Monday, January 19, 2009

Code Geass


its one of my favorite anime all time..its just so fun watching robot fighting and HOT girls,eventhough they are 2D characters..anyway,code geass is the story of a guy ,namely lelouch,or lulu in short whom has been abandon by their parents which is the king of britannia(an empire ).....season 1 is some much fun,but season 2 is much MUCH nice and better IMO....the story filled with plot twist which is in my opinion is great...where else you can watch a mecha anime with some really good story..and ya,the way the character development are great too.

Eventhough i hate the fact that the character style is CLAMP style(ya know,long hand tall person thingie),but apparently this anime really is one of the GREATESS anime ive been watching this whole time...i love Gurren Lagann (or Tenggen Toppa Gurren Lagann in full) but this anime is something whole lot better,minus the delicious Yoko..

Overall i would say ,this is a very enjoyable to watch anime and im very recommend this anime to everyone..especially anime lover like you,wait i mean you la....

i give this anime a 5 over 5 for its story,action,character and the ending....

until then ...


Better watch out for his Geass..

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