Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When Dad get home from a Journey

Ding dong.

*Who's there?


*Daddy's who?

*Daddy daddy cool.


This is getting weirder and frustrated. So i will stop. for the sake of this blog traffic. huh.

My dad actually just came back from Jordan and some other place near Jordan. He have left for 10 days few days after finishing his project meeting in Korea. Or is it China. hmm. How I wish I can travel a lot until I can remember where I have been last week. That would be.....something.

Moving on, my dad like always when he get back from somewhere he will bring us some merchandise, fridge magnet, shirts something as a souvenir for his 7 children. Not forgetting our Mom also. We usually have chocolate. Yummy, big and expensive chocolate specially imported from the duty-free chocolate shop in the Airports.

This time around we don't have any. Sadly. But Joice, we have Jordan chocolate. The Turkish Delight. Uh, it suppose to be Turkey chocolate then. Get jealous people.

if you wondering it's texture is like marshmallow but it have different taste. depending on the color

I actually have tasted it before. Hmm. let's see. 10 years ago? Uh. I can't flash back. But it still does taste nice like before. 10 years ago. Then my dad bought some soft toys since well ummm. last time I kinda wanted one that belong to my little brother. hehehe . Hey it's nothing wrong with guys loving soft toys right?

keychain. Korean made woot =>

Meet drago. Drago the penguin.

Drago is going to be companion for my DSLR as I will be hanging it on the camera strap itself. Then there is other bunch of stuff like the bookmarks and key chain. Man I love souvenirs. Do you?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New, fresh from the Oven of my head

Just a little update.

It has been a while since I posted up about my journey, about myself in this blog. Not because I don't want to, I know there is a lot of fan to this blog :P but because I was saving it for good.


It's a new blog from me. Well, It's a photoblog, a diary with a lot of photos on it. If you know me well, I love to travel and along the way I'll shoot random things but when I get back and upload the images to my laptop, I seldom does not have a clue on what to do about it. So there you go. A photoblog.

Not to worries, I will still update this Save Internet, Save the World blog. I still wanted to save the internet and the world. lame. Don't forget to visit(by clicking on the text above) and add me as a contact :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


This evening I felt a little horny and decided to go and look for some porn. Don't get me wrong here. It's camera porn. Now I have a new favorite camera lens which is the Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 EX HSM II DG APO macro. It's an EX lens, equivalent to Canon L series lens but in a lower price. Suitable for a student like myself and people on the budget. While I will not exaggerating on how great the lens look, specs and such, a though come and hit me.

Why don't I upgrade my skills rather than upgrading my equipment?

I began shooting with my very DSLR early this year around February I think I'm not sure. And since then I have spent more than one thousand, probably close to two thousand on the equipment itself. I bought a telephoto lens, a prime lens, a flashguns and soon will be a battery grip. I know that photography is quite a very expensive hobby but I always wonder, can I get professional looks photograph using my existing unit without actually getting those high quality, fast lens that would cost me a house maybe.

Align Center
The answer is both YES and NO! With my current consumer level equipment, there is no way I can take professional like photography. Let's talk reality here. I can't get a nice indoor sports with my current telephoto, the Sigma 70-300mm f/4 -5.6 APO DG Macro. F/4? That is rubbish! Totally rubbish. But I can improve my skills by finding a table or a pole where I can place my lens so that I can make the lens more stabilize for a longer shutter speed. Or maybe a monopod would help.

This does not only apply for photography but in other things in life too. Our appearance, our performance in sports, our exam result. Soccer for example. I can buy all those fancy boots and shoes with precise accuracy and all those lying crap they always proud of, but if the player are a rookie, he is still a rookie. The gear just added some cool factor to the player, not actual performance. You can buy all learning tools to help you succeed in your test but if you, yourself don't want to succeed and keep on wasting time, it's back to zero.

