Monday, January 19, 2009

My Journey so far

Assalamualikum and hello!

Its been two week now since i started my work...ive learn a lot of stuff,both good and bad.hahaha.its sure is hard being a waiter for a famous restaurant like MFM,but that not going to get me down,eventhough my big boss,mr.desmond really pressure me a lot in the beginning,but now its seems that he is already approved me in this working field...

Well,i suppose to get my first salary this weekend,but i still doesnt heard anything from the manager...well,i think i have to forget about going shopping for a while now and go more window shopping :D

anyway,ive been thinking lately what im suppose to do or buy with my first thinking of a mp3 player,Sandisk Sansa Clip to be exact,but i still havent found any shop that sell these mp3 player..maybe ill should go seek it at Low Yat or something .......

The Sansa Clip everyone is talking about,in the internet of course.

Again,today i met some new friend.her name(yesh a girl again) is nurul and she is quite nice i would say.but sadly she is currently studied at MMU Melaka,which is far and it and i dont think i cant met her anytime soon..its kinda wierd you know when a girl actually be the first one to ask your phone number...i mean really!!

Enough with the girl talk eyh, i have to work tomorrow,so i better get my rest now.

BTW i miss that somebody.i wish i could go out with her soon :D

until then~~~~~`


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