Saturday, January 3, 2009

Schools Session

Ahh~my one and only beloved secondary school.sadly and wierdly im starting to miss my school time although im really enjoying this 'festive' season.

ok,for your info my school is SMK USJ 13 .yeahh.i love my school,but please ,no more studying in school ok!hopefully i can get better result in SPM so that i dont have to enter F6 like my sis.

anyway,i really have a lot of memory being there.theres where i found my one sided love(ouch) and my 2nd(hehehehehe, im not telling nobody!).enough of my little dirty secret, i started in this school like 2004 think..yup.

Form 1

meet really lot of new friends.some of them are really friendly,some are not(probably because most of the students comes from outside USJ9 )....i was so like the most innocent people at that

lets skip Form 2 okay since i dont have many memory that year .Oh yea! I remember!!This year is the first year i started to enter softbol was great and we even got 3rd place that year,the next year and last year.hahahaha.we sure are 'lopek' in some way...

anyway lets move on to form 3
Form 3

OMG!the freaking PMR this year.nah..i dont really think about it really much not until July i think.thats when i started to stop going to 'padang' and started to do 'so- called' revision.yeah.the revision was the best time.its actually my sleeping time.hahaha i really cant withstand studying in the evening except for late night!

so when the time comes,alhamdullilah, i got sssstraigt 8As'.that was really unexpected ,really!so as a token of appretiation my father bought me the new black Sony Ericcson W810i

in her transparent latex outfit *heheheh*


That year was a real hit to the face.yeah.that time i have to stepped out of my 'safe' zone and enter the 'scary' realm.lame as usual.ok.enough!

Most of my best friend switch to sub science classes (Hazim,Ridhwan,Muiz,Fadil).so my pure science stream still have some friends left.but most of them left soon as they recieve thier good news from boarding school.*sigh*

damn,i was so DOWN at that time.luckily i make friend with the newbie and those back class student from form 3..yeah.that time really wonder i cant even remember a thing from F4 especially add math and chemistry.hahaha


OH~the doomsday!yesh!its fina
lly last school year.Its SPM year for god sake!To be honest i was really fired to study in the first month but the flame went out really soon.hahaha

I started to attend the bomba meeting(even though ive been in bomba for a loooong time).since people say,co-curricular is important for this ,and that,so i taken a decission to took part in any activities like marching and stuff.

back to studying....hmm, i was really take my time until the mid year exam.Dint remember well the result though.but its suck ...BIG time!

Lab time ,where real 'dirty' discussion take place!

Yesh ,the 'Hari Kerjaya' or what ever you called it,was a pit stop from my was fun skipping class and 'lepak' in the surau(i know its a bad thing to do).anyway,ive finished my SPM in dual-tone,which means so-so la.Sejarah turns out to be a lot more better than my trials.But this one subject the difficulty level never goes down regardless trials or mid term.Additional Math sure to be the hardest subject for these past years!

From left: guduk(not real name),din, aiman,rajni(not real name too),budiman,tun and hansome guy(hey!im taking the picta.)

Ah~good memories.hows it?my school life kinda suck a bit.but its sure is the best one for me.soon ill have to step my foot on the 'sacred' place once again for SPM result day.yeaah.ill be waiting for that time.until then!


bomba + KRS + polis Treasure Hunt.


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  1. sure a great thing to merdeka from spm, mwahaha.. i've got another 2 years of school-ing. so then probably finished my school days at the end of 19. anyway we both still got a long way down the road~ gdluk mate~ lol