Sunday, March 13, 2011

Poisonous green.

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Well, sorry about the delay. I was occupied yesterday so i barely have enough time to update. Anyhow, i got myself a new pair of headphone. ngeeh *grin* and yeah it's only comes in green. toxic green.

From F/2.8

From F/2.8

From F/2.8

So far the sound quality was superb, i might not be a 'pro' when it comes to judging sound, or what they called as audiophile but then from what i can tell it does provide superb bass and clarity when i need it. Club mix beats how it suppose to, with loud bass. Slow melody in the other hand, the clarity and the sound detail is satisfactory enough i guess. Gaming wise for being a semi-pro gaming headphone, i still can't have that feeling of people coming from behind you, or just around the corner since i haven't went for serious gaming with my buds but so far playing when i pair it with Bulletstrom, the sound was pretty good.

Wat makes me love the most is the cushion. My previous headphone give hells to my ears, and that makes it not so pleasing experience especially for a long drive home/ traveling. However, i do feel a little pain on the ears after some time using the Orca.maybe my head is to small or i still don't really know how to put it on properly(because sometimes it felt okay but another time it felt different.)

The final verdict is kinda obvious. im loving this headphone. If you are okay with the blindly toxicated green colored headphone then i would recommend it.


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