Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Long sleep, but still make you tired?

Does that ever happen to you? Sleeping all morning or night then wake up and still feel tired as ever? Yeah it happen to me a lot. Like when i'm at UTP after having studying till the morning, i will get to sleep and wake up on the evening or noon but waking up doesn't feel that great. Few hour's later and i'm back to bed. Continuing my evening nap routine. So these happen many times already. and only this morning i have the urge to go and look for the answer.

Well, there is no perfect answer. Even the researcher didn't know exactly why this happen, but they do have some possible reason.

1. Quality sleep.

Didn't they say that quality is better than quantity? In some aspect it is accurately true indeed. And sleep was one of it where having a quality sleep is better than a long non quality sleep. From what i read, it state that why we still feel tired after a long sleep is the fact that we have very low quality sleep. The sleep cycle is usually only 90 minutes. And there are 5 stage of sleep and to have a very good night sleep, you need to atleast complete a cycle.

So why do we feel tired again? It's actually because we tend to spend too much time on Stage 1. Too many time in stage 1 but we not able to complete the cycle. reason for that?

Many. Caffeine, snoring and some genetics disorder. If you really need to know, it is wise to visit the specialized people. No, don't go looking for Leonardo Di caprio, because he can't do anything to make you dream.

2. Genetics

Yeah, genetics.

Anyway, now that you know the reason for it, maybe now you can optimize your sleep time. and here are few tips i managed to collect from my reads.

- No caffeinated drink 6 hour before sleep.
- Stop all means of communication(facebook, twitter) one hour before bed. Instead, go read a book.
- if people tell you snore a lot, buy those stuff they put on your nose to increase air flow.
- If you have trouble sleeping, get a notebook to write everything you had in mind that disturbing you from sleeping.
- Sleeping pils. haha. joking.

if you interested to read more, just hit the link below.

p/s: motoGP photo will be done soon. Still many photo to edit and delete.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Death in Sepang International Circuit

Hey there.

If you haven't heard, one of the Honda rider, Marco Simoncelli died while racing for MotoGP race here in Sepang. You can read more HERE. First and foremost deep condolence to the family of Marco as well as the team.

It was quite shocking to be there at Sepang but my seat wasn't at the position where i can view the accident. But from the videos, i can tell that it must be gruesome to see someone died in front of your eyes.

Will update about MotoGP 2011 soon. Before that a last picture of Marco Simoncelli that i managed to get on the practice day.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Real Steel: worth the bucks?

So we meet again :)

Have you been doing good? Fever due to constant rain? Just make sure to avoid them.

Lately the urge of writing seems to be gushing out, trying to escape from the inside. But when i finally have the urge of writing something, i get lazy. Like real lazy. Like waking up in the morning then continue sleeping till it's noon. That kind of lazy.

But today i managed not to be a lazy person and be active a little bit. And today i watch Real Steel the second time. Yes. There aren't many movie that i watch twice, in the movie theater, the last one being Transformers i guess??

Real Deal.

Due to great recommendation from the web as well as friends, i decided to give it a try. Mind you i did not watch the trailer, but i know what it is all about. So the first impression? "i'm going to relax and just enjoy the show". Having to watch the movie after a tiring day at work, i did not expect much, but boy i really enjoyed it.

Fight little tinman

girls gonna love this kid. Belieber's too.

After watching it twice, i can say the fighting scene are great as they are. The fight between the robot really get into you, it's like you are really there. *spoiler alert* That feeling during the match between Atom and Twin Cities, that pure sense of excitement. Really have to give a big hand to the director and the cinematographer for the scene. Although watching the second time, you know pretty much what's happening, the feeling is still there.


I thought noise boy going to be the hero :(

I would say yes for Atom but nope, not so for Zeus, the big boss. Maybe because of it's looks, Zeus looks more animated that Atom. Maybe because the hero robot should be in focus more. I would say the graphic is on par with Transformers although transformers give you more 3d-orgasm. I'm not sure if Industrial Light and Magic were behind the movie or not, but sure as hell the graphic are great.


