Sunday, February 2, 2014

Long journey.

This running shoes.

This particular one.

I bought this last May 2011 and now, almost three years since i began pouding the road with it, i have decided to put this little guy at home, where it will most probably be, covered in dust. In the shoe shelf. Only to be used during my breaks at home(so that i dont have to bring shoes all the way from UTP.)

This was my first shoes i decided to buy, when i planning to start taking jogging to another level. Although it was not until last year that i began running for races, i've started long ago, in small2 races (less than 10k). and this shoes is what i have with me during those times. Although, i was kinda stupid back then to start with a lightweight shoes(instead of a trainer/ better cushioned shoes) but looking back, i did not regret purchasing it at a local Al-Ikhsan store in Sunway Pyramid.

Well, i've ran about 600km - 700km in this shoes, if my calculation was right( avg 20km per week multiply by 30 weeks +-). Regardless of the number, it has serve its time with me, with all money well spent.

Sayonara Adizero Mana. Thanks for all this times.