a wonderful experience, both bitter and sweet. But what most important is that it thought me how to deal with life, with 'different' kind of people, how to rescue yourself, how to manage, how to work professionally. I can't thank enough to them.


Suprisingly, im at UTP now. Teheee. Despite having still 3 weeks left of holiday, I decided it is time to get back, doing what i suppose to do during the semester break, preparing for 2012 Robocon Competition. ;p And now we are left with tonnes of pending work to do for the competition. But still, you will find me at Langkawi Island again at 17th till 19th January for a vacation with the Robocon member, celebrating our last year victories on getting 2nd runner up in the National competition.

All said, how was YOUR holidays?


I think this year i'll start making a jump compilation, as another weird hobby of mines(like collecting different google interface).

I'm quite sure i've taken a lot of jumpshow but when i look back deep into the old folder, i can only get a few shot that is worth to be compiled. So without more talking, let's jump!


At Langkawi Island, last day to roam around Langkawi before departing back to KL.


Convofair Treasure Hunt!


Hari Raya shot!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A for Apple

A new layout for a new year. Don't ask me what those apple's doing there on the right side of the blog. It's a love hate things.

Anyway, how was it?


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Welcome 2012.

2011 has been a fabulous year for me, despite the ups and downs, Alahamdulillah, i'm still alive and breathing, to continue this life. Unlike previous year, this year i didn't make a yearly recap. Not like i don't want to, but let's just say the mood to write isn't there. You know how long and lengthy a recap post will be right?

There might be a chance that i'll post it, maybe not. Anyhow, i hope this year, there's more that i can achieve compared to previous year, May Allah guide me and all of the people around me to the righteous path, may i find happiness and Insyaallah, transforming into a better Muslim, better son, better man, better students, better clique, better everything.

Goodbye 2011.