Go and watch it! That's all i got to say. But you don't have much option anyways. Three Musketeer? Not bad, but not worth the hype. Paranormal activity 3? Bullshit. What else, 3GP? I rather spend the money on food rather than watching crap movie like that.

and if you already watch it, do you know what's Charlie secret that is safe with Max? i know it. hehehe

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cycling to work

As you guys know, i did some cycling to get to work @ KLCC. From all the way from my house in Subang Jaya to the nearest LRT station which is in Petaling Jaya, i did my cycling.

and This is the experience of my journey back and forth using bicycle to get to Work.

I have to wake up early in the morning on my work day. Traffic jams? No, i don't have trouble with them, infact they are better for the cyclist. The reason i still have to wake up and get prepared early is because of the duration of the cycle. Guess how long it takes to get to the nearest LRT station.

20 mins?
30 mins?
50 mins?
1 Hour?

Nope. It's 2 hours.

Oh noes.

Nah, just kidding. It only took 50 minute(fastest) to get to the nearest station. That wasn't so bad huh? Well, to be honest it is quite tiring. But considering the fact that if i have enough sleep and some breakfast, it's nothing.(But be warned, you need some strong mind)

The ride by bicycle took almost an hour, the train itself took another half and hour so my average time to get to work is one and a half hour. Considering i started at 9 in the morning, the optimum time i should get out is about 7.30 in the morning. But I really hate to rush into work and all of that sweats from cycling might not get off by the time i arrived at the workplace, so, leaving at 7 is the best choice.

because we all need some time in the mens before works.

Le experience.

At first it was difficult, but as time goes by, it was easy, and i've enjoyed it. The feeling of passing by cars on traffics jams, the ability to get faster on traffic light, and best of all, no speed limit. hahaha. But sometimes safety does come to my concern. Switching lane suck if the road is free(because that means car will go faster) and that is why sometimes i do prefer traffic jams. hehe. Then there's the smokes from motorcycle(2T bike from the Jurassic year).

traffic is good(for cyclist)

Did i mention you need to have a strong will to get to the station? During the early time, i felt like giving up due to the amount of pain on the leg while riding up the hill. Despite using a mountain bike, it's still a pain in the ass. But all those pain are gone because usually after a hill, you will be rewarded with cycle-free downhill ride.

and that is all i guess the experience of riding bicycle to work. Hope you guys enjoy the reads. I know it could be boring but hey, other man experience is another man experience too. haha.

Signing out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011



Whew, it's been a while since i wrote here.

If you didn't get the news, i'm currently working part timer as a volunteer at Petrosains KLCC. Gosh! A lot of thing happen these few weeks and i have to apologize for not updating much. hehe. Because i'm too lazy :)

Anyway, tomorrow will began my journey as a volunteer at Petrosains as a Science Communicator. As grand as it sound, yes i will be communicating science to the customer/ visitor of Petrosains. Although that was my initial target, now i think i wanted to change department to an more technical department, ET or Engineered Technician....Okay i made that up. (i can't remember what it's really stand for :p ) Although i haven't began working, i did have some though of having another part time job, probably my previous job(as a waiter). But i'll wait till i get my duty calendar. If i really do have a lot of time to spend on nothing, then be a waiter it is.

and few weeks before, i had done some little projects for my future career. and here is the looks before the transformation

piece of crap metal

and here is, after transformation.

And yes, i use this nostalgic little mountain bike of mine from childhood to get to the nearest LRT station(which is 13km from my home mind you) and yes, i sweat like a pig when i finally reached the lrt station but positively, i think it is a good exercise though. just when everyone is rushing through the busy lane, i was riding the air, slicing through wind of change

and since i re-lived my old mtb, i started to have these deep interest in mtb racing. It's like WTF? Each time i get interested in something deeply(like jogging or gundam-building) i started to put hopes of getting the top notch, 99 level item.

Like this

Now i felt like buying a new mtb and i even started to look for parts review and the bike review and so on.

But get realistic, i need to atleast save up to RM2k in my account so that i can finally get back a stable financial status. hihi. But if i do have some money to spare, oh well, we'll talk about it when it is actually there in the account!

Hihihi. Got to go now. Live long and prosper my readers.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Working again.


From Save the Internet , Save the world


Alhamdulillah, i have pass through the interview session, although its a little challenging, i managed to get a place there. Orientation will begin next week monday and ends at the end of the week.

Hope for the best.