Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!!!!

Yes.that is the amount of money i got for my first pay.ya,i know its super small amount of money,but HECK ,its my first salary!

actually,my real salary is something like RM 29+ but then,coz my shirt coz something like RM60(60 for an ordinary shirt???) and they minus 30 ringgit from my salary into KWPS or something..damn you.

Anyway,ive been planning my entire lifetime after SPM to buy all this stuff after getting my first pay,but considering the amount of money i get from my first pay,its rather UNSUITABLE to spent it all in a day(plus,the short a mount of money )..hahahaha

So,ill be saving 100 ringgit for myself for some emergency things like top up or something,but the other 100 ringgit will be spent on my wardrobe.yeshhh!

Enough of my salary got work,and futsal later in the morning,wait not this morning,next morning after my work ends..

until then~~~


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Balik To The Kampung


Kampung.such a short word but still a meaningfull word.yeah.
anyway,i just got back from my kampung which is Raub,pahang where i was born and my mother and my mother sister and brother and where my grandfather and mother lived.anyway,i would really like to show you all the picture,but sadly,i got none photo of my beloved hometown..

AND as usual,when i get back to my kampung,with no doubt there will be a lot of people will ask me question about my life after SPM,well they are my relative afterall..

anyway,their question like usual,"macam mana kerja?" , "kerja dkat mana? ", "single lagi ker?"...oopss.wait.they didnt ask that last question!ill be terrified if they actually ask that question to me..well sort of.

by the way,ive manage to get 2 days of day off from the manager at MFM,which is the most calming,relaxing and short time ive had this week.well i do nothing but sleep ,sleep and MORE sleep!!!and i still felt sleepy now.hahahaha.i guess im a sleepy head afterall!

and yesh,tomorrow is chinese new year,which mean i have to go to work as usual,since tomorrow is public holiday,and public holiday is the best day to make MONEY!

Its actually a bad and a good news..tomorrow and the day after tomorrow gonna be the most tiring day in the week ,but look at the bright side,im actually wont have to sell those CNY promotion crap anymore and there gonna be no more competition between the waiter or Front of House (F.O.H) ...ah ~~~im relieved..

anyway,its been nearly a month since i started working at MFM,and it is an enjoying moment ive had this year,and hopefully i can get my salary soon enough ,so that i can go shopping till i drop..yesh!!!!THE MOMENT ive been waiting for!call me a girl or whatever,but still ,shopping is part of mens need though :P

better go now,since tomorrow gonna be the day of TIREDness..

until then!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kyle XY

Kyle XY

Hello again.yesh as you can see this poster above is one my favourite TV series after heroes,LOST, and prison break..

IMO,this series is one of its kind.its kinda less packed with action not like hereos or prison break,but still this series are filled with beautiful girls ehmm.i mean beautiful story of teenagers.Twillight cant be compared to this series,even if twillight is turn into some crappy TV series.ok now flame me.


its actually hard to tell the sypnosis of the story since,well i like dont remember anything,almost anything in the first season,but luckily i manage to download whole season 2 from the internet .(love you so much buddy)

well,season two is like my favourite season coz,its more into teen life rather than some alien stuff like zzyzz or some crazy scientist organisation named lagnog or whatever....

ah,this series is so great,and BTW amanda is freaking awsome,yet again beautiful...well what do you know shes 17 afterall,which means no way i can know

Shes mine okay,so back off.j/k

well i actually have no interest for the main charcter though,but still kyle and amanda ish a cute couple though...

anyway,im waitng for the third season to upload to the net so that i can uhumm,DO nothing about it..hell yeah right.

thats about all,BTW have a nice day and assalamualaikum!!!!!

until then .....


Monday, January 19, 2009

Code Geass


its one of my favorite anime all time..its just so fun watching robot fighting and HOT girls,eventhough they are 2D characters..anyway,code geass is the story of a guy ,namely lelouch,or lulu in short whom has been abandon by their parents which is the king of britannia(an empire ).....season 1 is some much fun,but season 2 is much MUCH nice and better IMO....the story filled with plot twist which is in my opinion is great...where else you can watch a mecha anime with some really good story..and ya,the way the character development are great too.

Eventhough i hate the fact that the character style is CLAMP style(ya know,long hand tall person thingie),but apparently this anime really is one of the GREATESS anime ive been watching this whole time...i love Gurren Lagann (or Tenggen Toppa Gurren Lagann in full) but this anime is something whole lot better,minus the delicious Yoko..

