Friday, July 29, 2011

Not so Captain America

I've just finished watch the so called Harry Potter box office killer and i got to say it doesn't meet my expectation. but why?

Well, to start off, i didn't expect anything. I did not read the comic books, i did not follow the Avanger series and yet alone digging the superhero background which i usually do when i expect the movie to be a hit. So let's break down what the UPS and DOWNS i've had.


1. Superhero movies

I never hate or dislike any superhero movies, it's like when i'm sitting there on my seat with my 3D glass on, my inner kid break outs tearing the flesh apart and silently, giggly, happily waiting for some action on the screen.

2. Avanger related.

I love movies that makes you relate with other movies. Like Captain America, you'll be seeing Tony Stark father, ...(put his first name here) Stark and also the ever famous Nick fury in this movie. Opsie, spoiler alert.

3. Unrealistic

Sometimes what we all need is a little imagination and world of unrealism because let's face it, World war II without laser guns, hi-tech jet fighter and humongous tank going to be rather dry.

4. Three, two, one action!

Action is superb. Especially with 3D, i can say i did dodged when Captain America threw his round shield to the screen. Although it was not as great as Sucker Punch, i say its still great.

5. Compostition.

I mean the plot composition. It was not flat but rather back and forth. You know, like Inception. Yes. That.


1. Stupid kids don't know what they are laughing at

It really suck to have kids, watching movies in the cinema, laughing their ass of to something they didn't even understand. Come on kids, this ain't Toy Story 3. Get out.

2. America

Well, this is a movie of a superhero of America...

3. Boring

It's not like it's boring, i am well entertained but when i'm out of the cinema, let's just say i can't say much about it. There is nothing other than me dodging the round shield. I just can't say anything much more.

Sum it up!

So, is it good or bad? Well i got to say, it's more to the good side. I was entertain but it was meh, nothing to talk to, nothing to say other than its good to those who haven't see it. But i hope the next chapter of it going to be better with all of the Avanger teaming up to fight some bad ass. and hopefully that going to be soon enough :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

(Challenges: Running) New PR

New PR

4KM in 0'26'21. avg speed 2.53 m/s

Finally, i did a 2.5m/s average run. And it was tiring as hell.

I'm so all over this right now!


With vast amount of games from andorid market, many more from PS1 titles, and lots more from Emulator, as well as a decent piece of mobile phone, who doesn't want it?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

(Challenges: Running) *New PR*

4KM in 0'26'12. avg speed 2.5 m/s

Now i can add seconds to my time. Thanks to the new casio :P

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(Challenges: Running) timepiece.

Well hello there. Long time no see. Hee. Sorry life's been a total wreck but i guess now i have some time to post on this blog.

So, you see last Thursday my trusty ol' Timex Expedition watch leather strap decided to give away and break during my outing to Tesco Pengkalan. Then i wonder, how could this happen. Because i just change the strap about 4 or so month before that. Then i realize, that this is the watch that i strap on when i go to class, jogging, movies, pretty much everywhere.

So these abuse usage especially when used in workout when a lot of vigorous movement of the hand plus sweats makes the leather strap 'expired' a lot faster than it should.

Long story short, i decided to buy a new sports watch since my dream of getting a GPS watch is still wondering in the clouds. I've send my order last Sunday and 2 days later,


From July 19, 2011

Fun things come in small blue package.

From July 19, 2011

Tehee :)

From July 19, 2011

Good old Timex Expedition. Haven't in need to find it's replacement. Not yet.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Today marks the end of my 4 streak of day full with enjoyment.

It began with Thrusday, when to Tesco Pengkalan to refill our kitchen supply, then the next day we went for Harry Potter The Deathly Hallow pt2, yesterday we went to Teluk Batik for fishing and some water fun and today, to Gua Tempurung for some caving.

The bestest weekend evar! XD

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Im home!! Now is a really good time to take a some time, relaxing and finding the inner peace.

peace out!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dark of the moon,

If you happen to live under a coconut, then the news of the new transformers movie probably won't be reaching you.

Transformers: Dark of the moon is the third and last(according to the director) transformers movie you'll ever see in the theater. It was open for viewing ever since 29th of June but i only managed to go and watch it 3oth June due to exams :/

Anyhow, what do i think with the movie?

1. Fantastic opening

The opening movie is something i would say different from other movies. They are quite special and i don't know why. Just like the Simpson movie. The whole go to moon and first human to land on Moon crap is just great.

2. Full pack with action.

Let me be honest, there is indeed a lot of action going on in this third installment. I would say it is the best of the trilogy. Battles in TF1 was kinda average probably because maybe Micheal Bay still don't know how to make them autobots and decepticon fight like a champ. The battles improve in the 2nd movie where i can say the battle at the forest(where Optimus Prime died.) and when Optimus acquired his wings from Jetfire.

This time i was very satisfy with the action, although i thought Megatron would give more challenge to Optimus. But nevertheless, Sentinel and Optimus fight are great. and not to forget, the fight scene at the highway. Damn nice.

These are the Wreckers. Sick isn't?

3. Cargasm.

Ferrari 458 Italia? Mercedes SLS AMG? Corvette stingray? and yes, the Chevrolet Camaro? i literally wet my pants seeing all this car cruising at high speed, shooting laser and transforming into robots. and when the ferrari get into the scene(in the garage), it turns me on.

Red turn me on.

4. Babes

Alright, we can't deny that Rosie Huntington is one hot babes, just like Megan Fox.

5. Epicness.

Having movie with the sense of epicness is rare. Very rare. Example are like Avatar, Inception, and Suckerpunch. When it is over, you are left with sense of Awesomeness all over you and you can't stop smiling or thinking of the movie. Its just pure awesomeness.

I like the part when it looks like all hope are gone and Earth gonna be a new Cybertron. That give a sense of epicness to the whole movie but i was a little disappointed with Megatron. That's all.


Overall i think it is a success. And i personally think it is the best of them three movie. Although it is sad to know the fact that this is the last movie, i still hope that they make a new movie, maybe putting em Dinobots perhaps?

Later when my exams are over, i will probably went out to watch it in 3D because you've gotta see those sexy cars transforms in front of your eyes!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

(Challenges: Running) Starting from square one.

This morning was my first session of running after almost 2 weeks (or more) of not having a constant workout. Btw, i failed to achieve my last month target which is 4km run in 25 minutes since i'm occupied with a lot of stuff like presentation, meeting and such.

But today, after having a nice long break, i did 4km in 27 minutes, extra 2 minutes than my previous month target. And to be able to do that after a long time is great sign. Now i need to shed 2 more minutes to achieve this month target.

And oh yeah, i got myself a new windbreaker from Diadora for rm75 :) Hopefully after this i'm more excited to go running in the cold morning. hehe

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