Thursday, December 26, 2013

Japan Trip 2013 Pt1: Land of The Rising Sun


Its been very very while since my last post here. Now that everything began to turn back to normal, the 8 month internship is over and now without noticing, its already near the end of the year 2013. To sum up one of the greatest experience i had, visiting the country of rising sun ive been meaning to post an entry for it. But since im a little occupied with so-called working life, and followed up by crappy internet line back in Kerteh, i decided not to waste my energy and wait for the right time to write one. So here we are, the Japan trip part one!


Last September, AirAsia X did a competition on their facebook for a chance to win a full expense trip to Japan with AirAsiaX to go and watch the MotoGP Japan in which, Air asia is the largest sposor for this race. Everything from accommodation, ticket flight, and food is sponsored. Having to know about the competition and considering a high chances of winning,(since there are less than 20 entry until the end of the competition) me and couple of my clique join the competition with little to no hope of winning. In our mind, if we are lucky enough we'll win. Although, at the back of my mind, i really do hope to win.

Then when the result came out, i was such a suprise that we have won the grand prize of a full expense trip to Japan to see the Grand Prix. We here refer to Syamat and I. The entry and picture is uploaded using his Facebook account and i was responsible to post the best slogan for the picture. With little of hope and ass kissing element in my slogan, we managed to get the ticket. Thank you AirAsiaX! And it was right on time that PETRONAS scholar money were bank in to our account. So without thinking much, approval from supervisor granted and off to Japan we go!

Excited like hell first timer
Since my passport from last year Race of Champion, Thailand was still valid so there was no problem for me logistic wise other than to assist Syamat to get his first passport. Besides, this is his first flight overseas. And since starting early 2013, Japan government has allowed visitor from Malaysia and some other country to travel to Japan without Visa. That pretty much smoothed our journey and saving us time to apply for Visa. Our flight was on the afternoon of  24th October using Air Asia X(obviously), where all of the winner from other countries such as Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore will depart together in a one way flight from LCCT to Haneda Airport, Japan.

To be frank, it was a dream come true for me, as a person who think and respect highly of the Japanese Culture and their Anime and Manga culture, to finally able to step on the ground of Japan, Its just magical. And Im really grateful to Allah the Almighty for giving me the chance, for giving me the opportunity to open my eyes, to see first hand, how is the Japanese culture and the country itself. And Insyaallah if given the chances i would like to come back here to continue discovering the things i missed out in this short journey.

Can't wait to aboard the famous Japan train
It took about 7 long hour to reach Haneda Airport. The flight was tiring, but because its Japan where we are heading, it doesn't felt that intimidating. During the time of arrival, the Typhoon Haiyan is on its way to the Philliphines, and Japan was a little affected by it. During our stay in Japan, the weathers for the first two days are very much raining, and with the temperature of minus 10 degree Celsius, it wasn't that helping in keeping our shoes and cloth dry.

The Oyama Grand Hotel
Upon arrival to Japan, we straight away took a bus(together with the sponsor and the stewardess ;p) to our hotel in the province of Oyama, where our hotel for the first two day is located. The Grand Oyama Hotel is quite a good hotel to stay in, with staff having a basic english proficiency which will making communication a little easier. Mind you, most of the Japanese have difficult time conversing in English. Even in Tokyo itself, it is hard to find a person with good english skills. Even with my malayish english, i still felt superior. LOL.

The total 10 hours journey from the plane ride to the bus ride and finally to the hotel room sure make us pretty much beat up. Nevertheless, having finally reach one of my top list of destination to go in the World, really,has made my day.

Next up. Part 2: Japanese food, Twin Ring Motegi, Night stroll around Oyama