Saturday, March 28, 2009

oh my~

assalamualaikum and hello!


1st day in driving school sure is boring i know what it felt like to go to 5 hours class ..

lol.the METRO car arrived around 8.15 in the morning then went to get some more srudent and then bam! to the academy we go.the journey kinda boring,okay it was very boring since im a 1st timer.

arrived there,have to register.give my IC,put my thumb on the scanner,and like always the scanner fails to scan my finger print.dammit why this always happen to me!!! first it happen back then when i want to open my CIMB acount. then this one.

im very sure SKYNETzz is behindz zis!

after that i have to wait half an hour till the class starts(10.45).the classes sure are long and boring.maybe because i still dont have friends there.luckly theres this big indian guy who sat besides me who started breaking the ice.well actually i did first but he was the one who introduce himself.His name is Ash btw,kinda friendly.his studying A-levels at Taylors though,and surprisingly he is 17????he say he got 3 or less month before he finish his a-levels.

NO! not this Ash!

So the rest of the class is rather boring but thanks to the happy -go-lucky lecturer i manage to not to sleep in the middle of the class..not seeing anyone after kinda shy ha ha ha


rest time

We got like 2 because i have no other companion there,i started to look up my handphone and try to kill-time but sadly SADLY (ha ha ) that someone didnt reply not until class

after finish those terrible 5 longest hour in this year,i finally gain some courage to talk to some girl who happen to sat beside me in at the stairs in front the office..didnt know her name but all i know she is still in school(form 5)and studying in PJ.then i meet this another girl whom i really think i saw her back in school.she is having SPM this year too and happen to living in the SS.dont know her name too.haha.i guess im that kinda shy.

Later ,arrived home like 5 oclock with empty stomach and some rice and cookies and then staright to bed(want to go to play soccer but its raining heavilly outside).


haha.since i hurt someone feeling today because of something i didnt expected to be, just want to say sorry =P ha ha.

tomorrow is sunday and the best thing is there is no class tomorrow!yeah!
now i can dom my sleep late-woke late routine again.atleast for one day lol..

got to go..

until then~




assalamualaikum and hello everyone!!!!


It is official then,ill be going school tomorrow.yea i know very well,tomorrow is holiday and a day we all should go to shopping complex and buy stuff,but i have to start school tomorrow because i dont want to waste more time doing something thats doesnt bring any good.(sleeping is good,overslept not)

ill be learning how to drive in Metro driving academy school(got ya didnt i...but its still a school rite?)starting tomorrow and the rest of the week until i pass all the test with flying colours.haha.

16 days after 1st april interview of PILN(program ijazah luar negara) from MARA on that yeah suck on me because i have to go there alone (why didnt my other friends got on 13??grrrrr).

i really am nervous going for an interview(who doesnt?) and hopefully just hopefully i can make it through.and if i make it through,i promise too you guys reader that i will buy a new pair of futsal shoes.i want to 'belanja' you guys but you guys should be really busy with your life rite?haha..joking only


yay! im no longer having block again..yeppii!!!! now im really into drawing back! I dont know why but its really relaxing to actually draw something after about 3 month drawing crap and crap.

'crap' i mention.

nice isnt it?haha

me 10 years very good looking back in the

Thats its for now i guess,have class tomorrow..better get my energy bar refill thoug..

until then~~

Sunday, March 22, 2009

new entry of RANDOMness



i really dont know what to write up in my blog..just typing for the sake of updating only.


For once i really thought that writing blog is troublesome.why you ask? well, i have a lot of point but ill drop a few.

1.You will be considered dead or something by your online friends if you didnt update so so long.

2.People will rush you to update your blog which is very stressfull considering you need more time of yourself to *ehem* do your THINGS .

3.I dont know why,but i felt guilty everytime i failed to update my blog eventhough i really want to post something new.

4.this is all just a bullsh* crapping when I just woke


Oh well,you guys might wonder what do i do now.well the answer is obviously NOTHING.

