Sunday, January 25, 2009

Balik To The Kampung


Kampung.such a short word but still a meaningfull word.yeah.
anyway,i just got back from my kampung which is Raub,pahang where i was born and my mother and my mother sister and brother and where my grandfather and mother lived.anyway,i would really like to show you all the picture,but sadly,i got none photo of my beloved hometown..

AND as usual,when i get back to my kampung,with no doubt there will be a lot of people will ask me question about my life after SPM,well they are my relative afterall..

anyway,their question like usual,"macam mana kerja?" , "kerja dkat mana? ", "single lagi ker?"...oopss.wait.they didnt ask that last question!ill be terrified if they actually ask that question to me..well sort of.

by the way,ive manage to get 2 days of day off from the manager at MFM,which is the most calming,relaxing and short time ive had this week.well i do nothing but sleep ,sleep and MORE sleep!!!and i still felt sleepy now.hahahaha.i guess im a sleepy head afterall!

and yesh,tomorrow is chinese new year,which mean i have to go to work as usual,since tomorrow is public holiday,and public holiday is the best day to make MONEY!

Its actually a bad and a good news..tomorrow and the day after tomorrow gonna be the most tiring day in the week ,but look at the bright side,im actually wont have to sell those CNY promotion crap anymore and there gonna be no more competition between the waiter or Front of House (F.O.H) ...ah ~~~im relieved..

anyway,its been nearly a month since i started working at MFM,and it is an enjoying moment ive had this year,and hopefully i can get my salary soon enough ,so that i can go shopping till i drop..yesh!!!!THE MOMENT ive been waiting for!call me a girl or whatever,but still ,shopping is part of mens need though :P

better go now,since tomorrow gonna be the day of TIREDness..

until then!


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