Sunday, February 21, 2010

What are you guys first impression of Sunday?


Boring, sleepy, time to chill out, or going out with friends and clique?? Mine was great people. I got up early, eat some breakfast, read all my notes, finish up my untouched assignment and doing some quizzes. And the best part is, it was just a dream :( soon I realize the sunday were lazy, boring day and time to pay back all those sleep debt I've been holding all weekdays.

So I woke at 11. Lucky me I manage to finish up ALMOST all of my work before today so nothing can really makes me anxious to get up and working my sweats on the assignments. So I did some Calculus work Pn. Hanita gave us before the weekends. (Oh i'm so in love with derivatives, I had my brain soaked in formula.)

Did I mention IRCC having it opening carnival today? Pretty much interesting event going on here in UTP and one of it was Chess Tournament. Been there and some of picture taken.


3 categories provided open category, under 12 and under 18 years old.

Not an ordinary kinds. They are quite chess geek too.

What's better on Sunday evening than being defeated by a 12 year old kid in Chess?

Above: Top ranked player.


Surprisingly on those matches, it turn out there was 3 kids, one seems to be around 12 and other two is just mere adolescent, make it to the top of the tournament. Well, of course they didn't get the top three but then, being in top 10 over more than 100 player is quite something eh? Getting beat up by some lucky kids could be annoying eh sometimes :\

and just so you know, the previous UTP run, i overslept. F*Sh!!!!

p/s: soon it's going to be half a semester left

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