Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kyle XY

Kyle XY

Hello again.yesh as you can see this poster above is one my favourite TV series after heroes,LOST, and prison break..

IMO,this series is one of its kind.its kinda less packed with action not like hereos or prison break,but still this series are filled with beautiful girls ehmm.i mean beautiful story of teenagers.Twillight cant be compared to this series,even if twillight is turn into some crappy TV series.ok now flame me.


its actually hard to tell the sypnosis of the story since,well i like dont remember anything,almost anything in the first season,but luckily i manage to download whole season 2 from the internet .(love you so much buddy)

well,season two is like my favourite season coz,its more into teen life rather than some alien stuff like zzyzz or some crazy scientist organisation named lagnog or whatever....

ah,this series is so great,and BTW amanda is freaking awsome,yet again beautiful...well what do you know shes 17 afterall,which means no way i can know

Shes mine okay,so back off.j/k

well i actually have no interest for the main charcter though,but still kyle and amanda ish a cute couple though...

anyway,im waitng for the third season to upload to the net so that i can uhumm,DO nothing about it..hell yeah right.

thats about all,BTW have a nice day and assalamualaikum!!!!!

until then .....


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