Friday, November 30, 2012

The Life of Piscine Molitor Patel

Be warned though, this review do come in with spoiler.

 but not this kind of spoiler though.


Meet Pi and his fellow tiger friend, Richard Parker.

I had the chance to watch the movie on the afternoon, the first screening time that are available for the movie, Life of Pi at Sunway Pyramid TGV. I wanted to watch the IMAX version of it, but at that time i had the Royale Popcorn in mind and 30 ringgit worth of money in my pocket. Its either IMAX with no food, or a normal one but with a very sweet caramel popcorn. So i took the earlier one but when im at the food counter, its sold out. Dissapointment.

Enough with popcorn chit chatting. Let's get back to the story.

From the very beginning, after watching the trailer few times at cinema prior to movie screening, i knew that this movie will be most experienced in an IMAX 3D theater. With so many beautiful scene, nice action 'pop' out of the screen moment, it's going to be very interesting overall experience. and it does. Even without the 3D stuff.

Visual effect wise, it's very nice. the graphic was awesome, although i can detect when they are actually using CGI. But for most of the part, the tiger looks pretty much real to me. idk. you tell me.

The storyline is indeed brilliant. I love how the transition of the film, from the story telling to the past flashback, they came in a good time. I still haven't grasp the real ending to the story, either about the tiger or the fake story Pi made up for the investigator. Because lets face it, there's no such thing as floating banana! hahaha

Audio were superb. The roar. The scream of Pi when he was fighting with Richard Parker. The sound sunk deep into the bones i tell you.

And yes, it's quite a funny movie. There's  so many scene that can go from all thing serious to something everyone can laugh off.

Got to love the meerkats. and yes Richard love them too. haha

Overall i would say its a great movie. It does not have the complicated story that make you go awe after the movie ends like Inception nor Looper do, but it doesnt have to. The story is about a moral value, and moral value it is that we spectator get after the end of the show. Well, atleast i do feel the message of Faith the movie trying to show off.

If i have to say something that i dont like about the movie, its the whole 3D things that fake your perception a little. Im not sure Industrial Light & Magic was behind this or not, but i think the 3D part can be improve more. and also the ending was a little too average. It doesnt have an Awe factor some movie have. But the 3/4 of the movie is enough to make yourself enjoy the overall journey.

Definitely a must watch movie this year. Along with Looper, or the Dark Knight Rises.

Friday, November 23, 2012


That eureka moment when i officially declaring, 2013 as my debut years of serious running! Yehuuuu!

This came suddenly when i stumble across a triathlon blogger post about the  full marathon he had, earlier this year and that has inspired me to take a step forward(getting inspired is easy, getting it done is another thing). Oh well. Since i 've decided on this, i'll start off by following as many runner bloggers as i could so that their post will give me constant push in taking the next step. Then i'll start registering myself for the run.

Im thinking off starting with few 10k race before actually taking on a bigger step, which is the half marathon. Although 2013 will be a relatively new and busy year as i will have my internship later at June, i still hope all of this will work out somehow.


p/s: pray for me :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

4 days at UNIQLO Sunway Pyramid

Assalamualaikum and hello.

I know it's been a while since my last post. I've been eager to post new things online but lately i've lost confident in writing blog. Mainly because i have no more interesting things to write about. These few months, i have been writing long paragraph of words but none of it make any sense. And i just left the post unattended, as a draft, waiting until the day that i need to write again. But now i have something to write again. (YAY!)

So in the past week, i have been working again. After about a year or so of non-working life. I'm one of the few temporary staff(Temp) that work for the grand opening of UNIQLO branch at Sunway Pyramid. Although it was only for a short time of 4 days, it's a unique experience to add on to myself.

For that 4 long days, my job as a temp staff was to assist the stock department to replenish on stock and making sure we have everything that can make good sale always on the shop floor. So early in the days, we need to support the full time staff as well as the part timers to finish up the preparation at the shop floor. Once thats done, im back at the store room to arrange all the extra boxes intended for the stock throughout the day. When the stock is well arranged at the back, it time to replenish items that has been selling fast like a hot goreng pisang. The routine mainly involve carrying a box, open up the package, fold the item, and put it on the carrier(called blue top, or blue tot? i think) to be carried out to the shop floor.

and fyi, this is my first time working in a Japanese company. On the first day, during the hectic opening, one of the Japanese Manager scold the senior staff there for not securing an empty hallway for people to walk from the staff room to the back of the store, where all the stock is lying. One thing that will always stuck in my head is what he said about keeping a space. He said something like, Always make space for people to walk, when the pathway is block, the productivity will go down, so will the efficiency, thus resulting to loss on sale. That little information as of to make a clear path for people to move around make me realize how good the Japanese people is in managing the performance. No wonder Uniqlo is one of the successful retail company in the world.(No kidding here.)

Super long queue on the Opening Day.

Despite having to go back home with a very painful foot and waking up to aches all over my body, i think this is the most body wearing job i've ever had in my lifetime. Imagine applying analgesic cream to your shoulder, back, biceps and hamstring muscle every night before sleep and after waking up. Such a pain.

But overall we are paid goodly with our effort for these 4 days. And not to forget, i make new friends here too. Although some were a bit racist and prefer to talk in their own group, being the only the temp staff, you can't expect them to be very much friendly. It's not like we are going to be there forever right? But still, these people that i make here are very interesting and fun to hang around too. Nelson, Ooi, Syafiq, Faiz and few more i can't recall their name, you guys are great people and i hope to see you guys again in the future.

Now that my body have recovered from muscle and joint pain, i think it's time to get back on looking for a new job, something less stressful to my body. Hopefully i'll succeed.