Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yup, now i remember what i'm suppose to write on a post previously.

(badum tsss..)

My 2012 wish list!!!!!!

- A new mp3 player. Since my previously owned mp3 player, the charger went missing and nowhere to be found. Then the ipod shuffle that i borrowed from my lil sister, well, she claimed it back, so i'm left with nothing other than my hand phone to do all the music playing.

- Then there's a new headphones. Yada yada, my poisonous green headphone from Razer were a little broken, and quite annoying to repair, so i decided, i'll go for another new one. hehe.

- A transportation. 2 wheels. But i'm not sure to choose whether a highly spec mountain bike, or a 250cc motorcycle. Yes, there is a clear difference between both, but i prefer to get my hands on only one of em. Maybe both later when i owns a career to myself, but for now, only one. Maybe time will tell.

- A new shoes. I have many shoes, although not to the level of girls of course, but i don't know why i still need a new one. Maybe because i get bored having only 2 or 3 colors of shoes probably?

- A new watch. Maybe not a GPS watch, but rather a chronograph like watch. Recently i'm kinda in love with Hi tech watches likes the Bell&Ross, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Tissot. But with my kind of 'salary' no way i can get those watches. But still, if possible i wanted a new one ;p


Despite having wanted each and every items i 've mention, no way i can acquire all of them. Maybe majority of em, but Insyaallah if you really want it, you have to fight for it, save money for it. Then with that effort you will be able to get what you want.

almost there.

2011 about to leave us soon enough. And it is time for a recap of everything 2011.

But that post have to wait since i have no mood whatsoever on writing a 5 pages of essay. So what is this post all about?


Something. but i forgot what it is. gtg.

Friday, December 16, 2011

3 months since

Hello and Good Friday.

How you guys been doing? Me? I still haven't getting off the LIMA blues. Not in the mean time. But particularly, today i somewhat miss my life in UTP and quite eager to write a post about it. teheee.

Universiti Teknologi Petronas. It has been around 3 month since i've set my foot there. It has been 3 month since i've tasted the humid, dry, and unpredictable weather. It has been 3 month since I put my back on that small but comfy bed inside my cozy room. Seriously i miss you UTP.

and i'll probably regret saying this after 2 weeks back in UTP for the new Semester. haha ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Langkawi International Marintime Aerospace '11

From LIMA 2011

Assalamualaikum and Good evening Ya'll.

I think it has been a month or so since i've last wrote something meaningful here.

For the past one month, i have been very much occupied by works for HWLIMA, organizing the biggest Aerospace exhibition in Malaysia, The Langkawi International Marintime & Aerospace Exhibition 2011, or in short, LIMA 2011.

Frankly, i can't described everything that i've experience during the total duration of 1 month working for a big event in one blog post. I mean seriously. I need like 2 or 3 blog post for all the story. But by the time i've done with this post, my eagerness to blog will suddenly fade away. Just like it used too.

So without further ado, LIMA2011 photo presentation.

From LIMA 2011

The Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre before the event.

From LIMA 2011

From LIMA 2011

Eurofighter Typhoon model.

From LIMA 2011

registration before the massacre begin.

From LIMA 2011

One of the bosses of Registration.


Sleeping at 5 and waking up 2 hours later? Done. One day without a sleep with a lot of work still needed to be completed? Done. Handling the timetable for all 98 of the delegates? Done! Making timetable the night before it should be handed over to the officers? Done!

From LIMA 2011


From LIMA 2011

Syahmi with PASKAU Officials

What i can say about working in the organization is damn tiring! You'll be needing a cup of coffee each morning and in the evening, plenty of plain water. Like plenty okay?


God know how many kind of people i've met during this time, some are annoying, some are good, some are very bad, some are not responsible, some were cooperative and some just don't. But at the end of the day, despite having to know different individuals, you'll be thankful to be who you are. Who you became, and now you can be more wise in determining how you wanted to be in the future. Haha


Now i bet all the volunteer must be waiting to read this. First of all, thank you, thank you so much for making this LIMA a bit more meaningful for me, the day i sent you guys off is the saddest day during LIMA 2011. Honestly. Tak tipu. Despite you guys keep on haunting me for questions which even i can't answer, but i did try my best to answer it for you guys. Seriously, all of the question you guys ask, i didn't even ask Ms. Azlin for advice, i give my answer based on what i know, but if i know someone who know better, of course i'm gonna direct you guys to them. So if my answers wasn't good enough for you guys to answer to the officials, im sorry with all my heart.