Anyway I would love to improve my photography. And that is exactly why I will stop buying any lenses for the next one, maybe two year so that I can focus with my current lenses while saving up for the greater lens, such as the Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 EX DG HSM II Macro :D

p/s: 1 month to go to enrollment for undergraduate
p/s: all the best for those that are going in next week :)
p/s: saving moneh saving moneh!

The result is finally official

While I suppose that today will be my happy day since, the lunar eclipse will show it face later in the evening but out of nowhere just after I wrote the previous post, my clique informed me that the result will be out on 26th. Which is TODAY!

If you just about to ask whether I got dean list like I dreaming to, STOP! I failed to achieve the target. Nevermind of that. But for me the result was quite okay considering (if I were to compare my result to others) that most of the people got nearly the same as mine. So i pretty much in the average group. teheeeeeeee.

Oh and my pointer? Okay fine. Because you were so dedicated on reading this blog I'll tell you.

wait for it

be patient

GPA : 3.17
CGPA : 3.37

There you go. Congratulations to all those that succeed in achieving their target and for those who does not, there is still more opportunities around. You just have to be strong and pray to the Almighty for your success. And for the rest that make it to Undergraduate, GOOD LUCK AND SEE YOU NEXT SEMESTER :)

p/s: YAY! I've passed the 3 pointer target to get myself a new laptop. wuuuuuu :D
p/s: Holiday round 2 begins :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Twilight : Eclipse

Tomorrow is a special day. No it's not my birthday, neither yours, it's none of your birthday. Because tomorrow is the premiere of Twilight: Eclipse. Get wild now teenage-blood sucking-fan- girl. Oh wait. It won't be out for another 10 or more days here in Malaysia. Oh well, but atleast you can go and see the real eclipse, or Lunar eclipse tomorrow, 26th of June.

Isn't she pretty.

The half lunar eclipse that will appear starting 4 p.m in the evening until about 10 p.m at night, Malaysia time. While I never seen an actual eclipse throughout my 17 year of living this time I'm looking forward to it. Who knows, I might be getting a mysterious power and I have the stop Sylar from exlpoding New York city. That would be fun.

Back to the topic again, some basic intro, A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth such that the earth blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon. This can occur only when the Sun, the Earth and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, there is always a full moon the night of a lunar eclipse. (source: wikipedia like always)

There you go. So for you people that have the time, it's a good to watch this incredible phenomenon. For muslim, don't forget to do your eclipse prayer. And for photographer, don't miss this chance of getting a nice photo.(i'll also will try to get myself a picture of it.)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vuvuzela sound on Youtube?

Vuvuzela. A little annoying plastic sound making instrument that are currently one of the hottest item that sells in The South Africa. Maybe buying on here is a terrible idea but ever wonder if you can play it when you watch a video on youtube??

Worry no more because youtube have implement a vuvuzela button sound.(Click on the small football icon) Evidence? Go here and try it for yourself :)

3 day 2 night

I know the title sounds familiar. Today I'll be your host for episode 1: Jalan-jalan balik UTP. Actually I wanted to write everything about my trip from Kl to UTP then back to Kl again but since KJD have already written a lovely post about it(read here) I decided to do a little comic for a much better entertainment for all. Enjoy :)

Because the next scene was so censored and the writer happen to become lazy, the comic have to end on the second day. Well, the last day was the best day for me though. I have a 12 hour, probably more sleep than I ever had. The previous night I even have late night supper with fellow foreigner. Nice.

Anyway the journey comes to an end soon and the last thing we know we arrived at KL Central then we have our meal, FINALLY! Then followed by the last post about the damn KTM train. Oh well. I better get going. See ya!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What with the red lines?

I have just arrived home after a long hour of waiting and standing in the train. Like always, I missed a train due to too many people onboard. It's the weekdays. What do you expect huh? Then I continue waiting for another train to come.

"The next train to Pelabuhan Kelang will be arriving at 7.06 p.m. "

That was the announcement we all have been waiting for, but I just waited until the last minute before going queue on the red line as the instructor of the train asked for. So I wait. The the train came. Since my standing point are quite in the front row I have high hope of getting in the train this time around. Then the train stops. About few metre before the red lines area.