This should be the time for form5 graduates to ,you know continues study in local matriculation or university.

but what did i do?well,apart from taking my lisence probably next week, im just sitting here in front of my PC read people blog,chat with people,myspacing,friendstering(wow!i just make a new word.) and reading people comment and testi.hehehehe

okay.i admit my writing have been bad lately due to insufficient motivation recievedmaybe .or maybe i should write crap more.what do you think?

until then..


Friday, March 13, 2009




Im will always remember that date.

honestly,i felt really sad and down right not sure why i felt like surely have a good result eventhough i didnt expect it to be this good.But still,theres something bothering me right now.

How is it possible for my other friends who got excellent result in their exams before this ,only manage to get something that is rather average compared to their past exam result.

I know this might sound a little bit OVER especially from me whom got good result in SPM.

Anyway,yesterday(12 march 09) is one of the happiest and saddess(??) day of this happy of my result but at the same time felt sad that i cant share this wonderful day with my friends eventhough we all play (with my friends) ROCKBAND just after having our lunch.

Those time is seriously a stress killer for everyone!I myself felt very relaxed and enjoyed eventhough it is my first time playing ROCKBAND at d19ital Mall...


And yeah,the day before we took our result me and my friends had some BBQ and 'solat hajat' at Hazim's.The meal was nice ,especially the drinks(looks whos doing it ;p)

We had fun that night,and i slept very late that night.

When i woke up the next morning(yesterday) i seriously felt like having a fever.OMG.and i still having it right now lol...

And yeah,for those who doesnt know my result,i got 6A1 and 4A2.alhamdullilah.

Got A2 for add math,bio,physics and EST..


Dammit,why the hell im feeling sad right now.
maybe coz she is sad? lol.....ssshhhh


I never expected this time will come when people around me started to move on with theirs life.all they are talking is what UNI/College will they attend,what course you gonna take.i mean WTF?!!!

This suppose to be the time we spent with our friends because probably we wont see them again after this..

i guess this fever is making me such an

better stop now.

until then~

Monday, March 9, 2009


Assalamualaikum and Hello Everyone!!!!

Firstly i want to wish you all,Selamat Menyambut Hari Keputraan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.

Its been a while since i update my blog.Busy with other MORE important stuff like sleeping(very important) and SLEEP!


Okay,enough with sleeping,you know what? when i clean my bags which i use everyday to go to work(lastime), i found out what i can called a treasure.

No,its not gold chest or anything that you can imagine right now.Its actually a Bus Ticket.No,not just one,but thirty.I didnt know my bag was turned into some garbage bag(BodyGlove garbage bag lol)..

Its been a while since i stopped working.I missed and suprisingly still hates those times!

Not something you would expect to be called as 'treasure'

'My New Baby'

Wait! What??

Come on now,i still dont have any girl friend okay =p
What i mean as a new baby is my newly 8GB Samsung P2 or P2 for short.
Okay fine,ill show more n talk less since you guys will probaby not interest in this 'GEEKY' stuff >o

Box Duhh.

Feels Good In the Hands.

Main menu with Leah Dizon Wally.

And it cost me RM780.ayoo!!

you look awsome today!hey can i borrow some money PLEASE~!

'Freakin Result'

OMG! 3 Days Left People! i mean T-H-R-E-E D-A-Y-S more!!!!!

arghhh! its killing me slowly!All the best Guys and let us all pray that my result( and yours too) ish much moar than we expected =D

I guess,thats all for now.ill updated later(after getting my result probably!!!!!!!!!!),and if ure lucky(IF im lucky) ill post my result here in my blog.

Until Then ~

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Doomsday...................well not really



God Help Us All.

Source : Berita Harian (Thursday , 5 March 2009)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Know What i did last SPM


Well since everyone is talking about SPM in their blog/forum (arlina lol..)so i though i should do some post-mortem on my SPM oso..

