Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hello Again. As you guys might remember it is MMK here in UTP. Small event but plausible at my view. Like any event an Opening must be finished with a Closing Ceremony.

MMK closing ceremony were held at Chansellor Hall together with MAN(Martial Arts Night). So basically there is martial art performance and also some minor stuff from MMK. Went to the event with some friends, and it turn out OK(not the best but okay.)

Gah. I talk boring crap again. Cut the chase. I know you guys just want to look at the picture only :))

Phantomin. Where does the heli goes?

Huh! Hah! Eeaaahh!

In some part of the night, I wish the Exit were next of my seats.



My new friends, Fatimah n Hanisah :))
(x leh bla, smua tmpt nak taruk gmbr korang. hahaha)

Now that the event is done, I am left with all this work and tutorial to be done by Monday. Great. See you later then!


  1. huwaaa..
    kh x aci..
    fatmah ngan hanisah ade
    tapi gmbar nema ngan hidayah xde pun

  2. nema ngan hidayah? hahaha. korang x ckp nk gmbr. klu x dah ambel dah pon. btw nice to meet korang budak baru. :)))

  3. e hello, ko sorang ke fatimah? haha. nak tau tanye derang arr :D

  4. hahahahaha. kami budak Jan (: mencapub.

  5. tengs abg KH. nisah rase selesa walau bru 1st sem kt sini T________T