Then we go back to the topic. WHAT WITH THE RED LINES? Is it for our convenience so that who comes first get in first or it is a way of telling all the passenger to queue in the right manner so that there is no accident what so ever? Because as far as I can see, I WORK AWESOMELY TERRIBLE!!

but the instructur asked us to line up on the redline?

sorry I have to present the situation with me awesomely drawing skills. I did not have a chance to take a photo.

Heck, what is the point of standing in line when somebody that was clearly out of the red line, just barely there and the next thing happen the train door was right infront of him? Is that suppose to happen? Oh maybe next time I should sit on the bench and when the train came I just slide my way inside the train without having to waste my energy on standing in line. This is Bullsh*t! Hmmm. Have this situation ever happen to you guys?

p/s: 3 hari 2 malam trip back to UTP post will be up soon :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Meme. If you stayed long enough in the Internet world, I am sure you once jump into these word. By definition(wikipedia) meme are is a unit of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. Still don't get it?

I'll break it down the easy way. A meme is actually a phenomenon, in the internet world that was spreading fast and have some kind of joke element. Look at it like world cup. It's a phenomena now. Everywhere you go there is going to be about world cup.

While there is a lot of meme out there there are very few of my favorite. Yes. Since I was very happy after watching a lot of meme video, i'll show it here too. Enjoy guys!

Keyboard Cats - Usually appear when something goes wrong. You know when something goes wrong, you did something to cover you mistake right? That is when keyboard cat came :D

damn. here is another one.

I just can't get enough of her( i mean the cat lol.) Oh btw her name is Fatso, and sadly she died in early 2000 i think. But I think she has make this world a better place. Don't you?

While the keyboard cat become sensationally phenomenal, there is another meme that was a challenger as well.

The LOL cats. Yes. Lol cat. Ever seen these photo around the internet?

Well there a lot more meme than these two example in the world such as the Bush hit by shoes, remember that? the zidane controversial headbutt, all your base are belong to us, EPIC FAIL, PWN, Zerg Rush, O RLY?, and Rick Roll'd these are meme that are the cure for a sad heart. Well if you're interested you can jump to Youtube for the video and if you wanted a more educational based knowledge of the meme, here is a youtube channel(click me) you should check out.

See ya!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Can I have one more follower please?

You might be the lucky 60. Who might knew?

Huh. I'm bored.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's with city students and private College/Universities?

It struck me to see almost all of the student that live in the big city, well i can say most of my friends here, they are more encouraged to get into private universities and colleges. Sure I get it, they have a lot of money, sorry their parents have a lot of money but focusing on just getting into a private higher learning school is sometimes not a very good idea.

I think by just planning to get into private institute in the first place makes them all less aware that they have to score the exam, which is SPM of course. What I meant to say is that, they know that they have secure the place in the private college. All they need now is money and also money. I don't know whether this is the truth or not but I very much think it does affect them in some way. Scolding by the parents help but as we all known well, it only works for some short period of time.

Let's just compare it to the students from other rural places. They ain't got that much of money. They have only one car and it's only a Kancil. Or a Saga maybe. Their future studies are not secure. So they don't have anything other than hardwork to ensure a better future.

Another case is the environment. I think most of the student, sorry to say this, The chinese have difficulties of going to places other than the big city. I know this is not a very correct statement, but as far as these eye can see, I pretty much have seen almost ALL of my chinese friends went to further their studies in Private institution. I think some of them cannot bear the fact they can't see movie every weekends or even go to club to party after exam is over.

You might say that the non-bumi are having hard time to enter public universities. Yes. Most of them do. I acknowledge that fact but still, opportunities are everywhere nowadays. Not only they offer locally but also internationally. Even for the great University such as UTP(hehe. promote sikit :P), UNITEN, MMU there are a lot of opportunities but as far as I know, most of the non-bumi comes from places other than the big big city.

