Sunday, March 13, 2011

Poisonous green.

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Well, sorry about the delay. I was occupied yesterday so i barely have enough time to update. Anyhow, i got myself a new pair of headphone. ngeeh *grin* and yeah it's only comes in green. toxic green.

From F/2.8

From F/2.8

From F/2.8

So far the sound quality was superb, i might not be a 'pro' when it comes to judging sound, or what they called as audiophile but then from what i can tell it does provide superb bass and clarity when i need it. Club mix beats how it suppose to, with loud bass. Slow melody in the other hand, the clarity and the sound detail is satisfactory enough i guess. Gaming wise for being a semi-pro gaming headphone, i still can't have that feeling of people coming from behind you, or just around the corner since i haven't went for serious gaming with my buds but so far playing when i pair it with Bulletstrom, the sound was pretty good.

Wat makes me love the most is the cushion. My previous headphone give hells to my ears, and that makes it not so pleasing experience especially for a long drive home/ traveling. However, i do feel a little pain on the ears after some time using the Orca.maybe my head is to small or i still don't really know how to put it on properly(because sometimes it felt okay but another time it felt different.)

The final verdict is kinda obvious. im loving this headphone. If you are okay with the blindly toxicated green colored headphone then i would recommend it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gearhead and also an Audiohead.

Now i'm about 12 hours before going out the the hectic life of Kuala Lumpur to cure a little of my yearning toward street shooting. And also about 17 hours before getting my hand on a new Headphone or maybe, a new speaker. I'm not sure about the speaker but the headphone is a must.

Anyhow, i just arrived home about 3 o'clock in the evening after a tiring journey from UTP. Oh and i drove all the way from Simpang pulai to Rawang. Well it's not really a big deal since i already done it few times before with the Accord, but interestingly enough this this i drove my friend automatic transmission 'evo' which to be honest felt rather normal. To be honest, i kinda like the Accord manual transmission compared to the automatic. Seriously. I can have the pick up whenever i want to simply by pushing the clutch and change the gear, and yeah it's pretty much more satisfying feeling too.

Anyhow, enough with the manual/auto transmission thingie, Its holiday bebeh! This four days will be all dedicated to complete all the very important assignment and not to mention those untouched Chuck series. Darn.

Wait for the new headphones. What would it be? The Razer Orca or the Siberia? ;)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

dose of caffeine

Assalamualaikum and Hye!

6 March of 2011. Approximately 3 more days before mid-semester break begin. Now its 4.30 a.m in the morning and I, like always can't sleep due to influence of caffeine. Yup. After a long hour in lab during the morning, a short nap in the evening, the colourful FESCO and hours of vector calculus, here I am, drifting away from my to-do-list. I just in a mood to write something.

but unfortunately the mood disappear right away like water on a hot metal surface. Evaporating soon as contact. And by the time i write up to this line, it's already 7 a.m. Yeah, i survived through the rough night. Now my body will think it's already morning and it's okay for not getting a sleep.

Oh yeah, will be fishing with friends right after breakfast. I know i know, i have been obsessed a little with fishing. Just a little.

Anyhow, with two more test which is Vector Calculus and Database Programming next week, wish me luck! and hope for great result ;) Until then.

p/s: look out for FESCO post on the other blog soon :) stay tuned.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Red or Green?

Razer Orca


Steelseries Siberia Headset

i can't make the decision. Both??

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday blues

Assalamualaikum and Hello.

Thank God, the most busiest day of the week has finally ended. It's Wednesday now, and the pressure began to falls down like leaves in a spring season. or is it winter? lol.

I believe this week is the start of the Tests since it's going to be mid-semester break soon. Well although it is called break, i don't see it that way since it only last for 4 days. I repeat, FOUR. It's more like a weekend gate away. Nevertheless, i'm going to enjoy this holiday fully.

Like mention before, this weekend there will be FESCO. Kinda excited since i (might) already secured a photo pass for the event. That means I can freely go and shoot the event without any obstacle from the comittee. Horrah!

One the side note, i'm doing all fine. I'm keeping my esteem high up since next week is the 'holiday' we all been waiting for. Not feeling like sleeping today. I don't know why, i just don't(despite yawning few times when writing this post.) Meh, i might study up a little since next week I have another test. Vector calculus test.

Ta ta~