Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E3 vs World Cup

On the sports calender I guess we all have noticed about the World Cup that has begun in South Africa for some couple of day. But for gamers, their big event of the year has just started. WELCOME TO E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo.


While i think that most of the so called "Gamers" population have noticed of this big event of the year i guess the rest of you people wouldn't even heard about it. Yeah2 I know the worldcup spirit is everywhere now. Yes. I felt it to. And as a casual gamer and also a casual footballer I did dig up on both events first thing in the morning.

While you can go on to view on E3 update anywhere else in the Game-based website, there is actually a thing almost all of the footballers have in common. Cars. Fast exotic cars. And guess what, the one of the greatest race car games in history are back. The NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT. Hit the trailer below. It's EPIC!

After watching that you might be wondering what games developer did this game? Ever heard of Burnout series? Great games those are. They are made by the Criterion. And for this particular NFS series, the Criterion will be the back-bone of this game. Awkward. But I see a very promising fast-paced race car. Damn. Now I just need to upgrade my laptop :/


Anyhow, I have been very bored staying in the house for quite some time now. Anyone of you would like a time to hang out with me huh? Bored already.


  1. upgrade tu maksudnya bli baru la bro. adoi ko ni. laptop mana boleh wat modification mcm PC.