All said I think the Government are the one who to be blame. Don't get me wrong here, they are very proud of so called "1 Malaysia" everything but they can't make the quota of bumi and non-bumi in the local university very much equalize? Does not make sense. If you wanted to see more interaction between races why don't you make more race available in a such institute?

Well that is all my opinion. I would love to hear from you guys regarding this matter. Anyhow, meet you again in the next post. Until then :)

E3 vs World Cup

On the sports calender I guess we all have noticed about the World Cup that has begun in South Africa for some couple of day. But for gamers, their big event of the year has just started. WELCOME TO E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo.


While i think that most of the so called "Gamers" population have noticed of this big event of the year i guess the rest of you people wouldn't even heard about it. Yeah2 I know the worldcup spirit is everywhere now. Yes. I felt it to. And as a casual gamer and also a casual footballer I did dig up on both events first thing in the morning.

While you can go on to view on E3 update anywhere else in the Game-based website, there is actually a thing almost all of the footballers have in common. Cars. Fast exotic cars. And guess what, the one of the greatest race car games in history are back. The NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT. Hit the trailer below. It's EPIC!

After watching that you might be wondering what games developer did this game? Ever heard of Burnout series? Great games those are. They are made by the Criterion. And for this particular NFS series, the Criterion will be the back-bone of this game. Awkward. But I see a very promising fast-paced race car. Damn. Now I just need to upgrade my laptop :/


Anyhow, I have been very bored staying in the house for quite some time now. Anyone of you would like a time to hang out with me huh? Bored already.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The most expensive toys in human History?

No no no. Toy story isn't really a toy. It's a movie. But you know what is the most expensive toys among all the toys in the kingdom? Guess it.


For a Car lover, i guess you guys must known well this very model. Yes. The Bugatti Veyron. One of the most fastest, nice looking and also expensive sports car. And the image above is a Bugatti Veyron toy, made up of pure gold and some diamond.

You want to know the funny thing about this toy. Ok before that let me tell you the actual price of the real car.

Real Bugatti : $1.7 million USD

How much do you think this toys could have priced? 50 thousand? 1 million. Nahh. Wrong answer. It would probably shock you much like I do because the price tag on the Bugatti Veyron toys is

toy Bugatti : $20 USD

right. I must be kiddding. hahaha. the actual price is

toy Bugatti : $2.93 million USD


whoever bought this toy must be hallucinating it for the real bugatti veyron or something.

See last night match IN LEGO!

Watch world cup in SD? Done. Watch the world cup in HD? Done. Watch the world cup in 3D HD? Done. Watch the world cup in Lego-D? Never see that one coming alright.

Here the highlight lego version of Last USA vs England match.

Monday, June 14, 2010


On a happier note, Germany won 4 nill against Australia. Man I wish I didn't miss the match earlier. By looking the highlight, damn their play are great! Fast paced I can say and just WOW!!!

You can see the highlight below, I'm not sure about the full match. Maybe there will be some streaming out there in the Online world.

Anyway just enjoy the highlight. It was awesome! :)

I think starting this day onward, Germany i'm yours. Hahahaha

Happy Monday Everyone

Assalamualaikum and very great morning everyone.

Gosh. It has been a while since i did the formal blog introduction. (hehehe. Just feel like it). I know I have been less reproduction this couple of days, I was not busy, but as a matter of fact, I am busy, busy with movies. Ever since I got back, I was very much become a movie pirate. If you know what I means. hehe. But still, Support the Movie Industry! I do to. sometimes.

Talking about movies, I was moved by this one story I had last night. Called the Blindside. Ever heard of it? Well, it is a very nice story though. I was a story of a homeless black child, going to a school with almost all of the school population are white people. And at some time in the movie, one of the white family, The Collins, decided to adopt this black kid. They help him in very much everything until he became one of the top NFL player. Oh. FYI, NFL is that American Football stuff. One more thing that makes this movie a deserved 5-star movie is that, it's based on real story. You know just like 1 litre of tears.