Overall i would say ,this is a very enjoyable to watch anime and im very recommend this anime to everyone..especially anime lover like you,wait i mean you la....

i give this anime a 5 over 5 for its story,action,character and the ending....

until then ...


Better watch out for his Geass..

My Journey so far

Assalamualikum and hello!

Its been two week now since i started my work...ive learn a lot of stuff,both good and bad.hahaha.its sure is hard being a waiter for a famous restaurant like MFM,but that not going to get me down,eventhough my big boss,mr.desmond really pressure me a lot in the beginning,but now its seems that he is already approved me in this working field...

Well,i suppose to get my first salary this weekend,but i still doesnt heard anything from the manager...well,i think i have to forget about going shopping for a while now and go more window shopping :D

anyway,ive been thinking lately what im suppose to do or buy with my first thinking of a mp3 player,Sandisk Sansa Clip to be exact,but i still havent found any shop that sell these mp3 player..maybe ill should go seek it at Low Yat or something .......

The Sansa Clip everyone is talking about,in the internet of course.

Again,today i met some new friend.her name(yesh a girl again) is nurul and she is quite nice i would say.but sadly she is currently studied at MMU Melaka,which is far and it and i dont think i cant met her anytime soon..its kinda wierd you know when a girl actually be the first one to ask your phone number...i mean really!!

Enough with the girl talk eyh, i have to work tomorrow,so i better get my rest now.

BTW i miss that somebody.i wish i could go out with her soon :D

until then~~~~~`


Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ah~ working time already over for today. i already lost my legs few time this week.nvm of that.oh about the title.yup.i consider today is my lucky day.A lot of great things happen today.hahahaha

First of all,today i get back home an hour early..yes..ok then,tomorrow is finally FINALLY my day off.OMG my first day off after 7 day of torture..yes yes!

Tody also i get a chance to see it myself a korean girl.OMG.shes so SO beautiful..really that time when im taking the order i was like melting.Gosh.this is so wrong even it feels so right.moved on.

Well,thats not all,today while im taking my break at the Giant Foodcourt i met this one cute girl with the name Umi or Umie (i dont know for sure though)..actually she was sitting at this table,then suddenly she get off that table,so i take my chances and sit then she come back where im i let her sit lah(durr)

so,this evening i ate 2 buns i bought at the foodcourt.soon after i finished my first bun , i started to talk to her,you know asking some simple stuff like "Where do you work?", "Is this your first time working ?"something like that la.soon she tell me she was waiting for SPM result.wait..what?Shes the same age as me we talk for like 10 min or so.luckily, i remember my break only last for half i ask permission to go back to work.ah.i never know meeting new friends is this good..hahaha fortunately for me she work really near my working i hope i can see her next time,probably this weekends, so we can talk more and exchange phone number?heheheheheh

Thats what i called a lucky day.fuhh. thats all for now,i really need to relax my legs a while now...until then!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Next Month!!!

ahhh.working as a waiter sure is damn hard.i mean really really damn hard especially for a famous restourant like MFM.

i seriously like working there.but theres only one thing that always makes me worried.yeah the transportation !!!!!! as we all know,public transportation,especially in malaysia really suck.with the bus fare probably going up this year,i reall think i suffer transportation problem to go to work and to get back from work since my shift always ended 11 oclock at night!.

So i have taken a decision to quit MFM later in Feb
ruary(once i get my pay ,my real first PAY OMG!!!).not that i dont like working there,i have to admit,its hard working there with all the senior staff ,the customer and everything but i seriously enjoyed my time there!I do tell my working friend(Afiq) about my plan and he supported me since he have the same problem is i do!And yesterday i met one friend of mine(shahir), and he told me that he wanted to quit his job too along with his other friens which is my friend.Wow!never expect this though since i have plannned this the night before!

So i was planning to find a job at 9th avenue(i think that what they called it) near the sekolah wawasan..since that place will open like end of january or early i heard from my father that there will be carrefour and IT mall(yesh!!) open i think this is a good oppurtunity for my to seek job there coz its much nearer to my house and i can save on public transportation! well,it still far from february,but im looking foward to a new job.

