Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Friendly Campus Week (Minggu Mesra Kampus)

Fuh. Just managed to ran away from a very hectic yet very hot day here in UTP. As promised, some post about MMK or better known as Minggu Mesra Kampus. Went to the MMK booth just after finishing physics II tutorial class at Block 19.


Tutorial class. Not a part of MMK though

We got a very special member in the club btw.

cuteness kills :)

KakiPhoto booth. Some of the latest to the oldest SLR camera.

IRCC booth.

As you can see, there is a lot of booth here at Pocket D. Many but not all that interesting to see though. Some of the eye-candy are Meche Club booth, KakiPhoto booth and also the upcoming IRC Carnival booth.(IRCC).

Mingle around with my new best friend, girlfriend you may call, the 1000D. Got'cha didn't I??hahahaha


This week seems to be very hectic, starting tutorial, quiz etc, nevertheless, still having some fun to with close friend of mine. Until then people :)

Put on those photography shoes.

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