Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy 200th post anniversary

I wish for 125 years anniversary for this blog to. Maybe. hmmm.

200th post is nothing to top blogger whom update crazily like 50 times a day, but for me, a casual blogger who done an average of one post per day, maybe none if i'm busy, 200 is a number to celebrate. Yay! Throw out the confetti, rolled down the banner, get the cake out, because it's a celebration. Horaah!

Enough of exaggerating something small hanif. Move on, today I walk a distance probably more than what you done for the week. Maybe not, but still it is very long walk.

I started from the very bus station of USJ 9, head on to KTM Subang Jaya

for a ride to KL Central. The original plan was to go to Kuala Lumpur station but there's some failure so the train can only stop until Kl Central. Nevermind that I continue my journey. As arrived at the Kl Central terminal, i did a rock paper scissors game with myself( in a monologous way. hahaha) Then since the other me that wanted to visit the Petronas twin tower won the game, I just move on to KLCC via Putra LRT train.

It was indeed a great decision as i manage to take some great photos, architecture and street photography mainly. How i'm surprise to see some familiar faces from UTP that perhaps begin their internship here in KLCC. (now i really wanted doing intern here too. hehehe. Have to strive now!) Several bla bla bla later, i decided to go back to Kl Central take monorail to Bukit Bintang, walk to Pavillion, but since the weather looks a little less promising, as Kuala Lumpur about to get a heavy downpour, I walk back to Sungei Wang Plaza, then into Plaza Lowyatt then back at Kl Central.

Then we all the passenger of KTM from Kl Central magically have to turn into sardins and other stuff (you name it) as we enter the KTM train that was earlier having problems a few station before Kl Central which then result in major trafficking in getting on the train. Lucky me i manage to turn myself to the smallest sardin ever to slip into the train.

After a long bla bla bla train moment later, arrived at Subang station. Took a bus ride to sunway, eat, lepak ther for a while then get home. True right i walked more that you guys have been this week? Sure i'm correct. My body have gone very weak now. Photo's of the journey are all in my flickr account. Click on the button on the left side to view :)

I had some Ice Peach tea and Fish & Chips at lovely Manhattan Fish Market before going back. I love it <3. >


  1. ko pegi manhattan fish market yg kt ne nye?

  2. kt tmpt kerja ko dlu la weh. dpt air peach tea free owh. gle bangga. hahaha