Monday, March 9, 2009


Assalamualaikum and Hello Everyone!!!!

Firstly i want to wish you all,Selamat Menyambut Hari Keputraan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.

Its been a while since i update my blog.Busy with other MORE important stuff like sleeping(very important) and SLEEP!


Okay,enough with sleeping,you know what? when i clean my bags which i use everyday to go to work(lastime), i found out what i can called a treasure.

No,its not gold chest or anything that you can imagine right now.Its actually a Bus Ticket.No,not just one,but thirty.I didnt know my bag was turned into some garbage bag(BodyGlove garbage bag lol)..

Its been a while since i stopped working.I missed and suprisingly still hates those times!

Not something you would expect to be called as 'treasure'

'My New Baby'

Wait! What??

Come on now,i still dont have any girl friend okay =p
What i mean as a new baby is my newly 8GB Samsung P2 or P2 for short.
Okay fine,ill show more n talk less since you guys will probaby not interest in this 'GEEKY' stuff >o

Box Duhh.

Feels Good In the Hands.

Main menu with Leah Dizon Wally.

And it cost me RM780.ayoo!!

you look awsome today!hey can i borrow some money PLEASE~!

'Freakin Result'

OMG! 3 Days Left People! i mean T-H-R-E-E D-A-Y-S more!!!!!

arghhh! its killing me slowly!All the best Guys and let us all pray that my result( and yours too) ish much moar than we expected =D

I guess,thats all for now.ill updated later(after getting my result probably!!!!!!!!!!),and if ure lucky(IF im lucky) ill post my result here in my blog.

Until Then ~


  1. ur mp4 price is equivalent to my phone+my handbag. haha. :D u must be a sucker for music eh? and oh result!, goodluck boy

  2. is my life(thats sound lame ar)
    .thx.gudluck too!