Sunday, February 28, 2010

One day, robots will cry

After watching this romace, sci-fi, comedy series, i realize robots or at least the electrical appliances have emotion too. They are programmed to Love you, but you only payback theirs only at the beginning only. So here something to share.


Lesson Learn:

1. Touchscreen doesn't like you leaving a fingerprint or oil-marks all over them. Gently wipe with cloth after use. They like to be shiny too. And also an invisible coating. That very seducing.

2. Speakers love to produce sound but sometimes when they started to produce pitching noise, that's a signal, they have sore throat. Treat with Strepsil or better, reduce the volume.

3. Handphones. The most unlucky gadget of them all. Always being stored in a very unusual and scary(sometimes) place like in the pants?? They don' like that. Also often used as a matter to express feelings. Sure the love flat surface (because that what makes them stable) but Wall?? Not a good idea. Treat them with juice constantly because you might not know when it will get thirsty.

4. Fan. You might not realize there is some point they will go dizzy. That's what makes all those dust. They are very hygienic-type therefore they like regular wash. It makes them lighter.

5. Light bulb. Sure they like to wrap us with light and warmth but sometimes they like to seduce you by those wink-wink blip light if you ignore them for quite a time. Always praise them before switching off.(I haven't try that but tell me if it works.)

6. Camera. Them did a wonderful job to capture what seen by our eyes, but you know what? They also have desire. They want to look at a lot of things, traveling, getting difficult angles. They are basically the adventure-type. So to all camwhorer out there, let your camera be free sometimes okay?

7. Laptop. Workstation, and one of the ultimate entertainment source for human. They love massage in which i mean typing on the keyboard. That what stimulates them, if not they will go all black and you have to play with the mouse to get the laptop all happy again.

8. Fridge. They have excellent cold breath. So much they like people placing things inside the mouth, it really does hate long storage. and the one that smells too. Wash regularly with listerine and probably some floss.


Yeahh. Time successfully wasted upon writing some random, zany post which is pretty much all science fiction. OPPS. It's 6.30 a.m. already.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

miss miss

Now is 3.30 a.m. in the morning and I still here infront of my laptop, doing my Calculus tutorial, listening to Zack mp3 collection(so i can filter them). It felt quite and peaceful around this time.

And that makes me thinking of my best friend,the one I failed to confess, the one who i have not contacted for quite some time now. Miss you friend.

current mood :Gerhana Ska Cinta - Terpesona.


After watching ton of high-school romance, action & comedy series a thought came hitting me, a true one indeed. I DON'T ENJOY MUCH MY SCHOOL LIFE.

First and foremost, School life is yesterday, no more school for me as I have enter University to continue my studies. But still that does not change the fact that my school life were not that of a good memory because:

1) I'm a quite type of person, not that outspoken one so I pretty much an invisible man.

2) I rarely go out at night, hang out at night. I don't go to tutor.

3) I'm not that Smart compared to others.

4) Most of my friends have gone to boarding school.

5) I can barely talk in English, so communication other than B.m is pretty much difficult. So I felt inferior when it come to talk to the non-Malay. Not that I don't want to talk in Malay but I think they are more comfortable talking English.

6) I suck at sports.

7) not a famous person :\

But you know what, That is all past. "Future is so bright I have to wear shades". Maybe my school life suck. So what? I'll make it up in University. I made that promise since the first day in University. And now I have a better life, the freedom I want and good friends that are there in times of happiness and sorrow.

And for that, I am very grateful.

until then.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You are Cute

I sleep late yesterday, maybe around three doing some assignment and talking.

So I woke up today for my Calculus class, I suddenly come to a surprise followed by a burst of laugh. Nothing can describe my emotion that time, sleepy, lazy and happy. Best combination ever according to major university student.
Let the picture do the talking.

see, i told you kitty is one of my weakness :)

.Awww. See, it is trying to sleep( i guess) on my roommate pile of books which to me the cutest thing that can happen when you just woke up from sleep. See how much kitten can kills me with that cuteness. :3 and that cheer up my day :)

p/s: sorry for the crappy quality, 2 megapixel camera btw.
p/s: Calculus is Hard! Hello Sleepless night :<

Astranaut in UTP

Guess what we have something from outer space coming here in UTP. Guess what??

It's him! Hahaha. No offense to all those admirer, just making a joke. A joke :)

So I managed to go to the talk by the Mr. Astronaut by ditching Calculus tutorial. Okay, theoretically it is not skipping class. We just go out an hour early with some good excuse of course :| hehehe.

As I was just landing myself on the chair, the talk has ended. Great timing. Now that's a real astronaut. Lucky us the Q&A session were just began. Because sitting up in the third floor could be boring, so I with my bulky camera had a way to the media area on the lowest floor. Had a close up picture of him btw. Mas, jangan berebut nak gambar dia okay! hahaha. Tunang orang tu!