From LIMA 2011

With Zam and Affendi. Under the engines!!

From LIMA 2011

with Mariam, the one handling Courtesy call bookings.

From LIMA 2011

From LIMA 2011

meet a fellow UTPian here :)

Especially to the LO peeps, thank you, especially those who stay up with me until 5 in the morning to finish up all the booklets, you guys are my savior. To those who keep on asking question, thank you for occupying my time, honestly, i like to be asked question, to be talk with, because let's face it, you know i'm quite a shy guy to begin with. To the operation people, thank you, despite not having the chance to get along with you during the first three days, you guys are the one single team that doesn't care if were to left behind, to clean up the mess. You guys are the backbone of the operation. To the Info counter and courtesy call peeps, thank you for the helping the last 2 days, giving me companion in front the info counter at the front gate despite still having to entertain the public visitor.

I have to say i'm sorry, i can't really remember all of your names during LIMA, but i remember who you are ;) So after this ill try to remember each and every name of you guys okay?

From LIMA 2011

with the kids! :)

From LIMA 2011

even the Organizer office door knob got beaten.

From LIMA 2011

Zetty and Sarah wif the volunteers at the Delegates Lounge.

From LIMA 2011

With the Kakak's from IIUM

From LIMA 2011

The siblings which i still didn't believe until now. haha

From LIMA 2011

With my bodyguard. Hahaha :D


This is my actual first event that i've joined and worked for. Of course i've joined many event before in University but this is the first real time under working condition, meeting all the importants people and companies. Despite having a team which only consist of not more than 15 people to manage an event this big, they are all very much capable and succeed in making LIMA2011 happen. Although we have to suffer a bit lah kn? haha. To me it is a success, so sweet, that makes all those sleepless night, and hectic day seems like nothing now. I truly am thankful to get this opportunities to learn all sort of things here, in HWLIMA and at LIMA2011.

From LIMA 2011

at the Official Reception, Fourpoints Hotel. Nice view here.

From LIMA 2011

on the Tarmac, great experience.

From LIMA 2011

Been there done that.

From LIMA 2011

Lepaking at Sheraton Langkawi. Seriously nice view they got here.

Special thanks to Mr. Haswan,( the one that responsible making me a part of the team, he was the one that offer me the chance to work there. ) to Ms. Azlin, my boss whom i quite scared at first but as time goes by she was very nice. and not to forget to the Boss, Ray, whom i also scared and try to run away to at first, but after all this, i think he is a very good leader and thoughtful. Then goes all the other krew member, Bob, Liza, Hanif, Ayu, Prem and Suren. Thank you for this experience. Seriously, thank you.

From LIMA 2011

with the staff, Haswan, Bob, Ajieb and Suren. Sending off the remaining Official cars. Everyone got the taste of it :)

From LIMA 2011

at the Airport, last day. Sadly, Liza, Azlin and Ray is nowhere to be found.

Also a special thanks to the volunteer, the twin sister, who gave me a box of chocholate :), thank you soo much, to the form 6 peeps, Naomi, Gurpreet, and Charmaine for the small token of appreciation, to Mariam and Sarah, the two best friends until the end of the world, thank you for keeping me entertained and laughing, to Izzat and geng, sorry for the missing thumbdrive, haha. To ilya, fatin and farahin, thanks for the care, to Cun(aka shuhadah) thanks for listening, to zam and the geng, keep on rocking, thanks for the respect despite our age difference, to the kakak's of UIA, thank you for treating me like a child, haha, no lah, thank you for helping with the last minute works, and to all volunteer for all those warm compliment and you cooperation throughout this time. I thank you.

From LIMA 2011

The OP guys.

From LIMA 2011

The registration people.

Now that my work is done here, what's left is to prepare myself to get back to UTP for Robocon 2012. Since there is less than a week for me to run around kl, meeting friends and clique, i really need to get everything right then before heading back to Tronoh.

Until then guys :)

P/s: Photos of jet's, scenery and all will be put on my photoblog. Wait for it :D

From LIMA 2011

Until we meet again Volunteers!! :) p/s: credit Zetty