Friday, April 30, 2010

I'll try not the be useless in the weekend

Weekends have been a very lazy time of the week for me perhaps most of the university students. Weekdays are not that packed as High school but hey, at least the amount of assignment we have now is greater than in school. Besides, we are dumber that time.

Wake up, finals is another one week and we have like 14 days before graduating foundation :) Yeah! A very awaited time for all of us but of course this time around we will not acknowledge that foundation is indeed a the best moment in our life in UTP but later when we are on our undergraduate time we will surely miss all these memory we had during the first year in university.


Other than let's talk about 15 May 2010. Guess what? Yeah you guess it right. But then i had this one little problem. My friend got an offer i hardly could resist in which becoming the facee of MAS. It going to take one week after the final exam for Minggu Aluan Siswa. I can bear that, but having to close company, that going to be tough.

Forget about that now. Got to settle all the assignment and homework that have been build up because of exams. Got to go. Until then guys :)

p/s: No naruto this week. damn. bosan.
p/s: nak hadiah photofest. huhuh. tlg la dpt byk :0 hahaha

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Past few day have been pretty boring. Morning like usual there is classes, the good news is, tutorial and lab is no longer available and therefore, i use most of the time to sleep.

At night, all i do is revise on the upcoming exams, Calculus test tomorrow :/ Other than that, it was Counterstrike, camera talk and some chit chat with friends. I got to say, it's getting much boring here as the final exam closing in.

On the side note, I just finished my Physics lab test. It was very much difficult FOR THOSE WHO DOES NOT STUDY!!! (=.=) yeah, i did not study for it last night. Come on it's only 5 percent!!! ----> a quote from loser (T__T)

This evening i will dedicate it to study calculus! Yeaah. The optimism!! ^^

Anyhow, i need to score my Calculus test as my test before suck and i definitely wanted dean list this semester :) Please pray for me and last word, Good luck!

Until then guys.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm very not in the good mood now. Yeah, i can make a very good 'plastic' smiley face. I don't know why, every single thing that i do today went wrong. I missed my Subuh Prayer today, I don't have the strength and focus to study, i suck at Counterstrike, Everything just felt so not right today.

The internet in UTP make it worst by not letting me, not once to connect to the wireless connection. Lucky my roomate gone for a meeting and i can take my hand of the braodband.


I hope i can heal before Calculus test, which is Thursday. O God! Help me.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

some much thing to do

,yet so little time i have.

OutdoorCarnival 2010, Kembara Sufi, sleeping, photo editing/uploading and also revising. I want to study!


Friday, April 23, 2010


Today i woke up pretty early, and decided not to sleep back since if i continue sleeping all morning will be wasted on just purely nap.

I manage to borrowed my father telephoto lens, the Canon EF 75-300mm USM III f/4 - 5.6
So this morning i decided to take some Macro shot using this lens plus the +4 Magnification/close up Filter my dad gave me.

Taking flower as the main subject wasn't that hard but getting into position where you can get the best shot, yet making your lens steady is very difficult. Of course Autofocus won't work, so manual focusing is needed. Lack of Image stabilization on the lens help makes the hand shake much worst. But with high ISO and shutter speed, that could be nothing but the solution to blurry photo.

Anyway, here some result of the macro shot :D

I know, most of them are still beginner shot. Nevermind, i still have time to polish up this technique. Maybe after the purchase of the Sigma 70-300 APO DG Macro perhaps? hehehehe.

Until then~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Public Lecture

Just finish my Chemistry II test 2 this evening. Not much of calculation needed as the topic included this time only required deep knowledge of the topic and all the theory related to it. Out of 25 which is the total mark, i hope i can get above 20 :)


EDX(Education Design Expo)

Today is the opening for EDX, the second largest or maybe third largest event beside Convofair here in University Teknologi Petronas. The opening ceremony was officially done by our very own Chansellor, Tun Dr. Mahathir.

In conjunction with the Opening Ceremony, he also gave a public lecture with the title, Vision after 2020. Honestly, the lecture, okay more like a talk was indeed fun. But i did not stay for the whole time as I still haven't cover some of the Chemistry topic in which I will having my test after that.