Oh, btw I forget to mention his speech was on of the activities of the IRC Carnival. The morning before the motivational talk was all the opening ceremony by our beloved Rector. Miss the opening due to class which I am not regret to attend to.

Like always, photos. (don't get all excited okay girls :S)

"bila nak kawen bang?" WTF? seriosly dude? you are just a kid.

Above: with his fan.

Above: Mr. Astronaut.



Again? EH? looks familiar.

company :)

And the most funniest thing I heard today by some foreigner, referring to Dr. Syeikh Muzafar Syukur

" Who is he? Is he from outer space? "


EPIC :))

p/s: sorry for the late post. Internet problem :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What are you guys first impression of Sunday?


Boring, sleepy, time to chill out, or going out with friends and clique?? Mine was great people. I got up early, eat some breakfast, read all my notes, finish up my untouched assignment and doing some quizzes. And the best part is, it was just a dream :( soon I realize the sunday were lazy, boring day and time to pay back all those sleep debt I've been holding all weekdays.

So I woke at 11. Lucky me I manage to finish up ALMOST all of my work before today so nothing can really makes me anxious to get up and working my sweats on the assignments. So I did some Calculus work Pn. Hanita gave us before the weekends. (Oh i'm so in love with derivatives, I had my brain soaked in formula.)

Did I mention IRCC having it opening carnival today? Pretty much interesting event going on here in UTP and one of it was Chess Tournament. Been there and some of picture taken.


3 categories provided open category, under 12 and under 18 years old.

Not an ordinary kinds. They are quite chess geek too.

What's better on Sunday evening than being defeated by a 12 year old kid in Chess?

Above: Top ranked player.


Surprisingly on those matches, it turn out there was 3 kids, one seems to be around 12 and other two is just mere adolescent, make it to the top of the tournament. Well, of course they didn't get the top three but then, being in top 10 over more than 100 player is quite something eh? Getting beat up by some lucky kids could be annoying eh sometimes :\

and just so you know, the previous UTP run, i overslept. F*Sh!!!!

p/s: soon it's going to be half a semester left

Friday, February 19, 2010

gandum? random

Minggu ni agak bes. OK tipu, takde la bes mana pon. Assignment pon berlambak2 tak siap. kantoi plak ntah macam mana ntah. ok.

Sebenarnya baru balik dari jogging. Sumpah best lama gler tak pegi jogging. Rasanya last kali masa umor 4 tahun. korang caye x? hahaha. adoi. Esok dah la ada Campus Run, atau nama lain dia marathon keliling UTP. Tadi jogging 3 round tasek pon dah semput, tak tau la esok macam mana.

Konfem esok halfway dah terkedek-kedek jalan lengang2 kt belakang dgn camwhorer yg masuk pertandingan just for self-photo. Oppps. No offence disitu :P

menang dapat ninja. best tak? entry fee rm3 jer :))

Mesti hairan kena post kali ni dalam bahasa pasar? Hahaha. Sahaja jer. Macam bes plak tengok blog Aina ngan Kak Jah mengekspresskan isi hati menggunakan bahasa pasar, antau mungkin bahasa jalanan, bahasa budak uni, bahasa shopping kompleks atau apa2 yang seantara dengannya.

Ok. Semua orang cakap Quiz Wiley gile susa. Abesla aku macam ni. Nak score coursework semester ni!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

something new for the gun

Just got back from a delayad, stressful, tired and bumpy bus ride from Puduraya. Nothing much about myself to post about except for some new eye.....or you may call it lens.

Canon EF 50mm 1.8 markII

Got to love the vibrant colour produced by the lens. seriously though. Despite having problem with zooming, yeah you can't really zoom a prime/fixed lens but still, I am very satisfy with the result it produce. and fyi, buy it at the best bargain at rm310, including some cheap filter :)

some photo taken :) -non edited btw.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I kinda miss all my buddy here in USJ suddenly. Sorry guys for not attending the futsal, I have a lot of thing in my mind and it's been a while since I've played futsal though. I'm deeply sorry, hope can make it up to you guys later :D

p/s: just got back form Raub, hello Wifi :D
p/s: going back to lost world tomorrow. all the best people!

I know it's been a while, but i miss those moment :)

THEM too.

until then :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

over R

I'm definitely not the one that judge people by their looks, well I might, but I usually kept it to myself. But I can't bear to notice the kinda gear they are wearing does reflect upon their image.