Just so you know , the next hundred word gonna be a little bit dry.

here we go!

Bahasa Malaysia

Erm.bahasa be honest,im not that sure that im able to score this paper an A because i think my 'karangan' is a little less interesting.The question is a bit wierd in my point-of-view ,so i dont have much confidence on the subject.I was hoping for an A,but lets see how it goes..

Bahasa Inggeris

BI! one of my least favourite subject.Its not like i dont like english or what,but the class is so boring but BI class for F5 is awsome! I like Mr.Thiru and his stupid jokes and political jokes..English class last year was great(skip ORAL yeah!!!) BUT sometimes it could be very annoying to me(discussion,public speaking etc.) Not sure whether i got great result or not,but looking from my essay and crap novel essay( i never read the Pearl myself,the language just so so old and hard to understand) i think ill get an average score.


I LOVE YOU Math! Math is LOVE since it is not that hard compared to the frick*n Additional Mathematics!!!!!!!!!!
I think i did OK in my SPM paper,but who am i to judge my performance?

ASS Math, ermm.
i mean ADDitional Mathematics



I like chemistry! The class is so much fun to be in.Especially in the lab!
Im not that good in normal exams but i think i already try my best on SPM and hopefully i can score well!


My favourite and also less favourite subject.i do like some physics chapter,especially form 5 stuff,but the form4 chapter is rather difficult to understand(light and 2nd chapter!).


Ahh.biological stuff never fail to impress me.i do enjoy learning biology,but sometimes it is too much for my brain.I love studying how our body function and stuff.Im not sure wheter i can score my bio paper with flying colours,but hopefully i can pass in flying colurs =p


One of my strongest subject.Because p.islam is mainly consist of 'logic' question and i happen to learn p.islam deeply back in my 'sekolah agama'.Im not that confident in 'Sirah/Sejarah' but other than that,it is fine =D
Hopefully ill score this paper.

EST(English,Science and Technology)

I love science! I love Technology ! I like English a bit!
SPM paper was quite erm..normal i think! Maybe,just maybe i lack a bit since EST paper is on my last day of school!!



Damn!!!!! now im getting more anxious about my SPM result!!!!!!omg omg omg!

Well thats all for now,i think i should stop writing more about SPM and focus more into planning what to buy with my salary.mmhmm..yummy!

Oh yeah.some parting gift from me for you all 2008 SPM-candidates

(I did this for some forum im in.)

until then~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Finally,i mean finally after long awaited days,my salary actually comes out already(cheque ahem.)

One thing that surprise me best is the amount of money i get..well,it for 1 month and a week salary.thats why its rather 'high' than usual .

Lets the picture do the talking.....

MFM letter.hmm.

correct name,check! correct outlet,check!

Pure OMG!!!!!!!!!

I deffenietly gonna buy Samsung P2 this weekends,well if my money comes out the day i expected la..

until then

Sunday, March 1, 2009



duhh.i had no idea what so ever to write in my blog,but im still writing since well i read f-one-r blog(just copycat your post,with little confession ;p) and im just too boring since,yeah im not working anymore.sigh.

Im bored!yeah,i believe everyone is.I didnt recieve my salary yet.crap.i should recieve it already but since i resign from work in the middle of the month,so the managment think i should recieve my salary via cheque.damn you HQ people!!!

Anyway,the SPM result will be out soon.Well ,its already march people!!!!!!

Damn!I hope i can get gurrrrrret result,but its better if i dont hope too much.(because ill be crushed if i dont achieve the target lol.)

Well,since i still not recieve my salary,so my Samsung P2 have to wait.Shit! my phone battery kept draining like hell since ive been using it frequently to listen to music...Nevertheless,ill buy the P2 right after my salary comes out.

Sorry guys, 'BELANJA' have to wait also..

well,thats all for now. i guess this is randomzzz..

until then~