Taking the night off, will continue with Calculus later on. Weekends will be filled with entertainment, Kembara Sufi and also Euphonious. What a great way to spend weekends!

Until then guys!

Friday, April 16, 2010

award kejadah apa ntah ;p

Ah, kinda forgot about this award Ily. Not really in the mood before to do 'these' kind of thing. But since i got nothing to do, lets settle this.

1.Thank and link the person that gave you the award.

- ily terima kasih

2. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic.

- You guys :P

3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won the award

- not going to do so :)

4. State 7 things about yourself.

- UTP mechanical engineering
- love photography
- love music
- quiet and shy
- techie junk
- i love to make friends
- still 18 :D


Why? You cruel lens manufacturer. Why don't you guys build a lens that have image/optical stabilizer and with a telephoto compatibilities yet selling at a cost less than 400 USD??? I Seriously needed one that is very cheap yet very great for amateur.

Gah! Now i have no other choice but to pick this Canon EF-S 55-250 mm f/4.5 -5.6 IS lens for about Rm 1000. It a good lens on what most of the amateur have reviewed but still I prefer a sturdier, wider aperture and fast lens especially for telephoto. But who am i to brag, 1000 ringgit for an L- series Canon lens is out of this world.

been craving for this one for quite some time now :)

I seriously wanted this

this is the OS version btw.

A Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG MACRO but one thing that slack is the lack of OS(optical stabilizer, just another name for IS) in this lens. I really wanted a Sigma lens mainly because it better build quality compared to the canon above(sigma with metal mount. Makes it tougher. Canon with plastic. Not good for earth)


There is actually an OS version of this lens, namely Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG OS. OH YES! OH YES! it cost rm 300 more than the Canon 55-250 but considering all the factor, i might go on with this. Now i just need more review :)

one reason why i prefer sigma is that, it comes with a free lens hood :) no need to shell out more money on hood.

All said, now i only require the money. Petronas when you want to increase my money to rm1000 a month please? teheeeee.....

until then :)

vacation planning

Soon we will be having our 2 month break and i'm sure all of us can't wait for that time to comes. 2 month is a very loong time and could be boring, so me and my friend have been planning for a road trip, probably 2 or three cars to several vacation spots.

(belum exam lagi dah pikir panjang2 pulak :P)



I don't know who propose this idea. It was kinda smart to go for a along trip to Terengganu. Although there is not much places we can hang out there( there is but not all are that interested to us) the trip it self could be full of memory.

Success rate [45%]

Bandung, Indonesia.

Another crappy idea by shukor. I'm not sure but he say the fees to go there is quite cheap but considering you have to have your passport with you, the cost going to add up high. Nahhh, this won't happen. At least for the time being.

success rate [0.002%]

Pulau Pangkor.

This is the nearest place to our Campus that the possibilities of success is quite high. Mos of us kinda wanted to go there, especially to the my newly fishing-addict friends. I myself also wanted to go there as the scenery is very nice and i won't miss any opportunities to capture great photo there.

Sucess rate [80%]


Syamat idea. Each time someone say about penang, he will propose this idea. But still it's a good idea though. Penang do have some great places to visit. So this might probably have some chance on it.

Success rate [70%]


But i guess for now, test and exam should be the priority group. At least for now lads.
Until then :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Belonging like anything else in this world won't last forever. No matter how careful you treat it, it won't no matter what be good enough to last for a very long time.So here i am posting everything valuable to me that have been a very good company for all this time.

Let's begin with the oldest friend of mine.

Mrs. Sony Walkman W810i.

It have been with for 3 years now. The battery have been changed for 2 time already and the memory stick have failed but the phone itself still work like new. I love you so much but sooner i have to let go of you, you don't have wi-fi capabilities :(

Mr.Samsung Yp-P2

Got you from my 2nd salary working with Manhattan. It's been what? A year now? You still living the expectation regardless your memory almost at it's peak :|

Mrs. Canon EOS 1000D

This one is a second hand, first used by my father. It's been a while we've been together, if i'm not mistaken 2 months? and you really does help me make my day.

