Sunday, January 29, 2012


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Since i was awake and energize this morning, after some light breakfast of banana and cereal, i head down to my jogging track together with my faithful Adi Mana and my rather new companion, the Sansa Clip.

Today when i jogged, it felt like the air is a little to thick, or heavy. I've been always noticing this whenever i did my jogging in the morning but new once i look up in the internet to see what is it actually. So i did a little research.

But sadly i can find much about the fact that there is more oxygen in air in the morning compared to at any other time. But i do stumble across some people saying that it is indeed heavy with oxygen and there is less pollution in the air. That might be the answer to my question, but i think i'll look further into it.

and while i did the research i did found some interesting fact about the how-to of jogging. Let me list some of it.

#breathe in using your nose, and breathe out with your mouth.
#instead of moving your rib cage, use your stomach to breathe. It get more oxygen.

and among many more interesting things you should be aware of while jogging. and the link is HERE. Hope it helps you in becoming a better joggers ;)

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