Im not planning to tell the manager about this ,not until i get a job at the 9th avenue.
So if i fail to get a job at the 9th Avenue,then i have no other choices but to stay working at MFM for another 2 month OMG!!!


thats all for now.later!!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Schools Session

Ahh~my one and only beloved secondary school.sadly and wierdly im starting to miss my school time although im really enjoying this 'festive' season.

ok,for your info my school is SMK USJ 13 .yeahh.i love my school,but please ,no more studying in school ok!hopefully i can get better result in SPM so that i dont have to enter F6 like my sis.

anyway,i really have a lot of memory being there.theres where i found my one sided love(ouch) and my 2nd(hehehehehe, im not telling nobody!).enough of my little dirty secret, i started in this school like 2004 think..yup.

Form 1

meet really lot of new friends.some of them are really friendly,some are not(probably because most of the students comes from outside USJ9 )....i was so like the most innocent people at that

lets skip Form 2 okay since i dont have many memory that year .Oh yea! I remember!!This year is the first year i started to enter softbol was great and we even got 3rd place that year,the next year and last year.hahahaha.we sure are 'lopek' in some way...

anyway lets move on to form 3
Form 3

OMG!the freaking PMR this year.nah..i dont really think about it really much not until July i think.thats when i started to stop going to 'padang' and started to do 'so- called' revision.yeah.the revision was the best time.its actually my sleeping time.hahaha i really cant withstand studying in the evening except for late night!

so when the time comes,alhamdullilah, i got sssstraigt 8As'.that was really unexpected ,really!so as a token of appretiation my father bought me the new black Sony Ericcson W810i

in her transparent latex outfit *heheheh*


That year was a real hit to the face.yeah.that time i have to stepped out of my 'safe' zone and enter the 'scary' realm.lame as usual.ok.enough!

Most of my best friend switch to sub science classes (Hazim,Ridhwan,Muiz,Fadil).so my pure science stream still have some friends left.but most of them left soon as they recieve thier good news from boarding school.*sigh*

damn,i was so DOWN at that time.luckily i make friend with the newbie and those back class student from form 3..yeah.that time really wonder i cant even remember a thing from F4 especially add math and chemistry.hahaha


OH~the doomsday!yesh!its fina
lly last school year.Its SPM year for god sake!To be honest i was really fired to study in the first month but the flame went out really soon.hahaha

I started to attend the bomba meeting(even though ive been in bomba for a loooong time).since people say,co-curricular is important for this ,and that,so i taken a decission to took part in any activities like marching and stuff.

back to studying....hmm, i was really take my time until the mid year exam.Dint remember well the result though.but its suck ...BIG time!

Lab time ,where real 'dirty' discussion take place!

Yesh ,the 'Hari Kerjaya' or what ever you called it,was a pit stop from my was fun skipping class and 'lepak' in the surau(i know its a bad thing to do).anyway,ive finished my SPM in dual-tone,which means so-so la.Sejarah turns out to be a lot more better than my trials.But this one subject the difficulty level never goes down regardless trials or mid term.Additional Math sure to be the hardest subject for these past years!

From left: guduk(not real name),din, aiman,rajni(not real name too),budiman,tun and hansome guy(hey!im taking the picta.)

Ah~good memories.hows it?my school life kinda suck a bit.but its sure is the best one for me.soon ill have to step my foot on the 'sacred' place once again for SPM result day.yeaah.ill be waiting for that time.until then!


bomba + KRS + polis Treasure Hunt.


Tired !

Ok.i just lost my leg now!

yesterday was still okay,but today is like freaking torture..damn i really cannot 'tahan' standing for more than 5 hours?

ah.i finally remeber the table number properly this time.good for me.

so i start today by surfing the interert in the morning right after my subuh prayer.then i started to go to my workplace (sunwayyy)..luckily for me,this time the bus that i took straight away going to sunway.i arrived at sunway like 20 minutes early..fuh~~

there,suprisingly i meet my 'padang friends' whom started to work today at Sushi King.OMG thats early!!they were like super fast than me although all of them took the same type of suck public transportation!

so i enter my workplace probably 10 minutes early,and i meet this new staff who still in his study(work only on weekends)..wait..ah DAMN i totally forget his name..

then i started cleaning the table,wiping the mirror etc.ha ha ha luckily it raining outside ,so not much people going to sunway(in the morning) i was relaxing for about 2 hours until 12.thats when things started to get a little bit hairy..the customer comes in like ants searching for sweets.
good thing i dont have any Ridsect..hahahaaa

Again i meet,yashu(izzit?),Dicky,Izzat and Johny .thank god.i dont have to do all the stuff by myself.

so i stopped at 3 o'clock.these 3 days i have to work only in 5 hour coz im still a begginer me rookie,noob or whatever.i still pwnt you in Dragon ball..hahahaha

aaah~~ im really tired now! ill post some more later.untill then.