Mr. BodyGlove Wallet

You. I bought you with my first dem salary. You are still usefull until now but i know you getting sick of getting shove up my ass into the pocket. Rest assure, it won't be long enough before you going to sleep tight in the drawer :)

Mr. Spectacles

1 year and 4 month we have been together. I know it's hard to makes you all shine and clean with no scratch, smudge what so ever but my hand like any other normal hand tend to produce oils. So sorry. Sorry again for losing your nose comforter (what ever you call them ).

Mr. Timex Expedition watch

This was actually belong to my father but at that time (form 4) i really wanted a new watch so he gave me this, and he bought new one. Some scratch can be seen on the screen but you still tough as a solid man!


Anyhow, i hope you guys can still provide help to me as i'm in a SAVING mode (wanted a tele lens :>) Buying another you people would definitely disturb my planning.

Got to go now. Until then :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dean List XD

Today we had the Dean List Award Ceremony under FASSA. I was working under the Registration department lead by Atul for this probably last event under FASSA before leaving for Foundation and into Undergraduate Studies.

Some picture to do the lengthy talk.

Above: registration department on duty.

meheee :)

mechanical students :)

Above: Happy faces.

Outstanding performance from Faizal Tahir :D

Smart arse.

Above: Faiqah and Erna performing.

Above: Haziq hefty monster.


Seeing all those smart ass walking on the stage, toward the rector with smile on their faces and proud and thankful feeling makes me all boiled up to try even harder to get Dean list for this last semester of Foundation. Ah. I really wanted this. I wanted to graduate Foundation with flying colours. (Hahaha)


Chemistry II test 2 will be just around the corner and I still having difficulties to understand what does SN1, SN2 and all these brilliant stuff have to do with our real life? Understanding is one part and application is another one to understood before taking the exam. Its like we have to make a pie before eating them or get the milo sachet before making Milo drink or or giving up before even trying or packing up things before actually going back home. Nevertheless, I promise i will try my best this time to get a better score so that my percentage of getting dean increased ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

101 tips of survival

EDUQUEST Camp begin today and i myself decided to sleep late last night. Later i woke up pretty late, sorry if i didn't open the door a little sooner. What do you expected from university student? Weekend is like heaven on campus.

anyway, i had gone my EDUcamp session before and it was quite amazing.(at that particular time only ;p) Let's begin shall we?


the morning all you do is put all you luggage to some room, whether it's at Old village 6 ( yeah, i kinda shocked when i first heard that too) for men and Village 2 for the girls. Then if i not mistaken you will continue to the Humongous Chansellor Hall for some PETRONAS video, bla bla bla, tour around campus basically nothing much happen in the first day.

Old Village 6 (v6)

There is also introduction session in the evening. there where you'll get to know your group and little about UTP.

At night, there will be some test, if i'm not mistaken Math and Science test for the engineering student and math test for others and after that end you are more than allowed to go back and have some rest. Be warned if you happen to stay in V6, you'll be staying with the seniors and they all usually sleep late and woke up late. Especially during weekends. So bear if the seniors does not put off the light like you usually do. No we don't sleep at 10 and before 12. Only on rare occurrence only.


It's basically the busiest day in the 2 day eduquest. You'll be separeated into 2 groups. One will go to interview session first, the second will go to do the IQ and reasoning test. In the afternoon after some stomach filling moment, you will change your group, from test to interview, interview to test. Like myself, I had interviewing session on the evening and it really is great. I think by evening the interviewer is more likely to just be less aware of what you guys crap of the case study.

additional notes, for the interview session there are 2 part. One is individual and another is group. Individual interview is where you try to amaze the interviewer with all your available skill etc, and the group session is for you to present your case study.

some tips for interview:

- always made a first good impression.
- find a common ground. Something that the interviewer might interested at.(like myself i say i have a good interest in Photography and we chat a little bit about camera and stuff and i do think i made a good first impression. and yeah, i'm the only survivor of my group :) cehh poyo)
- don't stress out to much on the test. It's nothing really.
- during the case study session, do not take control too much(unless you know what ur doing), DON'T be to quiet, DON'T argue too much and in the end of the day jsut get along with the people alright. Who knew it could be your classmate in the future.
- and lastly, be polite to seniors.

