Friday, April 16, 2010

vacation planning

Soon we will be having our 2 month break and i'm sure all of us can't wait for that time to comes. 2 month is a very loong time and could be boring, so me and my friend have been planning for a road trip, probably 2 or three cars to several vacation spots.

(belum exam lagi dah pikir panjang2 pulak :P)



I don't know who propose this idea. It was kinda smart to go for a along trip to Terengganu. Although there is not much places we can hang out there( there is but not all are that interested to us) the trip it self could be full of memory.

Success rate [45%]

Bandung, Indonesia.

Another crappy idea by shukor. I'm not sure but he say the fees to go there is quite cheap but considering you have to have your passport with you, the cost going to add up high. Nahhh, this won't happen. At least for the time being.

success rate [0.002%]

Pulau Pangkor.

This is the nearest place to our Campus that the possibilities of success is quite high. Mos of us kinda wanted to go there, especially to the my newly fishing-addict friends. I myself also wanted to go there as the scenery is very nice and i won't miss any opportunities to capture great photo there.

Sucess rate [80%]


Syamat idea. Each time someone say about penang, he will propose this idea. But still it's a good idea though. Penang do have some great places to visit. So this might probably have some chance on it.

Success rate [70%]


But i guess for now, test and exam should be the priority group. At least for now lads.
Until then :)


  1. kalau aku blaja oversea aku pon dah merantau ke ngara len dah. ahaha. tpi ak kt malaysia jer kn x leh wat apa2 la

  2. duit allowance petronas ade..hahah..

  3. ko ingat byk sgt ke? tiket plane dah abis satu blan pnye elaun kot

  4. haha..kumpul la bhai..aku rase ko ptt gi bandung..tiket air asia murah gile, serius..

  5. tu ak ckp tu. murah mmg murah tapi passport la. takde kot. nak process lgi. makan masa.

  6. pegi bandung do! hari tu tiket murah. <400 pegy balik. pastu transport, hotel, bla2 bajet dlm 400 kot. shopping heaven :DD ngeeeeeeee. muka bersinar2.

  7. tu la pasal. 400 for pegi balik to okay da. shopping tmbh lgi 200 da okay, tapi tu ah. maybe mase underfrad nnti kot. haha.