Sandra Bullock rock in this movie :)

Anyway enough with the story, my point is everyone deserve a chance, a chance to be someone although some people disagree, mock, deny your action. I think we all live in a society where people have this expectation of life. Be a Doctor. Life is easier. Be a pilot. Be a dentist. The income are good. They all always had this mindset when clearly it doesn't usually happen that way. Sometimes. Heck, some doesn't even really know what they want and just moving on with the mindset of them and also the people around them.

I'm not saying about career or stuff but more to Life. Decision making. Don't do it because that what people always do. Do it because you think it was a right decision for you or the party.


It is still early in the morning. I usually go back to sleep right away after Subuh prayer but today I have to met my friend in KLCC. And then I wanted to get something at Sunway Pyramid as well. Damn. I miss my friends. Seriously I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK TO UTP!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Google Pacman game threat to Old women?

You guys who have been using Google as your homepage must have seen at least once, the Google Pacman Anniversary game banner. For most of us, it shows varient as all of us would be very much bored with the lame boring GOOGLE logo.

Once in a while when there is a special occasion, Google will throw out a new banner, just like the Pacman.

What with the topic huh? Well, the story is that there is this Old gradma which happen to be very much threathen by the game of pacman on her Google webpage. Wanted to hear the full converstion. Check out the video below.

p/s: i had this weird hobby of saving google webpage banner whenever there is a special ocassion. Now i got 37 :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 weeks and counting.

Its has been exactly 3 week and 8 days since we had our semester break. Rm1400 maybe less have been used up. An approximately 0.1kg of weight gain. Many hours of time-wasting activities.
Nevertheless, i think this is the most best used holiday i have ever through.

I change from becoming this

to this. WOW.

And my life have been boring i know, most of you guys do to, but it was very much interesting. I begin sleeping early, wake early, then sleep again, later at the evening had my daily jogging around the small stadium near my resident and at night i would get in touch with fellow batchmate and also coursmate. Sure some of you guys might find it's kinda boring but to me, it was indeed relaxing. The jogging made me more alive, more physically and mentally fit and also i got the chance to meet people.

And later i'm going to try and get my motorcycle license and that would make up some time in my abundantly free time. Once I had my license and hopefully, I had my own bike(oh i'm really want one) i'll do more traveling around my neighborhoods, looking for a nice place to get some photos.

I'm thinking about working too but i'm not sure that I can make it, a one month job that is since i'll probably be off to Port Dickson at early July for my Soaring the Eagle programme. I wonder how fast will the time flies? hmmm.

p/s: i got my eye on you, Fz150i :)
p/s: Movie marathon tomorrow have to cancel. Oh well, movie marathon in my room then.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kick off the World Cup with new shoes :)

11 June might be a normal date for most people but for football lovers, it's a sign. A celebration of the first kick off that shows the beginning of the most anticipated games of the year, the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010.

The kick off will be a match between the host itself, South Africa and the country of Nacho, Mexico. I'm not such a fan of the two country but my early prediction, South Africa will win. Just a hunch.

Anyway, back to the topic. Kicking off would require some shoes right? So it happen that my white casual shoes have been how do they put it, dying. The sole are getting thinner, and the sponge/ cotton/ cushion thing has gone out of comfortable level. It's still wearable though but since it has been quite a time since i had a new white casual shoes, im thinking of getting myself a new one. Sure you might be thinking, how much money that this guy had? He just used Rm1300 last week. (refer here) Well actually i don't really think i'll get the new shoes by the time of kick off, but probably after the next month allowance come in.

and one more thing, no more Onitsuka for me. It's EVERYWHERE i tell you. In the train, mall, streets, almost everywhere there is a onitsuka tiger worn be a person. I might wanted it badly a while ago but now? Nah, i got some new interest in. Say hello to Puma :D

I just happen to be in love with it's trainer and casual shoes a while ago, when i see them in one of the Japanese TV-series. Not sure what the title are but it does makes me so damn want these shoes :> Sadly i can't seems to find a local website such as Al-Ikhsan that have humongous stock list of Puma shoes. I probably have to go down to the shop itself. But cheer up here some picture of nice shoes by Puma that if i happen to encounter and selling at a good price, i might bought it straight away :)

i love this one best. And the toppest one too.

