Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!!!!

Yes.that is the amount of money i got for my first pay.ya,i know its super small amount of money,but HECK ,its my first salary!

actually,my real salary is something like RM 29+ but then,coz my shirt coz something like RM60(60 for an ordinary shirt???) and they minus 30 ringgit from my salary into KWPS or something..damn you.

Anyway,ive been planning my entire lifetime after SPM to buy all this stuff after getting my first pay,but considering the amount of money i get from my first pay,its rather UNSUITABLE to spent it all in a day(plus,the short a mount of money )..hahahaha

So,ill be saving 100 ringgit for myself for some emergency things like top up or something,but the other 100 ringgit will be spent on my wardrobe.yeshhh!

Enough of my salary got work,and futsal later in the morning,wait not this morning,next morning after my work ends..

until then~~~



  1. first salary eh..

    mesti lagi smgt kerja..hahaks

  2. congrats too. *wink wink*

    aku adalah Orang Planet Marikh akan aku conquer bumi. ha ha