Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort Outing :D

It all started on a nice Wednesday.


Me and my friends finish our Physics tutorial an hour early than expected. Since there is line of booth here at Pocket D. We actually got a 10 ringgit of from the original 25 ringgit ticket price for the Waterpark. So without a very good planning we start calling people and inviting people to join us. In the end of the day we have 10 people conforming their tickets.

Later we have more people joining us, about 4 or 5 more. Until the very last moment few of the people can't make it but some random people happily filling the empty seats although, they were not having the special discounts like some of us.

bergaya dulu :)

Serious cat is serious in joining us.

The planned departure time from UTP is at 10.30 a.m but like always, we have to go a little late because of some problems here and there. About 12 p.m. we started the convoy of 4 cars, 2 Wira a Saga and a Kancil. A total of 17 crazily boring yet smart youngster joining this trip.
Ustaz ajieb

Above: taking rest at RnR

It takes about 2 hours before arriving at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, Bukit Merah. The weather was sunny and a lot of cloud can be seen forming. And like expected, it was raining when we were having fun inside the park. Good news the Waterpark does not close although there rain. (they only stop when there is thunder or lightning, which one comes first.)

Above: A very excited leman.

It was not that many people around (unlike Sunway Lagoon) but still a lot of kids can be seen. My beloved Dslr have to stay put in the locker throughout the time we had inside the waterpark. i can bear the risk of getting it wet. (might buy the waterproof casing next time :) ) Luckily we have Arief p&s camera to shoot some of moment inside the waterpark. Lucky us. Pity the camera

Here some photos to be shared :D


height limit

all the morons.

Above: this is freaking fast. But still cannot beat that one in Sunway.

By 6 we have finished sun bathing, joking around, playing all those slides in the waterpark. Not long until 7 we were leaving the Resort as the cats and dogs rain prevent us from proceeding to the car park. Oh, the journey doesn't end there. As most of our stomach was crying and begging for food we continue driving to Ipoh for dinner before going back to UTP for a good night sleep.

NBU and the mafia's.

Evo i rode all the way

3rd Car. Sadly the fourth car is too shy to take photo.

We safely arrived at UTP at 11. 15 p.m and it was a bit raining outside. Very full and tired i finished some unfinished business and quickly meet my favorite single bed and the twin pillow :)

Good night :)

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