Sunday, February 28, 2010

One day, robots will cry

After watching this romace, sci-fi, comedy series, i realize robots or at least the electrical appliances have emotion too. They are programmed to Love you, but you only payback theirs only at the beginning only. So here something to share.


Lesson Learn:

1. Touchscreen doesn't like you leaving a fingerprint or oil-marks all over them. Gently wipe with cloth after use. They like to be shiny too. And also an invisible coating. That very seducing.

2. Speakers love to produce sound but sometimes when they started to produce pitching noise, that's a signal, they have sore throat. Treat with Strepsil or better, reduce the volume.

3. Handphones. The most unlucky gadget of them all. Always being stored in a very unusual and scary(sometimes) place like in the pants?? They don' like that. Also often used as a matter to express feelings. Sure the love flat surface (because that what makes them stable) but Wall?? Not a good idea. Treat them with juice constantly because you might not know when it will get thirsty.

4. Fan. You might not realize there is some point they will go dizzy. That's what makes all those dust. They are very hygienic-type therefore they like regular wash. It makes them lighter.

5. Light bulb. Sure they like to wrap us with light and warmth but sometimes they like to seduce you by those wink-wink blip light if you ignore them for quite a time. Always praise them before switching off.(I haven't try that but tell me if it works.)

6. Camera. Them did a wonderful job to capture what seen by our eyes, but you know what? They also have desire. They want to look at a lot of things, traveling, getting difficult angles. They are basically the adventure-type. So to all camwhorer out there, let your camera be free sometimes okay?

7. Laptop. Workstation, and one of the ultimate entertainment source for human. They love massage in which i mean typing on the keyboard. That what stimulates them, if not they will go all black and you have to play with the mouse to get the laptop all happy again.

8. Fridge. They have excellent cold breath. So much they like people placing things inside the mouth, it really does hate long storage. and the one that smells too. Wash regularly with listerine and probably some floss.


Yeahh. Time successfully wasted upon writing some random, zany post which is pretty much all science fiction. OPPS. It's 6.30 a.m. already.


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