Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Past few day have been pretty boring. Morning like usual there is classes, the good news is, tutorial and lab is no longer available and therefore, i use most of the time to sleep.

At night, all i do is revise on the upcoming exams, Calculus test tomorrow :/ Other than that, it was Counterstrike, camera talk and some chit chat with friends. I got to say, it's getting much boring here as the final exam closing in.

On the side note, I just finished my Physics lab test. It was very much difficult FOR THOSE WHO DOES NOT STUDY!!! (=.=) yeah, i did not study for it last night. Come on it's only 5 percent!!! ----> a quote from loser (T__T)

This evening i will dedicate it to study calculus! Yeaah. The optimism!! ^^

Anyhow, i need to score my Calculus test as my test before suck and i definitely wanted dean list this semester :) Please pray for me and last word, Good luck!

Until then guys.

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