For example, a guy with a camera printed Tee. Of course I'm going to say he/ she is a big fan of bulky camera, but what about skinny jeans, the ever famous Paul smith shoes?? I can't, I can't! Neutral NEUTRAL :D

OverRATED ~good:)~

-Checkered shirt.
-Long nose shoes.
-Onitsuka Tiger.
-Striped swater.
-Excessive Big Headphone.Above: Asics. I love them. Still haven't own one :(

-Touch screen Phone.

Above: Check-mate. Favorites :)

-Crocs sandals

Above: 50 ringgit version like the one above and I'll give you the money :)


-TOPman collarless signature tee.
-Large Megapixel Phone camera.

Above: HATE!

-Skinny jeans.
-fashion glasses.
-Paul Smith shoes.
-Scarf( not- hijab )( especially in hot weather? Seriously people.)
-fake version of TOPman t-shirt.
-Nike shoes.
-Pop-up flash.

Above: Nice shoes. NOT THE LACES :<

Above: It's rare not to find people wearing this.

-Big time piece with long width.

Just so you know, I'm at home until probably Tuesday :)
Until then~

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today is like any other usual day but perhaps today is a little bit different. I had my Chemistry II Lab. First of all it was the first one for this semester and that means new venue, new lab demonstrator, new lab report to do and OH NOES, new lab partner!

Forget about the previous lab partner. She seems to forget me already. nah Joking. But I'll bet she is more happy to get a non-lazy lab partner this time. Moving on, like anything new we like to give our first impression on the matter so, my first impression.....

yummy :3

AWKWARD! Language seems to be a barrier to me but you know what, that helps me to gain more courage to speaks in English. YAH! Just so you know she, (yes a she also) was kinda blur and blank as I am, but I can't help but notice that laugh every time I transformed into a blank soullessfreaking spectacle kid.

And just so you know, the lab demonstrator S ;(

Monday, February 8, 2010


Chinese New Year Please come as soon as possible, not that I'm celebrating it, I just need a vacation now :) and some shopping to do as well :D

and when I rewind back a year, I'm still working in Manhattan fish market when it is Chinese New Year. WOW. time is fast! One year have past and a lot has changed. Until then,

Ang Pau please?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

new virus in town

5.oo a.m, Sunday

Bright light hit the face of mine with more than enough power to make my eyes open for subuh prayer. Suprisingly there I saw an entity in his "kain pelekat" and usual worn Tee sitting in his table with a big bulky Chemistry book. Since When? Since 2 in the morning.

Oh damn, these people around me started to have like superpower to stay awake and do their studies. Even my roommate started to have this symptom. Is it me or they want to change? The virus even spread to facebook, lost some of my close friends due to the infection. Sad story.

Oh noes!

First of all, it's nothing wrong, but come on, this makes me jealous of you people you know, don't want to get back my Super-nerd habits I got back form High School. No more. This is University. Study Hard, Study Smart. No more Study Hard 200% for me okay!


p/s: Boredom. Damn you laptop.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hello Again. As you guys might remember it is MMK here in UTP. Small event but plausible at my view. Like any event an Opening must be finished with a Closing Ceremony.

MMK closing ceremony were held at Chansellor Hall together with MAN(Martial Arts Night). So basically there is martial art performance and also some minor stuff from MMK. Went to the event with some friends, and it turn out OK(not the best but okay.)

Gah. I talk boring crap again. Cut the chase. I know you guys just want to look at the picture only :))

Phantomin. Where does the heli goes?

Huh! Hah! Eeaaahh!

In some part of the night, I wish the Exit were next of my seats.



My new friends, Fatimah n Hanisah :))
(x leh bla, smua tmpt nak taruk gmbr korang. hahaha)

Now that the event is done, I am left with all this work and tutorial to be done by Monday. Great. See you later then!

Friday, February 5, 2010



Visit em. Thank you very much :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Friendly Campus Week (Minggu Mesra Kampus)

Fuh. Just managed to ran away from a very hectic yet very hot day here in UTP. As promised, some post about MMK or better known as Minggu Mesra Kampus. Went to the MMK booth just after finishing physics II tutorial class at Block 19.


Tutorial class. Not a part of MMK though

We got a very special member in the club btw.

cuteness kills :)

KakiPhoto booth. Some of the latest to the oldest SLR camera.

IRCC booth.

As you can see, there is a lot of booth here at Pocket D. Many but not all that interesting to see though. Some of the eye-candy are Meche Club booth, KakiPhoto booth and also the upcoming IRC Carnival booth.(IRCC).

Mingle around with my new best friend, girlfriend you may call, the 1000D. Got'cha didn't I??hahahaha


This week seems to be very hectic, starting tutorial, quiz etc, nevertheless, still having some fun to with close friend of mine. Until then people :)

Put on those photography shoes.