Friday, January 2, 2009

The First DAY OMG!!!!! really tired now.working plus soccer just put an end to my enery.luckily,theres still some remnant of my energy left to post this blog. i started working.I suppose to get there (sunway) by 10 but then my buses 'melencong' a bit leaving me a bit late.but suprisingly i arrive there just on time.really .that time im sure i lose my legs already.hahahaha

so the experience of first time working sure is wierd.its felt great and scary at the same time.I thought my two friend who works along (muzill and afiq)will came a bit late,but damn,they arrive much much faster than i am.PUBLIC transport suck anyway.
first we were introduced to the surroundings(a.k.a work place ,whatever!) by the cute miss zoe (something like that la)...she was so nice to us,she even let us have some 'fishy' breakfast..hahaha OMG!the dory fish is awsomely mouth-watering, hurt pumping ,finger licking today i have to be a waiter.wait?! a waiter? oh my,that really makes me nervous.

Then we were introduced to miss Wanie.more like 'kak' wanie for me.she been working there for about 2 years now.well she really really i mean really friendly to me.maybe coz of my cute face hahahaha lame.anyway, I really learn a lot of stuff to day,but the most hardest thing is to actually remember the menu and the table was like OMG what with the table number???its so confusing.lets see ,section A theres table 1,3,4,5,6,7,10,12,13,14,15,16 wow.thats really confusing it nearly fried my brains.she also taugh me how to burnt,yes burnt some prawns infront of the customer!yess i actually have the chance to play with flamethrower :3
but thanks to Satesh(dont know how to spell it right,sry) i manage to learn how to be a good waiter.he was so nice,he taught me a lot of things...

Then while working my other two friend 'sapa' me to go to friday prayer.OMG i totally forgot about it..time goes out really fast. then when we came back i was suprise to see a lot of MFM crew.they are on the evening then i meet izzat,vikki and some other guy i cant remember thier because the evening shift have so many waiter , i took my chances to 'goyang kaki'..heheheeheh well i mean it literally,coz i have to wipe some fork and spoon.

soon its alrady over.ahhhhhh.~~~~
it was relieving!!!!!!

then I arrive at home around 5 o'clock .had some refreshing shower,some cookies,and my prayer.i was sleepy at that time but i still insisting on going to the 'padang'..yup i always play soccer there in the evening... i arrive so early ,it was like heaven on the padang..hahahahaah so quit not like usual..

anyway,we started playing really late which like is 6.30 p.m . then at 7 i got back and settled down.But then i remember its was Friday,i have to go to the Surau for some 'ceramah'.....i got back early and straight away heading to the PC and turn on all the plug..then suddenly my stomach started to sang(lame again)so i took my dinner upstairs where my sister was watching the newTV series...I Survived The Japanese Gameshow..the title kinda catchy since i like watching japanese girls(hey,thats normal right ;D)...later on ,here i am writing this blog.....fuh

.today is a really tiring day i would im feeling like sleeping on the PC table...thats all for now.


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