Friday, November 23, 2012


That eureka moment when i officially declaring, 2013 as my debut years of serious running! Yehuuuu!

This came suddenly when i stumble across a triathlon blogger post about the  full marathon he had, earlier this year and that has inspired me to take a step forward(getting inspired is easy, getting it done is another thing). Oh well. Since i 've decided on this, i'll start off by following as many runner bloggers as i could so that their post will give me constant push in taking the next step. Then i'll start registering myself for the run.

Im thinking off starting with few 10k race before actually taking on a bigger step, which is the half marathon. Although 2013 will be a relatively new and busy year as i will have my internship later at June, i still hope all of this will work out somehow.


p/s: pray for me :)

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