Oh now i really need some money. I heard that there are some vacancy at the Manhattan Fish Market Sunway. Maybe i should be working? hmmmm. Maybe after getting my motorcycle license first.


For a well-rounded geek like myself and you too since you happen to read what i'm posting here, yes until now, this is some new knowledge for all of us. :)

courtesy Gizmodo

I wonder how much movies and TV-series can I put in a Yottabyte huh? probably all that ever created? hmmmm. Comment!

My Water Moments

Being a blogger and also a part time photographer, having atleast a single digital camera is indeed a compulsory item in everyday life.

I already had a DSLR so all of my activites can be captured using the DSLR EXCEPT, yes there is an exception. My DSLR, in fact all DSLR are very much scared of water, just like fire and water. They don't mix. So getting a decent photo with a DSLR for any event which involve water is very much a disappointment. See this photo of mine taken with my DSLR,

notice something wrong? It was taken above the water, not in the water! The photo could be 1000x times more NICER and CREATIVE if my camera can just dive in and take the picture but only if my DSLR have the water resistance capabilities. Just like the Sony TX5!

Take a Picture!, anywhere, anytime!

With a sturdy body that are very much resistance to almost all kind of weather with it's built in Shock, Dust, Temperature and also Water resistance it's could be a great walk around camera every blogger should have! With it's 3' LCD screen, the image taken can be view with the best quality on par with the top notch DSLR in the market!

You see a photoshop image, I see a camera with possibilities.

Still not confident about the great resistance to everything, the camera is the World Slimmest Water Proof camera. You get that right. World Slimmest camera. Just like a camera version of Megan Fox. All you DSLR user would definitely be jealous of it's compact size which make's it easy to be carried anywhere and it can even be under the water!

I'm in a midst of planning a vacation to Pulau Pangkor with my dearest friends soon and i have some difficulties finding a water-proof casing for my DSLR, but why i should do that when i can just get the Sony TX5 itself!! It's slim design, it's body proof to almost all kind of things, it nice looking body, the 3' LCD screen, man i just wish i win this competition though :)

Get ready for a competition

Calling all photographer, beginner, amateur, semi-pro, and professional you are all invited to enter the claimed biggest Photography competition of the world. If models, have Miss Universe, the photographer have Photographer Universe. That might sound a little off really. It's the Photography of the Year 2010 competition by my favorite photography magazine, Digital Camera.

image courtesy of Poty2010

There are 11 categories including the new categories which is the Britain inspired. Other than that they have the normal portraits, landscape, wildlife, travel and also fashion. Click HERE for the website for more details. Oh and all you need to do is register online for free. That's all.

The grand price is a hefty 10 thousand pound or quid i don't know really for sure but if that were to turn to Malaysian ringgit. I'm a millionaire baby. Hahahah. That's a lie, but it sure does make someone super happy.

Anyway, i do intend to enter the competition despite knowing that i'll be competing with thousands or maybe more pro-level Photographers which definitely have much better gear than I do and might have more experience in this big big events. For me, it's just throwing the dart at the bulls eye just like in the Funfair. Putting my luck as the coin. hehe

4th generation

Like it or not the beloved Apple iPhone has been in her 4th generation already. Happy 4th anniversary.

With the announcing of iPhone4 and soon the launching of iphone4 this 26th June, there expected to be more of iPhone-mania to be occuring all over the globe. Apple way to world domination is expected to be a smooth sail with this new product. You might be wondering how does the iPhone looks like, here some great picture of it.

