Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ah~ working time already over for today. i already lost my legs few time this week.nvm of that.oh about the title.yup.i consider today is my lucky day.A lot of great things happen today.hahahaha

First of all,today i get back home an hour early..yes..ok then,tomorrow is finally FINALLY my day off.OMG my first day off after 7 day of torture..yes yes!

Tody also i get a chance to see it myself a korean girl.OMG.shes so SO beautiful..really that time when im taking the order i was like melting.Gosh.this is so wrong even it feels so right.moved on.

Well,thats not all,today while im taking my break at the Giant Foodcourt i met this one cute girl with the name Umi or Umie (i dont know for sure though)..actually she was sitting at this table,then suddenly she get off that table,so i take my chances and sit then she come back where im i let her sit lah(durr)

so,this evening i ate 2 buns i bought at the foodcourt.soon after i finished my first bun , i started to talk to her,you know asking some simple stuff like "Where do you work?", "Is this your first time working ?"something like that la.soon she tell me she was waiting for SPM result.wait..what?Shes the same age as me we talk for like 10 min or so.luckily, i remember my break only last for half i ask permission to go back to work.ah.i never know meeting new friends is this good..hahaha fortunately for me she work really near my working i hope i can see her next time,probably this weekends, so we can talk more and exchange phone number?heheheheheh

Thats what i called a lucky day.fuhh. thats all for now,i really need to relax my legs a while now...until then!


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  1. pehh aweks korea? haha ko kim slm kt die bile jmpe lg~ :P kt nz sni pn ade agak korea jepon.. heh.. skola start 4 feb ni.. jd arap2 dpt jmpe aweks2 cun a kt skola aku nnt hehehehe :P