Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time Travelling.

Ever since i was a little kid, i'm always amazed of science and it's theory. and not until recently that i somewhat understood some of the basic of one of the many, interesting science discussion of all times, Time traveling. Be warned, this might make you a little confused of your understanding of time. and this will be quite a lengthy post. hihi

I just watched The Loopers this evening and that alone spark me on writing about time traveling. Because the movie itself involves time traveling. I won't give spoiler to the movie so don't worry :p anyhow, the essence of time traveling in the movie send an urge for me to look for discussion at forums and discussion boars to know the real ending to the story. and i was shocked by how mind boggling the composition of the movie. It was rather a Brilliant movie. It was not as direct as Inception, but if you have watched the movie, i really recommend you to look up on the Rainmaker. Oppss. A little spoiler there. hikhiks.

Loopers Trailer.

Back to the real topic.

There is a saying if you really understand something you should be able to let a 6 year old understand the same thing. Well, im not sure i can do that, but i'll do my best to interpret my understanding of time traveling.

So what's the science about time traveling. Simply put, time traveling is an act of traveling back through time be it to the past, or to the future. So far so good? Good. Next question is how? How is it possible? Well, me myself not sure about it, only Allah knows best, but as far as the science theory goes, if you can travel faster than speed of light, you are traveling through time. Now comes the tricky part. How come? well you need to dig up Einstien Theory of Special Relativity. haha. but a basic understanding of mine, if you can travel very fast, faster than light, everything other than you will be in a slower state. just like a slow-mo video. and because time is relative, while other's watch is ticking 1 click a sec, your clock might tick a little less than 1 click a sec. Make sense? since you have less time with you, it means, you are traveling back in time.

I remember few months back when i first discover a brilliant theory physicist names Michio Kaku through Youtube. After that i look up on his video throughout the internet and found some of his sci fi show. Maybe you'll understand more by watching the video below.

and if you really digs in time travelling stuff, try watching an anime called Stein's Gate. Even if you are not a anime guy, watch it for the sake of science. It has quite good time travelling science behind it and it is a pleasure to keep on understanding the story until the end of the 25 series show. and mind you, it does come with some humor to counter the heaviness of theory of science fact you need to crunch on.

How i loved science and all of it's theory. Although i might be a little bit biased to some of the theory, we all have to agree that all this theory is important to us, but sometimes it needs some reason for us before we can understood the essence of the theory itself. Trust me, science is such a great knowledge to have, and also to be shared :)

p/s: you might need some additional readings and watching about blackholes, anti matter and what not to make everything about time traveling make more sense.

p/s: Guess how many 'traveling' word i have misspelled throughout the post? haha

first step on taking marathon.

Look what i found why job hunting at Sunway Pyramid today...

Truthfully i has been a while since i wanted to buy magazine. Before i used to buy tech and gadget magazine, after stop collecting comics and sports car magazine. But this is not your monthly magazine. It's an Ultimate guide to Marathon Running. Atleast that what on the front cover of the magazine.

I hope with this book, i'll embrace my inner spirit and take the challenge to go for a full marathon one day. 44km on foot. Stunning isn't? Well, im going to do so, someday. InsyaAllah.

p/s: and i'm attracted to what the back cover has to say.

"Running releases more than just sweat" - totally agreed :)