*new iphone 4*

Yo might notice the 4th generation of iPhone is slightly more thick compare to it predecessor which is the iPhone 3G and also the graphic upgrade of 3Gs. Of course, they will be more added function to it, more iPhone-apps and not to forgot, more chinese brand duplicate of the iPhone 4th generation. Probably with even better name as iPhone 4GXS or something more X-factor i don't know.

I wanted to do a review on the iPhone 4 itself but i don't think i'll be able to get it on hand atleast not for another millenia perhaps. So i just let google search be your helper in getting the iPhone 4 review.

Anyway, iPhone never been a major turn on for me these past years but given the new looks and functionality, i might be a little interest in this little apple smartphone. Other than that, i do need a new phone. hehehehee. Can I, Dad?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy 200th post anniversary

I wish for 125 years anniversary for this blog to. Maybe. hmmm.

200th post is nothing to top blogger whom update crazily like 50 times a day, but for me, a casual blogger who done an average of one post per day, maybe none if i'm busy, 200 is a number to celebrate. Yay! Throw out the confetti, rolled down the banner, get the cake out, because it's a celebration. Horaah!

Enough of exaggerating something small hanif. Move on, today I walk a distance probably more than what you done for the week. Maybe not, but still it is very long walk.

I started from the very bus station of USJ 9, head on to KTM Subang Jaya

for a ride to KL Central. The original plan was to go to Kuala Lumpur station but there's some failure so the train can only stop until Kl Central. Nevermind that I continue my journey. As arrived at the Kl Central terminal, i did a rock paper scissors game with myself( in a monologous way. hahaha) Then since the other me that wanted to visit the Petronas twin tower won the game, I just move on to KLCC via Putra LRT train.

It was indeed a great decision as i manage to take some great photos, architecture and street photography mainly. How i'm surprise to see some familiar faces from UTP that perhaps begin their internship here in KLCC. (now i really wanted doing intern here too. hehehe. Have to strive now!) Several bla bla bla later, i decided to go back to Kl Central take monorail to Bukit Bintang, walk to Pavillion, but since the weather looks a little less promising, as Kuala Lumpur about to get a heavy downpour, I walk back to Sungei Wang Plaza, then into Plaza Lowyatt then back at Kl Central.

Then we all the passenger of KTM from Kl Central magically have to turn into sardins and other stuff (you name it) as we enter the KTM train that was earlier having problems a few station before Kl Central which then result in major trafficking in getting on the train. Lucky me i manage to turn myself to the smallest sardin ever to slip into the train.

After a long bla bla bla train moment later, arrived at Subang station. Took a bus ride to sunway, eat, lepak ther for a while then get home. True right i walked more that you guys have been this week? Sure i'm correct. My body have gone very weak now. Photo's of the journey are all in my flickr account. Click on the button on the left side to view :)

I had some Ice Peach tea and Fish & Chips at lovely Manhattan Fish Market before going back. I love it <3. >

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stupidity has shown it's true face

How are they, the israelis not idiot again?? Sure they did stupidly attacking the aid-ship when it is clearly, they were only wanted to help the poor innocent people of Gaza. But i never though of this kind of lack of brain power.

Let's start by revealing their idiotic behavior shall we?





Again, thanks to joegrimjow for the update. You can check his update here(in bahasa) or the israel flicker itself here. You can read all the comment done by pro-photographer supporting the lies that they made.

Oh, maybe they should see this

Oh my, i can't stop laughing reading these flicker member comment about the photos.

Sure, i let you guys share some of it

griangrafadoir says:

Now, now ... I see a slingshot at the bottom of the photo ... Israelis surely consider that a weapon of giant-slaying proportion ... in the right hands, it could sink a battleship

sjinouck says:

oops, forgotten to take the old exif out, LOL!

imi.explorer says:

OMG! they've found the weapons of mass destruction too! Look at the cardboard box and the lethal metal bucket! .