Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gearhead and also an Audiohead.

Now i'm about 12 hours before going out the the hectic life of Kuala Lumpur to cure a little of my yearning toward street shooting. And also about 17 hours before getting my hand on a new Headphone or maybe, a new speaker. I'm not sure about the speaker but the headphone is a must.

Anyhow, i just arrived home about 3 o'clock in the evening after a tiring journey from UTP. Oh and i drove all the way from Simpang pulai to Rawang. Well it's not really a big deal since i already done it few times before with the Accord, but interestingly enough this this i drove my friend automatic transmission 'evo' which to be honest felt rather normal. To be honest, i kinda like the Accord manual transmission compared to the automatic. Seriously. I can have the pick up whenever i want to simply by pushing the clutch and change the gear, and yeah it's pretty much more satisfying feeling too.

Anyhow, enough with the manual/auto transmission thingie, Its holiday bebeh! This four days will be all dedicated to complete all the very important assignment and not to mention those untouched Chuck series. Darn.

Wait for the new headphones. What would it be? The Razer Orca or the Siberia? ;)


  1. if the untouched Chuck series is season 4 and the thing you like about the series is Chuck juggling between Buymore and CIA and how cool it is to see a regular guy that get to do all the cool stuff, leave it untouched. Chuck is a good normal spy now and that kills the excitement the series create. but Morgan and Sarah's character is developing and it's nice to watch that. have a good day, sir!

  2. wahhhh kau bwk accord ke kat sane???



  3. mesti ingat accord baru kn? haha. takdelah. accord lama lah. n masa semester holiday jer.

  4. hahaha,, xdelahh..... accord kan besarrrr

    ak reti bwk myvi jee -.-