Saturday, November 5, 2011

when i love something.

Have you ever have these feeling, of wanting something, so, so bad but you can't have it due to financial problem and the only thing you can do to succumb to the feeling of wanting that thing so badly is to look for it in the internet.

It's kinda funny sometimes, to realize how strongly you want that shit, you look for videos on youtube, look for spec and info as well as review from others. It's amazing how lack of money can make us find alternative ways to satisfy the urgent needs of the things.

Well, as for me, let me list the things that i look up "like-i-have-to-buy-it-tomorrow"

i) High Spec XC bike

ii) 150cc/250cc motorbike

iii) expensive watches

iv) Gaming peripherals

v) Camera stuffs

So tell me guys, what's on your list?

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