Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Next Month!!!

ahhh.working as a waiter sure is damn hard.i mean really really damn hard especially for a famous restourant like MFM.

i seriously like working there.but theres only one thing that always makes me worried.yeah the transportation !!!!!! as we all know,public transportation,especially in malaysia really suck.with the bus fare probably going up this year,i reall think i suffer transportation problem to go to work and to get back from work since my shift always ended 11 oclock at night!.

So i have taken a decision to quit MFM later in Feb
ruary(once i get my pay ,my real first PAY OMG!!!).not that i dont like working there,i have to admit,its hard working there with all the senior staff ,the customer and everything but i seriously enjoyed my time there!I do tell my working friend(Afiq) about my plan and he supported me since he have the same problem is i do!And yesterday i met one friend of mine(shahir), and he told me that he wanted to quit his job too along with his other friens which is my friend.Wow!never expect this though since i have plannned this the night before!

So i was planning to find a job at 9th avenue(i think that what they called it) near the sekolah wawasan..since that place will open like end of january or early i heard from my father that there will be carrefour and IT mall(yesh!!) open i think this is a good oppurtunity for my to seek job there coz its much nearer to my house and i can save on public transportation! well,it still far from february,but im looking foward to a new job.

Im not planning to tell the manager about this ,not until i get a job at the 9th avenue.
So if i fail to get a job at the 9th Avenue,then i have no other choices but to stay working at MFM for another 2 month OMG!!!


thats all for now.later!!


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