Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Long sleep, but still make you tired?

Does that ever happen to you? Sleeping all morning or night then wake up and still feel tired as ever? Yeah it happen to me a lot. Like when i'm at UTP after having studying till the morning, i will get to sleep and wake up on the evening or noon but waking up doesn't feel that great. Few hour's later and i'm back to bed. Continuing my evening nap routine. So these happen many times already. and only this morning i have the urge to go and look for the answer.

Well, there is no perfect answer. Even the researcher didn't know exactly why this happen, but they do have some possible reason.

1. Quality sleep.

Didn't they say that quality is better than quantity? In some aspect it is accurately true indeed. And sleep was one of it where having a quality sleep is better than a long non quality sleep. From what i read, it state that why we still feel tired after a long sleep is the fact that we have very low quality sleep. The sleep cycle is usually only 90 minutes. And there are 5 stage of sleep and to have a very good night sleep, you need to atleast complete a cycle.

So why do we feel tired again? It's actually because we tend to spend too much time on Stage 1. Too many time in stage 1 but we not able to complete the cycle. reason for that?

Many. Caffeine, snoring and some genetics disorder. If you really need to know, it is wise to visit the specialized people. No, don't go looking for Leonardo Di caprio, because he can't do anything to make you dream.

2. Genetics

Yeah, genetics.

Anyway, now that you know the reason for it, maybe now you can optimize your sleep time. and here are few tips i managed to collect from my reads.

- No caffeinated drink 6 hour before sleep.
- Stop all means of communication(facebook, twitter) one hour before bed. Instead, go read a book.
- if people tell you snore a lot, buy those stuff they put on your nose to increase air flow.
- If you have trouble sleeping, get a notebook to write everything you had in mind that disturbing you from sleeping.
- Sleeping pils. haha. joking.

if you interested to read more, just hit the link below.

p/s: motoGP photo will be done soon. Still many photo to edit and delete.

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