I think that is all i can share with you people. Some news, i'll be the faccee for the EDUQUEST camp session 4 and i will meet you guys on 20 and 21st April. And some last word,

GOOD LUCK.(petronas interview is the easiest of them all. I can assure you.)

got anything just ask. I'm more than happy to help :D

Saturday, April 10, 2010

new interface

How is it? Comment! :)


Hello fellow high-scorer and scholarships targetting machine. How are you? I know you all going to stay here for EduQuest(previously named as Educamp)so just a reminder, my room can be a bit messy and we people sleep late at night, and we sometimes make noises. If you can't adapt to that, well just adapt to that okay? Gluck to all. Hope too see you guys junior(perhaps in the MAY10 MAS. if i decided to be a faccee :P)


Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm thinking about changing my current page. Boring enough with the old one. New backgroumd, new header, font's and the colour. Suggestion? :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

me vs the atm

24 hours my ***

Damn the CIMB ATM machine has been not is service for quite some time now. I think long before our outing to Bukit Merah the machine has stop functioning. Desperately enough we have to go to other atm machine to withdraw our money. Just in time we have problems with money, the machine broke down. Great. THX you!

Probably that is one of the reason why i haven't top up my phone service. and so sorry,


(pija, sorry can't contact you to wish you good luck. ATM problems :()


Enough with the atm let's move on the next topic. The big F.

F I N A L S.

It is about 1 month but i have been lazy with revision. See, i even wasted time writing a post rather than doodling the chemistry equation or even solving a integration question. Not so soon you know one month. But for now until the final i guess i have to take off the lazy hat and wear a nerd hat then :p No more wasting time. No more outing. No more, you internet. But you know i'm not going to do that right? :P

Until then guys.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort Outing :D

It all started on a nice Wednesday.


Me and my friends finish our Physics tutorial an hour early than expected. Since there is line of booth here at Pocket D. We actually got a 10 ringgit of from the original 25 ringgit ticket price for the Waterpark. So without a very good planning we start calling people and inviting people to join us. In the end of the day we have 10 people conforming their tickets.

Later we have more people joining us, about 4 or 5 more. Until the very last moment few of the people can't make it but some random people happily filling the empty seats although, they were not having the special discounts like some of us.

bergaya dulu :)

Serious cat is serious in joining us.

The planned departure time from UTP is at 10.30 a.m but like always, we have to go a little late because of some problems here and there. About 12 p.m. we started the convoy of 4 cars, 2 Wira a Saga and a Kancil. A total of 17 crazily boring yet smart youngster joining this trip.
Ustaz ajieb

Above: taking rest at RnR

It takes about 2 hours before arriving at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, Bukit Merah. The weather was sunny and a lot of cloud can be seen forming. And like expected, it was raining when we were having fun inside the park. Good news the Waterpark does not close although there rain. (they only stop when there is thunder or lightning, which one comes first.)

Above: A very excited leman.

It was not that many people around (unlike Sunway Lagoon) but still a lot of kids can be seen. My beloved Dslr have to stay put in the locker throughout the time we had inside the waterpark. i can bear the risk of getting it wet. (might buy the waterproof casing next time :) ) Luckily we have Arief p&s camera to shoot some of moment inside the waterpark. Lucky us. Pity the camera

Here some photos to be shared :D


height limit

all the morons.

Above: this is freaking fast. But still cannot beat that one in Sunway.

By 6 we have finished sun bathing, joking around, playing all those slides in the waterpark. Not long until 7 we were leaving the Resort as the cats and dogs rain prevent us from proceeding to the car park. Oh, the journey doesn't end there. As most of our stomach was crying and begging for food we continue driving to Ipoh for dinner before going back to UTP for a good night sleep.

NBU and the mafia's.

Evo i rode all the way

3rd Car. Sadly the fourth car is too shy to take photo.

We safely arrived at UTP at 11. 15 p.m and it was a bit raining outside. Very full and tired i finished some unfinished business and quickly meet my favorite single bed and the twin pillow :)

Good night :)