Friday, January 2, 2009

The First DAY OMG!!!!! really tired now.working plus soccer just put an end to my enery.luckily,theres still some remnant of my energy left to post this blog. i started working.I suppose to get there (sunway) by 10 but then my buses 'melencong' a bit leaving me a bit late.but suprisingly i arrive there just on time.really .that time im sure i lose my legs already.hahahaha

so the experience of first time working sure is wierd.its felt great and scary at the same time.I thought my two friend who works along (muzill and afiq)will came a bit late,but damn,they arrive much much faster than i am.PUBLIC transport suck anyway.
first we were introduced to the surroundings(a.k.a work place ,whatever!) by the cute miss zoe (something like that la)...she was so nice to us,she even let us have some 'fishy' breakfast..hahaha OMG!the dory fish is awsomely mouth-watering, hurt pumping ,finger licking today i have to be a waiter.wait?! a waiter? oh my,that really makes me nervous.

Then we were introduced to miss Wanie.more like 'kak' wanie for me.she been working there for about 2 years now.well she really really i mean really friendly to me.maybe coz of my cute face hahahaha lame.anyway, I really learn a lot of stuff to day,but the most hardest thing is to actually remember the menu and the table was like OMG what with the table number???its so confusing.lets see ,section A theres table 1,3,4,5,6,7,10,12,13,14,15,16 wow.thats really confusing it nearly fried my brains.she also taugh me how to burnt,yes burnt some prawns infront of the customer!yess i actually have the chance to play with flamethrower :3
but thanks to Satesh(dont know how to spell it right,sry) i manage to learn how to be a good waiter.he was so nice,he taught me a lot of things...

Then while working my other two friend 'sapa' me to go to friday prayer.OMG i totally forgot about it..time goes out really fast. then when we came back i was suprise to see a lot of MFM crew.they are on the evening then i meet izzat,vikki and some other guy i cant remember thier because the evening shift have so many waiter , i took my chances to 'goyang kaki'..heheheeheh well i mean it literally,coz i have to wipe some fork and spoon.

soon its alrady over.ahhhhhh.~~~~
it was relieving!!!!!!

then I arrive at home around 5 o'clock .had some refreshing shower,some cookies,and my prayer.i was sleepy at that time but i still insisting on going to the 'padang'..yup i always play soccer there in the evening... i arrive so early ,it was like heaven on the padang..hahahahaah so quit not like usual..

anyway,we started playing really late which like is 6.30 p.m . then at 7 i got back and settled down.But then i remember its was Friday,i have to go to the Surau for some 'ceramah'.....i got back early and straight away heading to the PC and turn on all the plug..then suddenly my stomach started to sang(lame again)so i took my dinner upstairs where my sister was watching the newTV series...I Survived The Japanese Gameshow..the title kinda catchy since i like watching japanese girls(hey,thats normal right ;D)...later on ,here i am writing this blog.....fuh

.today is a really tiring day i would im feeling like sleeping on the PC table...thats all for now.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

The frustation.

tak sangka2 mlm tahun baru berita buruk smpai kat aku..nak kata buruk takdela sangat,cum tu ar dah lama aku tunggu saat ni..saat pe?hee..saat masuk kerja for the first time laaa..

adala dalam kul 12 lebey aku dpt messege dari kawan sekerja aku kat start kerja lusa (hari jumaat.)aduhhh..penat gler tunggu nih!dah beberapa kali kena postpone..tapi hopefully this is the last one..kalau jumaat ni postponed lagi...tak tau la .

anyway,hari ni aku disajikan dgn makan yg sedap..bukan apa pun kek birthday jer.yelah birthday mak aku hari ayah aku pun beli la kek chokelat satu ni dari Berrys..layan gler tapi cepat muak..hahaaha

nak post gambar kat sini rasanya takleh kut.licin habis kek tu.hahaha

anyway.that for now.esok nak masuk kerja .ciao!!




wow.i just cant imagine how fast 2008 has my friend say "yesterday is a history,tomorrow is a mystery,today is a gift"..what gone is stuff is waiting !

anyway i also want to wish a happy birthday to my mum(yup exactly 1 january) and my brother (31st December) gift for you two just my token of appretiation for taking good care of me..ill buy some gift once my my salary comes out .heheh

thats for now..goodnight everyone !have a nice first sleep in the new year folks!!!!!
damn!tomorrow gotta work.